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  2. smog test, register car, doc check and drivers lic in 1hr 30min. Move to Cebu where it takes you days and days!
  3. nostress

    What country is next?

  4. Some people should simply not be allowed to have tools and machines with moving parts. Or Karaoke machines for that matter.
  5. Just about after you thought you have seen everything..Check youtube first.
  6. CHB must be different in Liloan than here in Quezon. None of the CHB here is "good hollow block". If you lift it without care it crumbles into pieces. Tapping it into place with the trowel handle gives you only a pile of dusty gravel. I cannot imagine the pictured house is built with anything better. It has no inherent strength. Just enough cement to give that gray color. The suppliers here will, on special order, make stronger block but it is only slightly better. Certainly not anything resembling a legitimate block. Not something one could drop on the ground without crumbling to dust. The concrete of an ASTM C90 hollow block is to have a compressive strength of 1900 psi. My vendor here claims his blocks are 30 psi. The special order blocks are 90 psi. 90 is a long long way from 1900. I have CHB in California which I can throw to the ground from overhead and will never even chip a corner. This type of CHB must be what you are thinking of. Even a wall made of this block without filling and rebar is also unsafe in an earthquake. Also the CHB here in Quezon has three internal cavities. If staggered by halves they do not line up. Filling them makes the wall 'hard' but not stiff. Some success can be had by staggering by about a third. But why bother? Stacked without staggering gives three continuous columns from bottom to top. Each is about 90mm square. With a 10mm rebar and when reasonably well filled the wall will be very stiff and strong. Ultimately what we seek is a wall that will not instantly turn to rubble in an earthquake killing all the nearby innocent children as the typical staggered poorly filled filipino walls are well documented to do. I build my walls without stagger. Stronger, simpler, quicker and it greatly annoys the local experts who walk by all day long. Plus they helpfully advise me that my 10mm rebar is far too big. Hilarious, except for all the dead people after earthquakes.
  7. trevorclap007

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

  8. Unless you filed several months ago, next spring may be a bit over-optimistic.
  9. Alright, thanks Shadow! Hopefully I can remember this forum next spring and can come back with an update.
  10. I suspect those 2 rebars are there to attach some kind of awning. I would guess they are 10mm. 10mm would be a little small for the walls I think but maybe that's what they used there too. As Fred said, though, whoever is paying for it probably isn't paying close attention or doesn't know what to look for so after it's rendered they will be happy.
  11. Good hollow block certainly does have strength, especially CMUs which are used to build walls not only without columns but without filling the voids. There are no CMUs I have seen here so filling the voids is a good idea. It is also quite easy to fill the voids with staggered block. If the block are properly spaced the voids line up but even if not you simply put down a course and fill, put down a course and fill..... Filling the voids does not require you wait for the entire wall to be laid.
  12. You followed my exact train of thought. Not only are the blocks direct stacked but butted end to end so little to no mortar in between. I've seen mall walls stacked like this but they do put a small gap between them, however, in the case of the malls the block sections are short with columns at each end. There's one little beam like thing near the roof but I wonder if that was more of an afterthought correction to make the roof line up right. Or perhaps it provides attachments for a drop ceiling inside? Looks about 3 inches so not much of a beam and it's 13 courses of block up. Although those mortar lines look a bit thin, that's close to 3 meters. I'm a little surprised the first floor didn't collapse when they poured the second floor slab and looking at the work over the door I wonder if their wasn't some problem there. There's some kind of steel seems to retrofitted in there. And is that bar across the door for security or is it trying to hold the frame and wall together? Of course, it's all good if you brace the second floor to the perimeter wall.
  13. Certainly a problem if there are no columns hidden in there. However CHB walls will be stronger if NOT staggered. Because CHB itself has zero strength all the structure comes from the reinforced concrete in the hollows. That of course assumes it is done with some care. When not staggered each hollow lines up with the hollow below. These are much easier to fill and form remarkably good columns. Solid and continuous. A big plus if there is also plenty of horizontal reinforcement. Same goes for the mortar between the blocks. Useless. Might as well just stack them dry. Again the CHB material has no inherent strength in any direction so what is the use of attempting to bond them together. Best if the wall is designed as if the CHB is simply a cheap and convenient form for well compacted reinforced concrete inside. Like the new foam block construction. That house pictured above is going to suddenly pancake in an earthquake. But hey, there is no earthquake right now today, so all is good!
  14. You see beams?? That 4" strip along the middle looks like the edge of the concrete floor slab.. The strip above it looks like... F*** knows what it is or looks like but it aint a beam!!lol
  15. I see the beams, but I don’t see the columns - and we should be able to see a couple at least. The beams look undersized as does the steel bar being used (check out the 2 pieces over the door). The door and window frames do not seem to be well secured and there are no lintels - even wooden ones - except over the door and that has one end that is supported in a very suspect manner. I’d also be surprised if any of that “construction” is plumb, square or true.
  16. HongKongPhooey

