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  2. Nice I discovered it had the same series engine as the Australian Holden Monaro V8.
  3. Jim_in_Jax

    Court allows chemical castration of 7 year old boy

    I agree. In this case, I wouldn't be against the father disappearing with this child.
  4. HeyMike

    Court allows chemical castration of 7 year old boy

    This is totally insane. If the father can appeal this insane decision, he should immediately.
  5. rizla

    Court allows chemical castration of 7 year old boy

    As a father I can empathise with the father in this report, it seems strange that the court voted this decision, the mother obviously wanted a daughter not a son, and the court has supported that premise, how can a 7 year old child determine their sexuality? I think it is impossible, a child can only really understand their sexuality when they are old enough to understand what sexuality is.
  6. Today
  7. In my 62 years, this is the most outrageous thing I've seen or heard of yet. https://www.educationviews.org/court-allows-chemical-castration-of-7-year-old-boy-forces-father-to-take-classes-on-transgenderism/
  8. It was the autobahns that were unrestricted @lamoe not the ordinary roads where the deer and the zugmachinen play!
  9. Old English White is the color. I was traveling in Most Northern European Countries between 68 till late 70.. I can't accually remember an Autobahn speed limit in Germany (in those years) (apart from roadworks) Anyway it didn't matter driving a Ford Thames Van hahaha . You needed a calender (not a stop watch).. for 0 to 60..and NEVER get in the fast lane.
  10. That’s the one! Slightly off white with the black top. Mine was RHD but the previous owner had fitted a pair of right dipping Cibie Biode headlamps instead of the usual Lucas rubbish. A bit of a nuisance when I took it back to the UK! Damn! £6000? I didn’t pay that for mine! I don’t think I spent that much on a car until 1981!!😄
  11. There we go Paddy, brings back memories. Collectors car now,, £6000...
  12. Was driving a tricked out Opel Diplomat? (owned by Hubert Heller as part of his collection) at 150 MPH got doors blown off by twin turbo Porsche Then also almost pancaked when topped a hill and farm tractor doing 20 Mph?
  13. As I recall, in the mid 70’s, very little of the autobahn system was unrestricted. It was, however, very much a good idea to keep an eye out behind and be prepared to move over in a hurry. (Cannot imagine such driving courtesy here!😄) As a 2LT, my resources didn’t stretch to something “useful” on the autobahn and it was rather disconcerting to have just about every door and panel rattling wildly above 80MPH - which is what happened when we tried to take a pic of the speedo needle stuck on the upper stop😄. Downhill with a following wind helped. For anyone interested, the car was a 1971/72 ish Austin 1300 GT.
  14. Kahuna

    Unrealistic Expectations

  15. Kahuna


  16. trevorclap007

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

  17. trevorclap007

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

  18. The Autobahn is not speed limit free - if the police determine you are exceeding the safe driving speed for your vehicle they will give you a ticket. At least that was back in1980's
  19. Wonder what he's going to do next when he finds out he still has them?
  20. Paddy

    question for retired Canadians

    I don’t believe that is true. As a resident or non-resident, you can have income from both Canadian and foreign sources. Whether or not you are resident or non-resident is determined by how long you live in Canada versus how long you live elsewhere plus whether you have specific “ties” to Canada. The tax implication is: as a resident pensioner, your gross rate of tax might be around 12% (it depends on how big your pensions are). As a non-resident CRA will take 25% of your taxable income and have a nice day!! Exactly how this might affect you really depends on how long you spend out of Canada each year (more than 180 days will generally have your provincial healthcare folks and CRA looking at you carefully), your ties to Canada, your pension income (from whatever sources), your personal tax credit / deductions situation, and whether there is any form of tax agreement between Canada and wherever you go. If you look at Snowbird (Canadians who winter in Florida etc) information, you will quickly see the implications.
  21. Yesterday
  22. I am a retired Canadian living here. Have been Asia for well over ten years. Because I am on a pension I am not a non-resident Canadian for tax purposes. I had a tax expert tell me that it was not worth it for a guy on a pension. Just renewed my passport in Vancouver. I go to Canada about once a year. It was obvious that Passport Canada staff are under instructions to identify those living out of the country. The employee examined all the stamps and visas. Had me write down my address in Asia and phone number. Basically interrogated me. Question: What are the tax implications if any living out of Canada while stating one lives in Canada on the tax forms?
  23. to_dave007

