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Classified Advertisements

Personal & Commercial Ads Go Here.

Classified Ads Forum Rules:
  • ALL ads in this forum are paid ads. There is no free advertising on this site.
  • Please view THIS THREAD for the most recent and updated rules regarding classified advertising.
  • To place a commercial ad (e.g. business advertising) on this site, please view THIS THREAD.
  • Unless you are interested in the item / position listed, please do not waste the advertisers time.
  • Do not post an ad elsewhere on this site without expressed permission, or you will be banned.
  • The site owner, nor staff, make any guarantees, expressed or implied, regarding products or services advertised on the Living in Cebu Forums.
  • Caveat Emptor: Interested parties are responsible for exercising due diligence, prior to purchasing any product or service advertised on the Living in Cebu Forums.

Rules modified: 18 / Dec / 2015

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