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  2. SkyMan

    Unrealistic Expectations

  3. The summary for roughly where I am in Mobo, Masbate. I concur with the ground shaking assessment!😄 If the tsunami assessment was anything other than safe (for up here) it would have to be a wave of biblical proportions!
  4. Sorry Lamoe but we have to ask you not to post in this thread anymore! Your taste in alcohol has reached a new low,- even for us !!
  5. Mr Exit Plan isnt going to be happy ! Lol
  6. There is a difference usually with any of the expensive stuff if you're sipping (except grappa $50.00 a shot - still lighter fluid) but I'm not a sipper - more like a gulper After a bottle of Boone's Farm ($0.99 / $0.79 on sale) / a 6 pack of Red White & Blue - $0.89 (made by PBR ) who cared?
  7. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1142865/bi-says-foreigners-who-will-join-protests-face-deportation#ixzz5tvcDyMyH BI says foreigners who will join protests face deportation MANILA, Philippines — Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Jaime Morente on Wednesday warned foreign nationals not to join any partisan political activities and demonstrations while in the country or risk being deported. Morente issued the warning ahead of the State of the Nation Address (Sona) of President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday, July 22. Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1142865/bi-says-foreigners-who-will-join-protests-face-deportation#ixzz5u4q9q37p Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook
  8. Absolutely! Are you hinting that new mothers are incapable of defending themselves?
  9. Yesterday
  10. This has been done many times. I would think the desire to stay alive is even stronger with someone with even more to go back to. So get married and have 4 or 5 kids and you only have to serve 15 years or so to retire? Suppose it's a helicopter mechanic. Is it really a good idea for them to be out of the loop for a year at a time? So, he's out for a year, and then it's 3 or 4 months retraining to get current and then ooops, she pops out another so see ya next year. Don't like your assignment or boss or whatever, just get your wife knocked up. I think at minimum these years off should not count towards retirement.
  11. battleborn

    Exit plan

    I lived in Reno, Nevada for my last 10yrs in the US. Really enjoyed it. Lot of entertainment in town, international airport, close to Lake Tahoe, University of Nevada etc. and close to Calif. if you have to visit.
  12. Would you want to go into battle next to a person that has a newborn? I would suggest that if the moms get a year off so should the dads.
  13. lamoe

    Exit plan

    A note about being a nurse My nephew is the head ER nurse at a hospital near Hilton Head S.C. - makes over 150 K a year and doesn't have the malpractice - insurance of MDs (part of his contract - it's not required usually but highly recommended for nurses) Top 10 Highest Paying Nursing Specialties 1) Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist – $135,000. 2) Nurse Researcher – $95,000. 3) Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner – $95,000. 4) Certified Nurse Midwife – $84,000. 5) Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse – $81,000. 6) Orthopedic Nurse – $81,000. 7) Nurse Practitioner – $78,000. 8) Clinical Nurse Specialist – $76,000.
  14. shadow

    Exit plan

    A green card holder can legally purchase and own a firearm in most states, but let us not divert too far off topic, this is not a gun debate.
  15. 40 patreons at that level? Hmm, maybe more like 4. Heck even 4 is still 120 K / yr 'If someone / anyone is willing to pay - TAKE IT!!!!' Wonder what this article has done for her viewership ratings / ad revenue?
  16. pokeman


  17. savarity

    Thieves Steal Woman's Car, She Steals It Back

    How do you know she had theft insurance? I never had more than state minimum coverage, and maybe her card was set to, let's say, a $500 limit, etc. A good risk/reward compared with having to buy a new car.
  18. 40 patreons at that level? Hmm, maybe more like 4.
  19. savarity

    Exit plan

    Neither one of them will be eligible to purchase firearms, but I assume you're joking anyway.
  20. SomeRandomGuy

    Exit plan

    This is a fair point actually. Good reality check thank you
  21. I was in the Johnnie Walker store in Miami airport over Christmas time, they had the 50 year old was going for $3,600 USD. Pretty cool little store, that had taste testing if you liked
  22. HongKongPhooey

    Exit plan

    Or move up to Boston and deal with a bunch of condescending pricks who can’t even stand being around themselves that when they retire they move to the Carolinas and pretend they don’t shop at Walmart. I joke, I joke. I love Boston and the Carolinas are nice but I think you are optimistic in thinking you have a choice. Residencies are like university applications: it all depends on where you get accepted. You might not have much of a choice.
  23. Shout out to kellog eye institute, worked there a couple of years, go blue! DEFINITELY give serious consideration to the shingrix vaccine.
  24. lamoe

    Filipino Superstitions

    Can't eat or drink anything cold during certain times of the month Keep bottles of water under bed to wash away bad dreams
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