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  2. I bought my 2000w dry-type transformer in the lower-level part of the old Metro department store at Ayala (which burned down). However, I'm sure you can find them at other Metro Department stores, at Ace Hardware stores or at True Value Hardware stores.
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  4. Headshot

    Lost in Translation

  5. Paddy

    Welcome to Masbate eh?

    Never having seen it before I really don’t know. Time, perhaps, will tell.
  6. Lordblacknail

    Anyone Coming To Cebu From The USA?

    Still need this anytime from the middle of April to May would be good. just need one envelope brought. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I learned my lesson with amazon Prime...
  9. There's a Wine and Seafood Festival here this weekend at the local winery. I was trying to decide which day to go, based on the bands that would be performing that day. They are all pretty much from the local area. This is one of the performers. I'm certainly no Blues expert, but I like this song. Okay so the music video is a bit lame, but he probably shot it on a shoestring budget.
  10. Examples: Is it the millennial drought, cyclical (har) or some other factor at work here?
  11. Cebuandrew

    Transfer comparison. USD-PHP

    I used Xoom my first 4 years here, and always happy with how fast and easy it is. A friend told me to try Remitly recently, and tried it twice now in last month. Same service, same quick results. Seems I get a slightly better rate with Remitly, Not a lot more, but a little. What I liked most about it, was with Remitly, there is an instant withdraw on my U.S. bank account to track, where with Xoom, it can take 2 days for bank account to reflect transaction. Lol...maybe it is my OCD, but I feel better tracking it all in real time.
  12. papimafioso69

    2 killed in Batangas blast —police

    Hope the Child wasn't hurt to bad .
  13. lamoe


    Given my not to reliable memory I set my donation up as a once a year re-occurring payment. If I ever stop participating I'll have to remember to delete it This year I got a 'possible scammer' alert - bank trying to tell me something
  14. SkyMan

    Anti-Rabies Act - RA 9482

    Took my dog down to the Municipyo for a rabies shot today. People scattered as we walked there. 6 staff in the office and nobody else. 5 minutes in and out. No excuse for not getting the dog vaccinated.
  15. The only time I can feed my need for speed here (simulated ) is going up and down the SM ramps. Even in outside lane usually faster than cycles, definitely faster than SUVs Yep they get that '1 car / cycle ahead at any cost' then do 20 Kph' except at around midnight
  16. SkyMan


  17. He's not going to run- he's in the safest place possible
  18. SkyMan


  19. Maybe. Then close the schools and everybody can home school. The only other option is boarding schools, and that probably wouldn't be a very inviting option for most people.
  20. SkyMan

    Meaningless pics

    I like that one. Coming soon to a stairway near me.
  21. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dick-dale-died-king-of-surf-guitar-dead-age-81-cause-of-death-unknown-2019-03-17/ Was lucky enough to see DD in concert, a legendary guitar player!
  22. Bob, are there any fish farming forums around? My first thought was that nobody on this forum (with the possible exception of James Musslewhite) has any idea on the information you are asking for. PM James, and ask him specific questions. Although he is into lobster faring and not fish farming, I'm sure he has to jump through the same governmental hoops you will have to. It surprised me when you were talking about barangay clearances and permits. It was my understanding that barangay governments only have jurisdiction over dry land above the high water mark, and that the DENR has jurisdiction over anything from the high water mark to the open ocean. Of course, that is just my understanding, and I could be wrong. I hope you know who has jurisdiction over what before you proceed. Bringing a head full of knowledge from your home country is a good thing, but it won't substitute for knowing and understanding the laws (and unwritten laws) of this country. Going back to the "Dangerous Catch" reference, don't you think that the other captains were just incredulous that somebody would be asking that question? After all, regardless of the price of diesel, the only options you have are to either fill up and go fishing or tie up in the harbor and sit out the season. That might explain why they gave him such a ration of shit.
  23. SkyMan

    ACR Card

    I second the recommendation for BPI. They do actual branch banking. Most convenient I've found. As for large balance the insured balance is p500K for any bank.
  24. Interesting, thanks,,,,,, things you find out nowadays with the advent of technology.I had no idea the amount of Americans that were stationed in Brisbane and obviously other parts. I knew that McArthur travelled their. My Australian Sister in laws father was part of the Army that built the 1200 kilometres road from Alice Springs to Darwin to allow troops to be deployed easier (the road was previously a dirt track) and is still called THE TRACK today, as the Japanese were marching down towards New Guinea It takes a lot to keep me interested in some YouTube videos but not this one.. And for once it was quite balance in its depiction although some of the comments were a bit distasteful Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  25. It sucks but they need to move on...they listened to the wrong people and can remember that when the next time comes. Sorry for your loss!
  26. Last week
  27. Most of Mindanao's catching a real rain bomb this morning. Heavy continuous downpours here since 3 AM but almost no wind. Hopefully it'll clear up sooner than later as we got two lechon baboy to cook today. http://bagong.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/tropical-cyclone/severe-weather-bulletin
  28. There has been a good steady rain since yesterday afternoon here in Davao.I know there will be flooding..Nice and cool for this time of the year also....
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      Got my first "follower" today..      I followed him back so now we're going around in circles.. 
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      Hi buddy. Long time no speak. I still have the contact details of a lass we nicknamed "Superwoman". Her place is on Via Rama. Go down V.Rama towards South Road and shortly before the junction of these two roads you will see a Shell gas station on your right. Immediately opposite is a side street with an emission test place on the corner. This is her place. Name of Mellie. Very efficient and will do everything for you. Registered many big bikes and cars with her. Still use her even though I live in Valencia now. Her number is 09235863888. Cheers - Barry
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