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  2. smokey

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    Shit my bad your pigeon died
  3. This would be very bad for the Philippines. The lechon price will skyrocket. Many farmers livelihood will be in danger.
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  5. Chris24

    Exit plan

    OK, this may be a bit late, but today I ran across a Youtube video that squarely addresses OP's question.
  6. Several hidden posts will not be approved and this topic will be closed. If anyone wants to advertise, they need to contact Salty and request to place a paid advertisement.
  7. the.lone.gunman


  8. We had a similar event here in the Robinson's Mall, Dumaguete a few weeks ago. Very, very little skill or techniques to be seen, just smashing at each other with a baton. My personal background is Jujitsu (Traditional Japanese) and I saw many openings for throws or take-downs but sadly the competitors although very enthusiastic simply didn't have the skill's required to do so.
  9. Kahuna


  10. lamoe

    Boeing 737 Max information

    Personal experience with Boeing's reduction in staff engineers. 48" cast iron fixture mounting cubes - tolerances of +/- .0005" over the 48" span for all dimensions = $$$$$$$ Never did find out what they were for. Made 4 good ones (60% failure rate - sold rejects as standard) We made them in a room held at 70F x 70% humidity, even cutting fluid kept at 70F, certified tested, and shipped under same conditions. I was there for the unloading / installation / acceptance runs. Accepted - no problems and promise of future orders. Several months later Wichita claimed out of tolerance and they were. As soon as I walked into the work area knew the problem. Asked to speak to the project engineer I'd worked with - no longer on staff - let go after initial trial run made in early spring. Was now summer - production to begin - over 80F inside bay, close to 100 outside during the day?. Usually this would not have been a problem. They were almost .002" out of tolerance of .0005" - due to thermostat being set at 80. Boeing claimed we hadn't warned them sufficiently regarding the thermal coefficient of expansion - showed them correspondence and warnings to original staff engineer. Point being, there was only 1 engineer handling this portion of the project, he had all the working knowledge when downsized with no replacement, which wasn't passed on , just the mountains of paperwork, when decision to save money and reset thermostat was made. Could have been avoided - yes - but as Forest said "sh!t happens"
  11. Beserker101

    UFC Chat

    2 weeks 'til next card - China/ weak card imo ... 3 weeks to Khabib vs Poirier
  12. Nice but this seems more like an ad for the service than a news item unless she made them herself.
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  14. Manila Times op-ed written by RIGOBERTO D. TIGLAO. https://www.manilatimes.net/ninoy-not-a-hero-not-even-officially/603562/ Ninoy: Not a hero, not even officially
  15. I had forgotten about the single finger salute at the rednecks in the PU-----the timing of this might not have been optimal !! LOL
  16. Tuesday, 10:23 AM n the center of Beijing...
  17. Jester

    15 Crazy Vintage Campers

    Enjoyed this, I have a vintage Toyota RV, not as cool as these. Now am looking for a LeSharo to redo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpwH9WeVEfU
  18. The .410 is kinda silly IMO. I have seen students miss a human size target from 7 yards with a full length 12 gauge shotgun. A .410 pistol could easily be worse. I was surprised to see the stopping power of the normal self defense handguns (not mouse guns) listed as being close to equal. https://www.range365.com/history-us-army-sidearms/ Stories like the one above suggest to me that a 45 cal has more stopping power than a 38 cal pistol in a real world situation. The Colt model 1892 was then re-chambered for 45 cal. When the Model 1911 45 cal came out it then became the standard US Army sidearm for decades. This has always been my personal choice as a self defense weapon. Just my opinion.
  19. SkyMan


    So, like I said, better for duals to use the foreign pp entering on a BB visa and then no TT problem. I guess if you're dual RP-US then you could use the RP passport and avoid most of the TT by going through the pain and suffering of obtaining a TT waiver for p200 but I think that can only be done in Manila so it would probably cost you more than the p1620 TT anyway.
  20. cookie47

    OZ 2019 off-road / camping expo

    Yes, I'll work on it.. Sent from my MI MAX using Tapatalk
  21. lamoe

    Need a used TV cheap

    Mod - you can close thread - he's sending money to her
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  23. SkyMan

    The Great Mattress Migration of 2019

    If you love something, set it free...
  24. Salty Dog


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