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  3. Renewed license at LTO Danao in early May. Arrived 7.30 am. LTO opens at 8.. but drug test/medical test place was already open.. walked out of LTO before 11am with plastic 5 year license. Painless. Didn't seem any different from last time.
  4. Seaside is a more pleasant wait and being somewhat harder to get to probably better - go early - not sure what time garage opens
  5. I have to renew my Driving Licence and I am a Senior. Is it better to renew at J Center or SM Seaside?, I reside roughly between the two. Views appreciated.
  6. to_dave007

    Tiny Homes Park

    This thread SEEMS to be more about assisted retirement living than about tiny homes.. Title seems unfortunate. My contribution to the thread.. 1) Mabuhaii Nursing Home (https://www.nursing-home-philippines.com/about-us.html) is located in Iloilo. So far it's the only one I am aware of. Founded by German Peter Probst, good friend of the owner of Borussia Resort here in Cebu (Sogod). I met Peter's daughter, of mixed Ilonggo German heritage, in my Visayan class in Lahug. I know they are thinking of opening a second residence in Cebu City area. Prices start at US$700/month https://www.nursing-home-philippines.com/#price. Having said that, I agree with Dafey that there will be other costs. For example the 700 does not include a doctor or meds. 2) There is a small house here in Tuburan that looks quite attractive, small 1 bedroom cottage. I THINK it's Air Conditioned. I understand it was under 400,000 to construct. It's on my ToDo list to go meet the owner and find out more.
  7. Yep - have shrunk about 2" will be 72 in Sept
  8. They do change the program occasionally - for me actual boot camp at MCRD San Diego was 9 weeks + Rifle range training for 4 = 13 total 5,000 cals a day was normal - could take more BUT better make sure you finish all of it if you do - at 5'8" I went from 145 to 180 Needed 8 out of 10 bulls at 500 yard line just to qualify - prospect of a 're-do' was a great motivator
  9. Dafey

    Tiny Homes Park

    I've seen many, many articles about living in the Philippines for $1000 a month. They should all come with a disclaimer, "surviving is not necessarily 'living' " If an older guy needs a caregiver, he's probably going to need meds and special foods. Add entertainment, internet, and food, (not to mention air-con), and pretty soon you are well over $2000. I just hate giving someone a false expectation of living standards.
  10. It would depend on who POTUS was
  11. I love it when you guys talk dirty about all the different brands you can buy on a regular basis. Here in Masbate it’s “soap of the month” - assuming there’s any left!
  12. So there is a thread on here from a couple of years ago: Has anyone seen anything like this recently? I think the expat angle is a solid idea if one can keep the initial cost low enough, especially if you can incorporate caregivers (as there are many in PH who study and work/want to work in this field) for those that need that. I also believe this is also the good type of business for a foreigner as it is not hurting Filipinos in any way (obviously this could be debated, but it is more helpful than a Piggery or something) If you are looking at USA assisted living costs you are around $4000 per month average (many states average around $3,000), convincing a dude to take a trip over to the PH seems feasible enough with the right setup in place (people to talk to, things to do, area to walk outside, not crammed in an apartment) I mean you look at these youtube videos of older guys going to the Philipinnes with their new Gf/wife and multiple of these older youtubers are getting like 5k views per video, there is definitely a demographic of people who are looking for something different, I believe. And I don't believe a city is the answer (as we all know the noise level is a little much at times). Convincing a retired dude to go to The Philippines and pay, lets say, $1000 a month for a caregiver and a house combo around other older guys seems like something.
  13. I wonder if the Chinese would be talking such liberties and building islands in disputed territory if the US still had bases at Clark and Subic.
  14. The Chi Coms are playing for keeps. Duterte doesn't have a clue who he's getting into bed with.
  15. Soupeod

    Driving and Crashes Compilation Videos

    and the latest!
  16. Thanks, I will remember the place for next year. We had Greenich pizza this evening
  17. Soupeod

    Globe problems?

    I believe all the current Filipino telecoms use PLDT backbone cables, servers, etc. I did a traceroute on my connection today and there were many packet losses and a slow down of data at four PLDT servers before my connection went through Hong Kong. One of the causes of all of our poor connections. If you open a command prompt in windows and type "ping" (What ever server you want to check your ping against google is or something like that) you can see where your latency (lag), the .7 meg you mentioned might be happening at. What is your latency (I'm guessing 30ms) here in the PI mine is 320ms.
  18. My Xiaomi Mi A1 runs stock Android, the Xiaomi A series don't run MIUI. But I had MIUI phones before, imho nothing wrong with that ui.
  19. trevorclap007

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

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