    American Arrested Again

    This reads as a personal issue rather than a neutral judgement as it should be expected of a moderator. If you own this site then by-all-means do as you like, otherwise you should check yourself. I thought we weren’t willy nilly banning people as part of the reset a few months ago.
  17. .The house next to us built a wall just as bad adding to an existing smaller wall and buried some nice fencing it while they were at it. No staggering of the blocks looked just horrible like a 5 year old did it. We have been in this house 7 years and that was during our first year here. These people that built this really tall wall only came here for 2 months out of the year from Norway. The guy was a real crouch. Never talked to him. But we think he was mad at our landlady because she was building another house behind us that abutted his property also and he didn't like her building there. We only saw him and his wife 2 years for 2 months and they haven't been back since. He had a heart attack (not surprising as grumpy as he was) and she has cancer. The house is for sale but at a price so high that someone does not want it sold. Just a caretaker couple living there now. Oh anyhow our landlady back then quickly had our side of the ugly mess nicely cemented and then covered with something else that is super smooth. I'll paint it probably this year as it looks like we'll be here a while. But she says they will be raising the rent 6% every year now. That is not going to set well with me. We maintain and fix this house like it is our own and she knows it. She'll end up with this house sitting empty someday and that increase will be eten up quickly when it is empty. As far as I can tell she owns and rents 14 other houses. Greed is setting in and I know who is behind it. Can't say more as that would give it away.
  18. I`m not sure it`s a big issue with steel reinforced CHB`s if they are not equally staggered and tied into columns and beams.. The big issue I have with the building in that pic is there are no columns or beams! Anyway,once they are rendered,who would ever know?
  19. Soupeod

    Soupeod's Music Videos

  20. to_dave007

    Forming a partnership?

    Eludes me as well.. Hope it goes well for them.
  21. BossHog

    Forming a partnership?

    For tax year 2018 (filing in 2019) the exclusion amount is $103,900.
  22. Paddy

    Forming a partnership?

    From the website of a consulting company “A Partnership is a separate legal entity from that of the participants in the partnership. A partnerships consist of 2 or more individuals, and may either be a; general partnership, where partners have unlimited liability for the debts and obligation of the partnership, or a limited partnership, where one or more of the partners have unlimited liability and some partners have liability only up to the amount of their capital contributions. A partnership might be suitable for foreign companies wishing to venture into business in the Philippines. Requirements: Registration with DTI or SEC (depending on partnership’s capital) Submission of duly notarized Articles of Partnership Submission of SEC form F-105 (for partnerships with foreign members) Procurement of licenses and clearances from necessary government offices Registration with BIR Registration with government offices (if employing individuals) Acquisition of business permit and mayor’s license Procedure: Draft Partnership papers Present accomplished forms and documents to SEC for processing and evaluation Present verification from local bank of minimum paid up capital in trust account Present other requirements (for partnerships with foreign or Corporation members) Claim registration from records division Complete necessary applications with government agencies” So, if it’s truly going to be a partnership, step 1 is to establish the partnership - then worry about trading names, permits etc. Maybe Dumaguete DTI was referring them to SEC? i have zero experience of this but the info above seems perfectly logical if “partnership” is the underlying legal business entity.
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