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  2. Wow - worth checking the details carefully. Just before Covid started, we were planning to take the kids to Disneyland. Now three whole years have passed and the oldest one is maybe getting too old for Disneyland. Still, there are lots of other things to do there. Wonder if the British Food Store is still open so I can get some Marmite?
  3. Yesterday
  4. I'm fine, but not sure about those along the Gulf Coast where it came ashore.
  5. I've been trading stocks for about 40 years. I have made millions of dollars trading. I have also lost millions of dollars doing it. At this time I only trade PSE ( Philippines) stocks. My current picks: 1. Ayala. ( Ali) closed today at 23.1 php 2. Bank of Commerce (bncom) closed today at 8.86 php 3. Monde Nissin ( monde) closed today at 12.56 php
  6. pre decimal au pennies 3 pence 6 pence some very old
  7. So apparently its Mask Optional in Cebu City. Good news and and good riddance. https://www.rappler.com/nation/visayas/cebu-city-starts-trial-period-optional-face-mask-policy-september-2022/
  8. Every night my neighbour, special forces he says, is drinking, he goes crazy and attack neighbourhood for any reason. Drinks or feedback from Irag killing children, women? He is also limping 'cause of afgans he says.
  9. Davaoeno

    Making a will

    It is common for Notaries here to add on 1% on a will. I avoid that by not putting any values on things named in the will, plus insisting that I won't pay any 1% fee. Stand Your Ground Boys !!!! 😊😊😊
  10. Last week
  11. I know. I was just making a joke.
  12. "Our models didn't predict the new orbit intersecting earth orbit in 15 months, sorry"
  13. We learned "it's the Navy's fault"
  14. SkyMan

    NFL 2022

    It's not easy make the Jags look good.
  15. A_Simple_Man

    What Movies Have You Seen

    Heart of Champions Its basically a row in a row of rowers.
  16. Headshot

    Snake in the House

    Although the picture is extremely out of focus, I would bet on the snake being a bronzeback, which is non-venomous and totally harmless. They eat geckos and other small critters. The color on the back varies, and a green back would not be unheard of.
  17. ellenbrook2001


    HELLO does anyone can recommande a very good specialist for ARTHRITIS please in CEBU . MANY THANKS .
  18. HappyinPH

    Poor Old British Pound!

    The pound fell from about 1.08 to about 1.03 to the dollar, and then shot up again to about 1.07. All in one trading day! Those are very unusual movements in such a short time for a major currency pair. Currencies are driven as much by speculators as by anything else, so it will be interesting to see whether the speculators feel sterling has bottomed out, and start buying up millions of those cheap pounds. For the first time in many months, I wouldn't now recommend converting pounds to dollars. But not the opposite way either. Best to wait a bit and see... Wise has very good exchange rate
  19. file:///C:/Users/drpac/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.jpg U.S. Embassy Manila, Philippines U.S. Consular Agency Cebu, Philippines  September 25, 2022 Natural Disaster Alert – Typhoon Karding Location:  Central Luzon and Northern Philippine Islands The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) predicts Super Typhoon Karding (Noru) is expected to adversely affect Central Luzon and the northern Philippine Islands with torrential rain and high winds. Possible heavy rains are expected ov
  20. A_Simple_Man

    Loaded gun under your pillow?

    Interesting. Can you own the bow without the arrow or the arrow without the bow? Perhaps you could own a bow and your wife could own an arrow and you could borrow it from time to time?
  21. I've been using it for a few days now and while not perfect my monitor is a lot more easy on my eyes.
  22. interesting fact What you should know is that by 1903 the cocaine content in Coke was removed, and coca leaf became just another flavor component. Today, Coca Cola still has coca in the recipe, but the coca leaves are decocainized, meaning there are no alkaloids present. You can purchase coca leaf powder in our on-line store which has full alkaloids. https://www.grunge.com/314638/the-secret-deal-that-coca-cola-has-with-the-dea/
  23. Earlier
  24. Does anyone know of a cardroom in Cebu that runs Texas Holdem games, either ring games or tournaments? I recall that years ago the Waterfront on Mactan had what looked like a nice poker room (did a walkthrough but did not have time to play), and online it looks like the downtown Waterfront also offers poker, but it also looks like they only offer 7 card stud. I recall that stud is more popular in the Philippines so it might be difficult to find a holdem game.
  25. DeedleNuts

    Your Ugly Dinner

    Next move? Not sure but I'm not going for the blood-on-a-skewer.
  26. to_dave007

    TIN (tax identification number)

    Just go to the BIR office near Ayala and ask them.. I THINK you can get it easily while you are there.. and it should be free... it's JUST a number.
  27. Awesome. Congrats! So you're quarantined in a Barili hotel?
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    • HappyinPH
      Yes, I've just been "midwife" for our cat. Only one kitten so far. Nice to watch the birth, slightly worrying when the kitten didn't seem to know how to suck, but it soon learnt it. The mother didn't need a "midwife" for any practical help but she sure needed a lot of stroking and comforting!
    • HappyinPH
      Wow - worth checking the details carefully. Just before Covid started, we were planning to take the kids to Disneyland. Now three whole years have passed and the oldest one is maybe getting too old for Disneyland. Still, there are lots of other things to do there. Wonder if the British Food Store is still open so I can get some Marmite?
    • Salty Dog
      THE HUMAN-ANIMAL CONNECTION Animals have been known to connect with humans in ways that fellow humans cannot, and we love that about them! Have you ever seen a service dog tirelessly care for its owner, or a kitten cuddled up with a napping toddler? Every pet owner understands the satisfaction of caring for an animal and in turn having that animal care for them. The benefits reach far beyond loyal companionship. Many animals regularly encourage us to get outside in the fresh air and exercise, they teach children responsibility, and instill in us a nurturing temperament. For some people having an animal by their side is more than just a joy, it is a necessity. They may find that a pet can provide the needed emotional support to carry on meaningful, productive lives, when they would otherwise not be able to do so. Medical professionals have seen the benefit and have prescribed emotional support animals to patients with both physical and emotional disabilities. Companion animals are often brought into hospital wards to put a smile on the faces of patients and to lift their spirits. The effects of animals on our emotional and physical wellbeing are undeniable. While we may not completely understand how these animals are able to touch our lives in such profound ways, it is something we have come to rely on.
    • Salty Dog
      I'm fine, but not sure about those along the Gulf Coast where it came ashore.
    • SkyMan
      HK opening up for visa runs. From a Cathay Pacific spam: "Hong Kong SAR Goverment removes mandatory hotel quarantine From September 26th, passengers traveling to Hong Kong will only be required to go through three days of medical self-monitoring at home or in a normal hotel."
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      happy birthday buddy, its not every day your 21,
      and certainly not today 
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      M.C.A.  »  cookie47

      Thank you Cookie for the information on Mactan Island, it sounds like no power or internet yet.  The Expat had to leave because the brother in-law in the compound was threatening to kill him, plus he had some minor I think health issues that needed to be addressed.
      Now this same brother in-law is blocking people from visiting his wife within this compound, he can't even contact the PNP or Municipality because nobody seems to be up and running.
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      feelin all juvenile and trite today..might go paste some memes..
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      Norman  »  Mr. Mike

      Mr Mike do you still live in Ellijay, Ga. i am going there in Aug to visit a Navy shipmate a WO4 he lives in a log cabin home back in the woods have been there 3 times as it not far from Anderson SC where i live 
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      Heavenly Smell all over the house! Let's eat!☺️😆☺️
      -Coconut Cheesy Garlic Bread

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