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  3. Agreed it's a good discussion but also perhaps there's some confusion about the above two words. Indigenous scholarships are meant for those of a specific racial background. The Negritos and so on. Indigent refers to the limited financial means of the supporting family involved.
  4. Considering the questionable quality of blocks and the time and skill it takes to lay the properly and then to have to fill the cores with rebar and concrete, it seems pretty clear that the only way I would build here is solid concrete walls.
  5. PlanB

    Globe problems?

    With speeds like that who needs enemies.
  6. Damn, I was going to pick up a bitcoin a few months ago but never did. ArgggghhhH!!
  7. shadow

    Globe problems?

    Great, but not available here.
  8. SkyMan

    Globe problems?

    This is PLDT HomeBro. Up most of the time.
  9. trevorclap007

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

  10. It's amazing what 500 pesos in a discrete envelope can accomplish in almost any situation .
  11. Yesterday
  12. David_LivinginTalisay

    Celebrating a Birthday @ Vikings Luxury Buffet in SM City, Cebu

    It does seem that the Management of 'Vikings' and 'Tong Yang Plus' have changed their previous Policy of accepting 'Foreigner Residents' of the Philippines, who can show proof of being over 60 Years old with Philippines issued ID (Driving Licence / ACR I-Card etc) showing over 60 Years old. Clearly not all of Vikings/Tongs Managers were aware of this Policy a while ago! Hence the reply that some received, that was contrary to what Smokey experienced. I still got my ACR :-*Card accepted @Tongs. When we went there on Sunday (Fathers Day)- however, it was NOT Accepted. See Photo- that I took, showing New 'Senior Discount Notice' that states 'Philippine Citizens'.
  13. shadow

    Globe problems?

    Dial up would be an improvement!
  14. Thanks, but we only do US visas. Too much information for one person to specialize in more than one country, in my opinion.
  15. @shadow is our go to guy. He has great advice and knows the ins and outs. Good luck!
  16. I will be renewing the registration for the first time on a car I bought 3 years ago from Suzuki across from JMall. They told me just bring the smoke test results to them and they'll get the renewal done. The lady said it takes about a week and they'll call me when it's time to pick up the renewed OCR.
  17. liquido

    Globe problems?

    I thought Dial Up modems were in the past?
  18. Pakistan govt accidentally turns ‘cat’ filter on during FB Live, leaves everyone in splits https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/pakistan-regional-govt-turns-cat-filter-on-during-fb-live-starts-laughing-riot-online-5782451/?fbclid=IwAR1hbYs5g6Wk4_-HF6WYHodi5hGYFkb9swWwq2T8VxNZ9TSwxDszXIj_JwQ
  19. Instead of me visiting her next year for 3 weeks i thought I can maybe get her to the UK for a few months instead. Ive been advised to use an agent, anyone know of a good one in Cebu? She's 36yo. She doesnt work because i support her so no payslips or employer letter. No property ownership, no kids. Im feeling depressed just writing this lol
  20. nostress

    Miscellaneous Humor

  21. John.. your information here is very interesting. You can be 100% sure that my wife and my brother-in-law will be looking into this. Could be a nice boost for the young guy. Will post anything we learn back to this thread.. Not sure his marks were good enough LADT year, but this may give him special incentive for the coming year.\ Question.. from what you know.. can this be applied for on ANY year of a 4 year program,? Can it be applied for just once? or for each year? I assume just once? .
  22. Jawny.. are you sure that Visayas State University is private? That free tuition program your child gets sounds exactly the same as the one my young brother-in-law attends.. and I THOUGHT this was ONLY available for state owned universities.. BTW.. looked up Visayas State University to write this and it sounds like a beautiful place to visit... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visayas_State_University
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