    Medical Insurance

    Memory fades.. but in my experience closer to 18%.. at Chong Hua.. and I had similar experience at DumDum medical clinic in Balamban when I was acting for a friend of mine. Plus I am aware of similar situation for Pinoy family at Vicenti Soto. It may not be immediately offered.. and you may need to ask for it.. But it's available. At Chong Hua the largest expense I had was for antibiotics coming from the Chong Hua pharmacy. Normally the nurses get the required medication from the pharmacy.. but we were advised by the hospital if we get it ourselves.. and pay cash.. we get 18% discount on those meds. Then when we left I believe there some cash discounts at cashier as well. At the DumDum clinic... An old Canadian friend of mine was immobile after a stroke.. and I was acting for his daughter who was still in Canada. I had limited funds from the daughter available and I needed to stretch those funds so that we could send my friend to city for neurologist examination without ME having to pay for it .. Part of the bill had already been paid.. and about 33,000 remained unpaid.. and we needed him out of the clinic and back home for couple nights until the neurologist visit.. I can't remember exact details.. but I know I asked for 20% discount for cash settlement (meaning no credit and no promissory note). Cashier initially said no.. repeatedly.. and I asked her to get a management decision.. which she did.. and I think I paid about 28,000. Accepted as final settlement.. and my friend was released and went home. And we still had the funds for neurologist exam (to see if we could get permission for him to fly back to Canada.. we never did get it). Not even sure if that clinic took credit card. I suspect not. At Vicenti Soto.. Young family w/o Philhealth had 17,000 to pay 23,000 bill after their child was treated for seizures.. At discharge they held on to the 17,000 and negotiated the final settlement of the bill BEFORE handing over the money. They simply said this is all we have.. and we can't get more.. and they wanted to pay the full bill with the 17,000.. It was accepted as final settlement. You ain't in Kansas any more.. If you don't ask for discount.. you won't get it. Remember.. when you hand over a credit card you are saying "please give me a 5% discount and use this form of payment". By accepting the credit card they agree. In this country.. the hospitals would rather give a discount for cash payment than take a promissory note or have other settlement issues.. By giving a discount for cash they are reducing their risk and exposure.
  24. My apologies. I have PhilCare. It’s a private company.
  25. jaybee747

    Medical Insurance

    What is the "substantial discounts" you are getting by paying cash over credit card? I assume the hospital can give you discount of up to 5% for the credit card processing fees they are paying but behind this what benefit the hospital is getting for giving substantial discount for cash?
  26. bkb1


    Darn, I thought they were p*ssy Willows...
  27. savarity

    Younger Expats

    Online business in my case. I'm 37 years old. Set it up in my mid 20s so I wouldn't have to deal with people, or work in a corporate environment. I have a BBA and MBA by the way. Many years later, I realized I could live anywhere in the world, and eventually came here for a unique medical reason (I wasn't eligible for health insurance until 2019, due to a bizarre set of circumstances). My expenses are about the same as staying at home. So no problem staying here.
  28. A man blew up his lawn in an attempt to get rid of cockroaches This video shows the incredible moment an amateur gardener in Brazil, blew up his lawn in a drastic attempt to get rid of cockroaches infesting his back yard.
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      Its not my fault that I'm obese, gay and an invalid. At least I have my Korean heritage to fall back on !! 
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      Just stopped by to see whats going on here. Sad to see so many people have passed...lifes been busy here but might slow down as I drew my retirement. I'll see how well that works out lol..headed back to Cebu for the month of November ( maybe a bit longer)
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      Just thought I would drop by and say hi (finally remembered my login  )
      Just a quick update and to report that rumors of my demise have been grossly exagerated.
      While I will never be back to 100%, I am doing quite nicely, or better than expected
      There are several things I am not able to do and one is to fly for more than about 4 hours due to cabin pressure, and that really pisses me of as the Philippines has been close to me for nearly 50 years.
      The other is I can no longer play the piano, which was my means of relaxation and stress relieving.
      I strongly believe that being active, in good health and reasonably fit has enabled me to get back this far.
      BTW, I am 82 in a few months and going better than many younger than me.
      Cheers and Keep safe guys

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