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  2. Let's keep the religious discussion out of this topic as much as possible. There are many different religious views and even more of those on the forum that are non-believers... I know religion is a big part of Filipino culture. It can be hard not to mention religion when discussing its historical and current context, which is acceptable to a point. However, preaching and religious discussions in general are not allowed on the open forum and not wanted by many members.
  3. bkb1


  4. Past experience gives them about a 1 in 100 chance of being right. The elevation here is too high to hit seawater unless a 300 foot well were drilled.
  5. Well they could be right They subdivision I live in, has a deep well, the problem is that salt water is seeping in from the sea, so our water has a high level of salt, we are only 600 meters from the sea infact it is a problem in the greater cebu city area
  6. It's a little like being Noah sometimes.
  7. salmusa

    TV Shows/Series

    I haven't followed any TV show for quite some time. I just switch on to a channel called HITS on cable and watch some old shows or Sitcoms whenever I can. Shows when first aired was when I was too little to appreciate but something my grandparents and parents enjoyed watching. I don't know if any expat or non-Filipino here realize that until the late 90s US shows and sitcoms dominated TV and shown on primetime. This was before cable and there were only 4 channels here and one was state-run. Filipino shows were only a handful and most of it was on ABS-CBN. There was also less of those damn commercials.
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  9. hyaku


    I can imagine the problems that might ensue teaching online. Face to face is bad enough in any subject. As I retired early from working in full time education I was offered a job at an English Resort on Mactan catering for Japanese students. They wanted me to run the resort that had Filipino English teachers. Not sure if its still running. Before I was due to start the owner was sending me some documents to translate into Japanese for some students. He was having terrible problems communicating with some of them. Not a language problem. They just did not want to fit in. I then realized he had a load of students that did not respond at all to Japanese education. So their parents had sent them abroad. I then decided that enough was enough and I should do something more constructive and stress free like gardening, pets and swimming/diving. The retirement pension from an education union is more than enough to live on.
  10. Sooooo, I scour the net and look at drilling wells in the PI's and found some interesting info. I bring it up at dinner time and people that don't know there arse from a hole in the ground all insist a well cannot be put in here, that no one on Biliran has a drilled well, everyone gets their water from the mountain. How do you guys manage to stay here, drives me nuts!
  11. They need to be harvested when the first ones are turning a little yellow. They ripen in 48 hours. another sure sign is that nearly all the leaves on the plant are dead. They sell at 50 centavos each.
  12. SkyMan

    TV Shows/Series

    Looks like they're doing a fourth season.
  13. I want to preserve the integrity of the body of written work I will be compiling, and insure the protection of the videos I will be producing. I have spent a lot of time and effort posting subject related threads on forums to only have then disappear into an ethereal void, or have supporting photos and media fail making the threads useless. I have had forums shutdown and forum sections simply erased. I have seen all my Facebook videos disappeared. And I have read were a single false report has caused the closures of both Facebook or YouTube accounts. The website and a forum, which I have administrative control, and has properly maintain off-site backups seems to be the best protection. I will be covering a wide range of topics both outside the field of aquaculture as well subjects within the field of aquaculture. I already have amassed a large volume of personal written works containing wide and diversity content I already have literately hundreds of personal drawings and diagrams, thousands of photos and dozens of video. What I have written could fill several text books. I fully realize the volume of coding needed just to get all that transferred or posted onto the English forum threads alone. The Pinoy forum threads is a whole nother beast that will need slaying, as I doubt just language translation programs will be too effective. For a naturally lazy man I tend to have a need to pile on more work on an already busy schedule. If I am not careful someone might try to relabel me as a workaholic.
  14. SkyMan

