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  3. cookie47

    Need a used TV cheap

    Sorry, I can't really help (no spare TV), Other than there is what must be a TV repair place just before SM Consolacion On right going north. I say this seeing a 6ft pile of tvs outside (I don't even know if it's open). But there must be something closer surely... Would I buy one,,,?? Sent from my MI MAX using Tapatalk
  4. RogerDuMond


    Can they call you when and if immigration tells them that it is needed?
  5. Guys, I am sorry, I can't give serious replies now. It seems like most replies are orchestrated by one individual. I was not prepared with your witty replies on a very serious problem. Not now, haha maybe after 24 hours. tnx
  6. That's great except Cebu metro area has one of the highest Dengue Fever rates n the Philippines. It doesn't appear that smoke-belching vehicles have any impact on mosquitoes. Maybe if they add a little DDT (or whatever the modern equivalent is) to the fuel (like they used to do back in the middle of the last century), it might have more impact.
  7. Headshot


    The parents should absolutely get the kids Philippine passports. They can do it through the Philippine embassy using the kids' NSO (PSA) birth certificates. Once they have those passports, they should always use them when entering the Philippines. There is no need for a certificate because the rule doesn't apply to children who acquired citizenship through descendancy.
  8. I enjoyed the comments of soupeod and lamoe. So, may advantage pala ang diesel smoke? One love to see a diesel truck spewing lots of smoke like a coal roller while another attribute the absence of mosquitoes in metro cebu. That means, walang dengue diyan sa inyo. Guys, you have a sense of humor that made me laugh out loud. Now, I cant let myself be serious in my replies. haha saka na lang. Before i sign off, let me pay a tribute to my favorite environmentalist, ms. gina lopez. RIP, ma'am.
  9. Whilst I agree with you on all points I always gave wondered why it's the motorist that always gets slugged. (I guess we are an easy touch) Just sit in the vicinity of a major sea port and watch the exhaust stacks of large ships when restarting (and they have probably been in port running on diesel generators). The black smoke is horrendous and I've never seen an enforcement person giving a ticket to a ship. I only have a motor trade background so I don't know if there is a system (cats or DPF or any effort to reduce this issue. There are members with a Marine background so info would be appreciated. I've recently read that the Aviation industry is trialing different fuel blends?. So,, Unless Diesel is replaced with electricity which already can already be done with the average passenger car with some distance limits (or something else) I "unfortunately" think it's going to be around for a while in regard to the large Horse power/torque required for large machinery (what ever that may be). Nissan returned to petrol with their 4.5 litre some years back in the Patrol having for years been diesel.. and I don't accually know their reasoning at the time. The problem was the fuel consumption was out of this world. I know a few caravaners who had them.. And yes as you have correctly pointed out Catalytic convertors/DPF s and other devices that are now being fitted "but" are becoming problematic, (see the Toyota Saga In Australia). Anyway I have no answer, just a comment.
  10. MickyG

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    try this for deals, cebu is covered if there are options there https://www.metrodeal.com
  11. I very seldom see any mosquitoes in metro Cebu I attribute this to the un-burnt diesel fuel film that covers everything, including stagnant water
  12. Dafey

    Need a used TV cheap

    2+7=9 You trained in Lamaze?If not you can take classes on that TV once you get it installed.
  13. So it's not the US...let's keep the talk away from politics/controversial which would be in the CR, please
  14. Jawny

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    I recall a similar discussion within the past year or so regarding a good place to get beef in Cebu. Several restaurants mentioned. Worth a search in archives.
  15. I always enjoyed starting my old Ford F-350 with the 7.3 liter power stroke engine and watching the billowing smoke poor out! I love that truck!
  16. From FB: ———————————— S. 2072, Veterans' Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2019 On July 10, 2019, Senator Johnny Isakson (GA), Chairman of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, introduced S. 2072-the Veterans' Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2019. This bill, if enacted, would authorize a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for veterans in receipt of compensation and pension, and for survivors of veterans who died from service-incurred disabilities and are in receipt of Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). It would provide a COLA increase at the same percentage rate as Social Security and would be effective December 1, 2019. Receipt of annual COLA increments aids injured and ill veterans, their families, and their survivors to help maintain the value of their VA benefits against inflation. Without COLAs, these individuals, who sacrificed their own health and their family life for the good of our nation, may not be able to maintain a quality of life in their elder years. DAV strongly supports S. 2072, as it is in accordance with DAV Resolution No. 038. Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1200, the Veterans' Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2019. This bill, S. 2072, is the Senate version.
  17. Part of that whole 'innocent until proven guilty' thing.
  18. to_dave007

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    what a great plan !!
  19. True but in us they wont be promoted
  20. smokey

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    Viking is best go lunch during the week or dinner weekend need resveration send message on fb to them
  21. Just watched it, awesome episode. Thanks
  22. cookie47

    OZ 2019 off-road / camping expo

    Nice, brings back memories, Have been to a number of these shows, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth,. Lived in a caravan full time for two years,,, Got three quarters around Australia and got Gold fever and thus stuck in Western Australia. Sent from my MI MAX using Tapatalk
  23. Cebuandrew

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    I feel your craving. Years ago, I used to get to the big city there at least every 6-8 weeks, mostly for the Saturday night buffet at Marriotts. American prime rib, cooked perfectly between rare and medium rare. Been to Vikings a few times and it was pretty good. Decent cuts of beef. But their definition of medium rare is more cooked than mine. Never been to Buffet 101. After reading your post, it got me wondering about it. I found an article, albeit 3 years old that says Vikings is best for western food and 101 is best for asian food. http://www.everythingcebu.com/food-and-dining/buffet-101-vs-vikings-luxury-buffet/ Sure hope someone here does know of a prime rib buffet in Cebu.
  24. lamoe

    Need a used TV cheap

    TY US mindset at work on my part Cheaper to buy new small TV than get one fixed if out of warranty - IF you can find a "fix-it" shop Anyone know of a local TV repair shop?
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      Just thought I would drop by and say hi (finally remembered my login  )
      Just a quick update and to report that rumors of my demise have been grossly exagerated.
      While I will never be back to 100%, I am doing quite nicely, or better than expected
      There are several things I am not able to do and one is to fly for more than about 4 hours due to cabin pressure, and that really pisses me of as the Philippines has been close to me for nearly 50 years.
      The other is I can no longer play the piano, which was my means of relaxation and stress relieving.
      I strongly believe that being active, in good health and reasonably fit has enabled me to get back this far.
      BTW, I am 82 in a few months and going better than many younger than me.
      Cheers and Keep safe guys

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      Spammer......bye bye..
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      If you're still around - can you give me the details of the Dentist you used in Ormoc ?
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      I am sooo depressed ! The Linc Oracle has determined that I am guilty of having no inkling !! 
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