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  2. If he turned his headlights off, then it might have enough juice to start.. ( older cars only )
  3. Almost over now, it's somewhere north of Coron. Still windy here but not enough to do any damage. Lost 2 Papaya trees and there is some banana trees on the ground in the area. Surprisingly very little rain has fallen. Power disappeared just after midnight as expected. All in all not too bad here.
  4. lamoe

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

    Same - Sam Calmente - 1957 - only in cloakroom - got in trouble when belt broke - broken arm.
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  6. Fantastic - with his accent and my hearing had to put CC on. Whole series of him.
  7. If you don't start moving during vid - you're probably dead
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  9. Ozepete

    Current Price for Copra

    Good on you for paying them fairly and decent. It pisses me off to read/ hear of tight arsed expats, many living off their governments tit, who begrudgingly pay miserable minimum amounts to employ locals to work for them, often in extreme conditions.
  10. Watched the Die Hard vid, really liked the series - what happened to suspense movies? Take a look at the list - Not on it is Wait Until Dark (1967) has the all time "splash the person behind you in the theater with your drink moment". Embedded URL for those who want to see it. https://youtu.be/fO8Z0F_CQ_o Top 20 Greatest Suspense/Thrillers of All Time (The Ultimate List) https://www.imdb.com/list/ls069479983/ Caper Fear is a remake of a 1961 film.
  11. Gearing up for a fairly large TG gathering of friends who don't drink the covid kool-aid.
  12. Chris24

    Australian Humour

    What happens Downunder stays Downunder. Unless there's a child of course in which all bets are off and no place is safe......
  13. Salty, Headshot, Soupeod, thanks to all three of you for the info. I'm a couple of years short of age 60 so not quite there yet, but this is very good info for my own planning. And then of course the rules wlll change.....
  14. Salty Dog

    Thought For The Day

    Men with neck tattoos used to make people nervous. Now they make them lattes.
  15. I think the Atlanta consulate is an honorary consulate and is limited in what they can do. Georgia falls under Washington anyway. I think other consulates are still doing them, the consulate in Los Angeles put out a notice on their website that all appointments for Dual Citizen applications are booked for the remainder of the year! Looks like everyone is trying to get it done right now...what a mess.
  16. enoonmai

    MLB 2020

    The Dodgers committed (at least) 3 basic mistakes on the last play: the closer threw a hanging cutter in the middle of the plate with a 1-2 count that you cannot throw to a major league hitter in that situation, even one batting lifetime .202. The center fielder had his eyes on Kiermaier rounding 3rd instead of the ball and muffed an easy grounder. The catcher made a sweeping motion with his glove without having the ball secured and lost it. The Dodgers' payroll is $108 million, 2nd highest out of 30 teams. The Ray's payroll at $28.3 million is 28th out of 30. Love to see the Rays win it
  17. Bloody British, Stuff up anything.haa Seriously when I arrived in Australia I took to shooting,( rabbits /Foxes/wild pig like a duck to water. (Why I don't Know) Maybe I guess it was because of the proliferation of .22 rifles (and bigger ) that were everywhere ( sadly not so much today ).The fact that I came from a big City (London) that has stricked gun laws, and were enforced.? was probably the driving force. Hope not off topic 😃
  18. lamoe

    What did you have to eat?

    Killed my blender making peanut butter My blender was an Oster 600W - made 5 batches using 1 kg peanuts (large non-skin). 6th batch was the small skinned ones shortly after cooking. Overdid the amount I guess, overheated blender and burned out motor. Have overheated old Oster blender in states occasionally, let reset , no problems. This one, after first time, 10 sec and would stop. Noticed the large cooked ones generated more oil than the small ones when processing and the latent heat of the nuts themselves shortly after cooking may have been a factor. Went on a hunt for a
  19. Last week
  20. Good healthcare is available in even the poorest of countries, depending on what the ailment is, can find a competent doctor / facility AND if you have money. My three experiences (2 me, 1 Tata) were adequate in that the care received met our needs. However none were life threatening and easily addressed. Although, as was stated, the administration procedures were a nightmare.
  21. As my tourist visa will end this october I started SRRV application in may, getting all the necessary papers takes month. Then in September I finally had them all and paid the fee and PRA told me that NOW my visa isnt valid long enough and they cant process. SO I had to do motion of reconsideration and now just got 2 more month approved from manila. But sure its just a stupid coincidence that just now a f*** politician needs more publicity and starts going after "chinese abusing the SRRV". The PRA regulations are still valid, they are now just investigating them. So there is no le
  22. cvgtpc1

    Meaningless pics

    Was taking a leak in the bathroom at a party, looked over and one of those was in the tub....pretty startling. ** referring to the snake pic.
  23. Salty Dog

    Only in the Philippines

  24. United States Embassy Manila, Philippines October 23, 2020 Message for U.S. Citizens:  Photo Requirements for U.S. Passport Applications Poor-quality photos are the number one reason passport applications are delayed. When we receive a passport photo that does not meet U.S. Department of State standards, we must stop processing the application, contact you to request new photos, and wait for the new photos to arrive at our office before we can issue your new passport. As a result, you may be forced to cancel or delay your travel plans. Here are the top
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