    Thought For The Day

  15. Dafey

    Exporting From Philippines to USA

    Soooo....we have a section of the forum for political views. This is the open forum and should be open to discuss what the OP has asked about. Let's try to stay on topic and keep the political opinions in the correct forum or to yourself.
  16. and here the dribble feed tank, a little small maybe https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/bucket-water-storage-plastic-bucket-with-lid-household-water-storage-with-large-capacity-storage-water-tank-horizontal-round-barrel-plastic-bucket-i279290949-s421806381.html?spm=a2o4l.pdp.recommendation_2.5.466b6f26mmno8Z&mp=1&clickTrackInfo=01e077b4-b28a-41b5-baaf-660e9b9bb362__279290949__22593__trigger2i__124582__0.184__0.20141603__0.0__0.53232056__0.110075__0.40141603__4__1__PDPV2V__244__null__null__0__&scm=1007.16389.126158.0
  17. Here is the booster pump https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/automatic-water-pump-1hp-booster-set-with-bladder-tank-20l-i236249932-s319902805.html?spm=a2o4l.pdp.recommendation_2.1.2a09677awhPU2T&mp=1&clickTrackInfo=0a936fab-22e0-41d5-b534-460e0cdf09b6__236249932__22705__trigger2i__124582__0.955__0.9233191__0.0__0.32138216__0.023115__0.9233191__0__1__PDPV2V__244__null__null__0__&scm=1007.16389.126158.0
  18. bkdubs

    Exporting From Philippines to USA

    following instruction is not a strength either, the adding something not asked for sometimes just blows my mind. :)
  19. Correct the spring feeds the barangay and the house is on barangay water. Near impossible to measure water flow.
  20. I plan on quickly beginning learning the needed coding. I realize that have only played with basic HTML in the past. I assume I will need to seriously study the basics of HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and perhaps phpBB. Then continue learning as project moves forward. I have no delusions that this will be somehow an easy task to accomplish. I never expect any monetizing from the site through traffic generation. But I do expect the forum section to grow rather quickly. The website is to primary be used to post articles and to direst-market several different products I will be producing on our farm and through aquacultural projects. The forum section is primary for me to discuss various topics that I either have an interest or specialize. I will be posting videos and personal writing, as well as Q&A and education purposes. I am quite sure that my writings and videos will result in regular request to do consulting work, Even without a website or self promotion I have been asked to due some out of country consulting work. Consulting can potentially be very lucrative. At the time I refused the gigs as I was not ready at the time. Once the site is really up and running I just want to try to keep my yearly hosting and site costs to stay under $2k a year. The bulletin board will be use primarily as a networking vehicle allowing members to post goods and services relating to the topics I cover. If it grows larger than that I will be as surprised as I would be proud. I have no delusions or grandiose expectations. But I do expect that it will become an evergrowing depository of videos, photos, drawings, diagrams and written works which will require a growing storage capacity. This is what I meant when I said in above posts ''As this site Grows''. I never expect the site membership to ever exceed 50,000 members combined even a decade from now. But food production is a huge worldwide industry so one can never tell. But today is merely the first step of what I hope will be many.
  21. I see what you mean. But the "sucking" on a pipe problem remains a very bad idea. Better to let it dribble into a collection tank that feeds a pump. If the dribble is a liter per minute that is 1440 liters per day. Which could be plenty. Easy to check with a soda bottle.
  22. Semper paratus

    Exporting From Philippines to USA

    No mistake. He should just be aware of what's coming in the near future doing export/import business.
  23. Daddle

    Exporting From Philippines to USA

    Having been in such a business years ago...my advice is to find a freight forwarder or customs agent that really know their craft. Perhaps in the USA. Getting the paperwork right can save much money and headache. There are some perfectly legal tricks. The customs bureaucracy is formidable in all countries. Being small enough to stay "off the radar" can work. But who wants a business that small? The bureaucracy seems rather arranged to favor large corporations. Perhaps intentionally to hamper the small guy. Helps if the shipper and receiver are the same company, too.
  24. I may be wrong but I believe the spring feeds the barangay and the house is on barangay water. I don't think he wants to run his own pipe from the spring nor would the barangay let him. So, I think the well is the way to go if the supplied water isn't sufficient.
  25. Having a pump 'sucking" on a pipe is never a good idea. Always arrange things to "push" the water. Gravity feed seems simple but in reality is far more complex than one might first think. Google "hydraulic grade" if you dare. A three inch pipe can carry enough for a small town. A much smaller pipe running all day can easily supply a simple home without large irrigation needs. A mere "soda-straw-like" dribble can be plenty if runs all day into a tank. You may need two tanks. A small tank to collect water from the spring or source. The pump would draw from this tank to fill a larger tank in the attic, on a tower, or on a hill. People who really understand such plumbing are very rare in any area. A private well near the house, if the water is good, is by far the best solution if a municipal supply of and meager flow is not available.
  26. Headshot

