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  2. RogerDuMond

    Your Ugly Dinner

    I made Minestrone soup for lunch today. Great with homemade bread.
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  4. Doofer

    Annual Report

    Not for me, but the Express Lane people may have had at lunch or my wife got special treatment.
  5. We were up there this week doing our Beverly Hillbillies routine, frig and washer and who knows what else in the back of the truck, with people hanging out the sides! Im sure the people from Masbate City look at us and make fun of the people from the bulkit! Thanks for the offer. They’re supposed to come next week to connect, but who knows?!
  6. I have to get a PCR test before flying out of Cebu in a few weeks. Can anyone here recommend a clinic which does the test and can email the results within say 24 hours of the test? Preferably in the Fuente Circle area. Thanks!
  7. calasiaobound

    The Best of Cebu

  8. Right. Absolutely. Excuse me while I go and strip down the kitchen sink drain to find out why it’s leaking…
  9. Yesterday
  10. Medicines routinely exert evolutionary pressure on pathogens, it's how we got resistant strains of bacteria as well. How is this surprising? The other option is we never invent penicillin. Think it over.
  11. Terrible month for Johnson and Johnson: J&J cuts production of underperforming COVID vaccine: WSJ https://www.fiercepharma.com/manufacturing/johnson-johnson-cuts-production-underperforming-covid-vaccine-wsj J&J to discontinue HIV vaccine trial https://www.jnj.com/janssen-and-global-partners-to-discontinue-phase-3-mosaico-hiv-vaccine-clinical-trial J&J ordered to pay $3.5B for tens of thousands of talc lawsuits and U.S. court rejects their bankruptcy strategy https://www.devdiscourse.com/article/politics/2336698-us-court-rejects-jj-bankruptcy-strategy-f
  12. That's good to hear. Have to renew my passport in 4 months or so and wasn't looking forward making a trip to the Consulate.
  13. Last week
  14. US To Boost Military Presence On Island Nation To Counter China Threat The U.S. and the Philippines are nearing an agreement to allow the U.S. military expanded presence on the island’s military bases as both countries eye China’s increasing threat to stability in the Pacific region, The Washington Post reported, citing officials. The upcoming deal will upgrade access for units of the U.S. armed forces to Philippine military bases and include enhanced cooperation on a variety of security issues, such as rapid natural disaster response, the Post reported, citing U.S. and Philippine of
  15. samatm


    Right. If anyone is interested in Rotary, I would be more than happy to share more info how to get involved.
  16. I don't believe the US will care anything about where the traveler has been or what other citizenships they may hold. Only that they have proper documentation to enter. For all anyone knows, they could have been born in the RP, received their passport via CRBA, and this is their first ever Int'l travel.
  17. SkyMan

    ACR Card

    I did mine in Cebu 2? years ago. Cost was around p1600 and they would not accept it until 1 week before flight. It did come back in time and I collected my new card on return.
  18. I agree with the comments of Paddy. Using the bank is a secure and reliable way of conducting a money transaction like this. If the bank is your own, sometimes the manager will allow for a preferred customer rate, thus offsetting some of your concern about exchange rate. As well, larger banks with a meeting room may even allow you use of their space to conduct your transaction with privacy. I did that with a purchase of a house and a distribution of monies to several family members.
  19. Earlier
  20. It's the LA Times, what did you expect.
  21. For many having the skill set to do a project is not the object. Learning as much as possible and then learning as you go on the project is goal. You can do it, if you want.
  22. HeyMike

    Putting Paint to Canvas

    This is a pastel painting of Panagsama; Moalboal Cebu years before the typhoon changed the look of it. Panagsama; Moalboal, Cebu 9 X 12 inches Pastel on pper
  23. Last couple years it's been on local TV.
  24. He was reputed to be the cheapest one can ever imagine. As I remember he had taken advantage of another young lady, sent her home with some tomatoes as I remember.
  25. here’s a stat: the nine richest billionaires in the Philippines have more wealth than half of the entire country’s population, or 55 million Filipinos, Oxfam International said in its latest Survival of the Richest report. The report said that in the Philippines, the poor are unable to recover from the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the high prices of goods such as red onions. “Inequality experienced in the Philippines is starker with the nine richest Filipinos having more wealth than the bottom half or 55 million of the population,” Oxfam Pilipinas Executive Director
  26. Obviously, some of the stories here definitely count as "failures". But I don't think "success" necessarily equates to going to college and getting a good job. There's a seventeen-year-old girl in my extended family who was often in our house, so I know her very well. She was in high school, final year I think. Her mother is single, and could hardly have afforded to send her to college. And we haven't got money to pay for anyone except our own children. Anyway, she has a boyfriend and got pregnant. She's now gone to live with the boy and his parents in another town. The boy has a job in a
  27. The wife has it for the second time. Is there anything I can give the family to help prevent getting it from their mother?
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    • RogerDuMond
      I made Minestrone soup for lunch today. Great with homemade bread.
    • Doofer
      Not for me, but the Express Lane people may have had at lunch or my wife got special treatment.  
    • SkyMan
      No ELF for an AR.
    • Doofer
      Went there on Thursday around 12 noon. Was in and out in less than an hour and I assume it would have been faster if it wasn't around lunch time. Also no Express Fee at least not for me.
    • SmokyMtnRon
      Wondering the same thing. Also are hours the same as they were at J-Mall? I'm not that familiar with Robinsons. Only been there once many moons ago and basement parked by grocery entrance. What is the best place to park to enter for BI?
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      KID  »  JamesMusslewhite

      hope all is well. Was thinking about your lobster hatchery adventure yesterday after a trip to the local Asian store and fish market. So pulled up your profile today. AGAIN HOPE ALL IS WELL since it says it has been 8 months since you visited the forum
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      happy birthday buddy, its not every day your 21,
      and certainly not today 
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    • M.C.A.

      M.C.A.  »  cookie47

      Thank you Cookie for the information on Mactan Island, it sounds like no power or internet yet.  The Expat had to leave because the brother in-law in the compound was threatening to kill him, plus he had some minor I think health issues that needed to be addressed.
      Now this same brother in-law is blocking people from visiting his wife within this compound, he can't even contact the PNP or Municipality because nobody seems to be up and running.
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    • Kahuna


      feelin all juvenile and trite today..might go paste some memes..
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    • Norman

      Norman  »  Mr. Mike

      Mr Mike do you still live in Ellijay, Ga. i am going there in Aug to visit a Navy shipmate a WO4 he lives in a log cabin home back in the woods have been there 3 times as it not far from Anderson SC where i live 
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