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  2. I cry sometimes when I feel sad. Then My GF brings me some more black market booze and I'm happy again!
  3. When you make it..I hope you don't get stuck with a middle seat. I took the 16 hour flight once from LA. to Manila in a middle seat. Had to pretend I was sleeping most of the time cuz I hate conversations with people I don't know.
  4. I do think such low rental is exempt, so no worry there.
  5. Why enroll with them when I can pay the bill with GCash. Much simpler. I love being able to pay all of my bills in one swoop.
  6. yingy52

    Soupeod's Music Videos

    I prefer the Benny Goodman Mtv videos.
  7. Today
  8. I am currently stranded in Seattle USA. Was supposed to return to the Philippines on 5/1. Am currently on our 3rd flight change with Asiana airlines. Are now scheduled to return on 10/1. Not a happy customer.
  9. nothingbutquestions

    IS PAL the most mismanaged airline? My story.

    UPDATE: SENT MY PREVIOUSLY POSTED LETTER TO CONTACTS/COMMENTS ON THE PAL WEBSITE AND RECEIVED THIS VERY FORMA F-U REPLY: Dear Mr. Moore, Mabuhay! Thank you for contacting us. I am Joey Vergara, Customer Experience Officer from Philippine Airlines. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the changes in your schedule. As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we shall continue to provide further flight updates and advisories on our official Website and Facebook page: i AM NOW UP TOO MY 5TH FLIGHT CHANGE !
  10. The BI has made it clear that they are willing to handle overstays at the airport.
  11. I just back from Mandaue. At the checkpoint, the officer told me the BI is close, so I have to turn back. I try to call the BI office in J-Center Mall but nobody pick up the phone. I thought there is a skeleton workforce for people who leave the Philippines with a sweeper flight? I guess that is wrong. So, how you doing it if there will be a flight out of the Philippines and you not able to renew your visa on time? Anyone was in this situation lately?
  12. there may be tears before bed time for the landlady now that the BIR knows she has rental income from multiple properties. I wonder how much was declared for the 5% rental tax plus the E=vat all up front before deferred assessed income tax....just saying
  13. Daddle

    Headlight lens restoration

    That is the kit I used on my 30 year old Ford truck. The drill powered pads are vital. By hand would be torture and give poor results. Worked unexpectedly great. Like magic actually. Gotta follow instructions exactly.
  14. I think my barangay will win the 'where will the next hotspot be located' award. Went to get a business permit and add my significant other to my quarantine pass this morning. The line was 50 meters long, shoulder to shoulder, and I would guess well less than 50% were wearing masks, or wearing them correctly. Zero social distancing. So, after about 30 minutes cheek to jowl with my neighbours I was ushered into the hall, which was again packed to the rafters, and no sign of social distancing, or masks being worn or worn correctly. Another 15 minutes standing in the cramped office and I get in line to see the 'captain'; he is not wearing a mask - at least not until he saw the fat, white, gringo giving him death stares. Got the quarantine pass updated and made a hasty retreat. I don't need to die for a business permit; that would seem counter productive. If this soft of thing is going on across the country, the virus is here to stay. What pissed me off the most was that the health office was operating exactly the same, even the health workers were not wearing masks correctly. Can anyone beat that?
  15. Not just that show. Watch any talent competition from around the world. If there is a Filipino competing, they will cry when telling their always sad story…
  16. Need to have DRAMA in that "show", no crying no show! LOL
  17. Dafey

    Headlight lens restoration

    Most kits also come with a final step that puts a protective coat on the lens. Don't skip this step or you'll be doing the process all over again soon.
  18. throttleplate

    Headlight lens restoration

    here in the usa i just did my headlites 30 days ago using a 3m kit for $11.00 at wallmart. Included was the drill disk to attach the 2 different grits of sandpaper included along with the rubbing compound and polishing disk for final finish. Deet, toothpaste, the cheap wipes..... wont do the job. Get a drill, buy a legitamit kit and go for it. It took me 45 minutes per headlite on a 2004 honda civic. Lenses look brand new and as smooth as a new lens. The key is the first step of sanding to grind off all the old clearcoat from the factory which is what is yellowing. If you dont grind enough then you will have to redo step one because after the last step if your lens is clear but cloudy you need to go back to step 1. Watch youtube videos on how its done, 3 m google it and they have a great short video.
  19. Dafey

    Headlight lens restoration

    Lazada has McGuire's for 2800 plus shipping. They also have Turtle wax headlight restorer which I have used with good results for less than 1000 They also have a wide selection of sand paper https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/9-pcs-3000-5000-7000-high-grit-wet-and-dry-sandpaper-assortment-drywall-sanding-paper-9-x-36-inch-for-car-paint-auto-body-automotive-polishing-i378374337-s860626723.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.3.4abd5922VHDr1O&search=1
  20. Dafey

    DIY Air Purifier for just 30$

    $39 from Lazada and much prettier. Also has negative ion generator. Will take care of a room up to 20 Sq M or for twice the price get one that does 80 sq M
  21. lamoe

    Headlight lens restoration

    Have seen the Mcguire's in Ayala very bottom - tried finding 3000 grit wet / dry paper one time - hard to even find 1000
  22. Dafey

    Headlight lens restoration

    Mcguire's makes a really good do it yourself product that will give you 3-4 restorations for 2000-3000. you can pick it up in the car shops in the malls, when they let you back in. There is a Mcguire's shop on the north side of Sergio Osmena just before you get to the Robinson's Galleria. I've never been in there but they may sell the product. Then again they may just be for service.
  23. Edwin

    Headlight lens restoration

    Headlight restoration kit: 1. Insect repellent with DEET 2. Rag Instructions: Spray on, wipe off, drink beer.
  24. lamoe

    Headlight lens restoration

    Place near me charges P5,000 - will pick up the Sylvania - Lazada shows they have it - Amazon P1,000
  25. smokey

    Advice for new visitors to the Philippines

    Well the biggest loss has to be the most common the only citz can own land. I think this can be fixed easiest by all countries adopt same rule only us citz can own land in us only canidian can own in Canada etc
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