    Money Changer

    Make sure that you get at least some of it (like 1000p) broken down into smaller denomination notes. Taxi drivers will often claim that they have no change. When you leave the terminal, go to the white taxi area for a ride. Make sure they activate the meter when you get in, or you will be unhappy about the charges when you arrive at your destination. The fare to where you are going will likely cost you between two and three hundred pesos (depending on traffic).
  27. Any web site is expandable, but anyway. In any project get your requirement (functional and non functional). This, mostly I see you have done, maybe not all but most. Nowaday, any CMS has modern clean looking themes, navigation and most importantly easy content management (at the end your site is about content and how your users can intertact with, upload content, leave comments, blog etc. and of course integrate with social media and you want to concentrate on content not "building" the website). I recommend following : 1. Choose a CMS that will fit your needs 2. Then choose a hosting company that has the CMS you want. 1. There are tons of CMS that will fulfill your needs (sometimes it seems you want an EMS....). You can choose wordpress, drupal, joomla and, and, etc or even liferay (if you want to go really deep). Here, as well you might consider some non-functional requirements, such as in which programming languages you have skills, in case you want to customize. wordpress or drupal is good if you have PHP, liferay java etc.). Any top CMS integrates with social media etc. I would say any of these cover your requirements 100%, but if it does not and one day you hit the wall, remember a website is not a monolith and has several modules - in such case just custom built the particular page (of course with same layout etc., but that is easy anyway nowaday with CSS). No big website is one technology. They are built with several tools and modules (it might look to the user as one, but each section of the site is fulfilled with the best tool it suits the purpose). Scalability is not a problem, unless you are a facebook, amazon or youtube or like you said a big adult website - then well....but I do not think an aqcuaculture website will run into this problem (no disprespect). If you want total control then you really need to go a deeper into your pockets.... 2. All the major CMS will be offered by one or more hoster as SaaS. So here you do not need to worry about the underlying platform needed (like database, OS, application server etc , it is all provided for you and you pay as you scale up...networking and processing power, storage). Of course if you choose not to go this way or want more control (or exotic CMS), you have to take care of the platform elements yourself (database, the application server the CMS runs on....good luck installing and configuring it...otherwise look for PaaS provider that has these installed). More control? Then go for IaaS, but then you need to install everything...and it will cost...then you have your blades and network....I do no think you want to go there) If I were you I would go for drupal or wordpress (if you have PHP skills - drupal is written on symphony - a nice CRUD framework), make a nice modern layout (you need to spend some money as the best themes costs money) and make it easy to upload and manage content, integrate your users (in the website and facebook, even via SSO, which is what you have to look for), good communication features (notify, updates etc.) , easy upload for users and user areas (liek blog) and then concentrate on what you like - aqcuaculture. Cheers
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    • Salty Dog
      Let's keep the religious discussion out of this topic as much as possible. There are many different religious views and even more of those on the forum that are non-believers... I know religion is a big part of Filipino culture. It can be hard not to mention religion when discussing its historical and current context, which is acceptable to a point. However, preaching and religious discussions in general are not allowed on the open forum and not wanted by many members.  
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      Past experience gives them about a 1 in 100 chance of being right.  The elevation here is too high to hit seawater unless a 300 foot well were drilled.  
    • Woolf
      Well they could be right They subdivision I live in, has a deep well, the problem is that salt water is seeping in from the sea, so our water has a high level of salt, we are only 600 meters from the sea infact it is a problem in the greater cebu city  area
    • SkyMan
      It's a little like being Noah sometimes.
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      Hi buddy. Long time no speak. I still have the contact details of a lass we nicknamed "Superwoman". Her place is on Via Rama. Go down V.Rama towards South Road and shortly before the junction of these two roads you will see a Shell gas station on your right. Immediately opposite is a side street with an emission test place on the corner. This is her place. Name of Mellie. Very efficient and will do everything for you. Registered many big bikes and cars with her. Still use her even though I live in Valencia now. Her number is 09235863888. Cheers - Barry
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      Hi Paul.  Why would messages on Angie be blocked? I know you're not in your former capacity, but I find it annoying that I can't express myself about my friend.  Hope you're well.
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