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  2. HeyMike

    Front Vs. Top Load Washer

    As for myself, I am sure a water filtering system would work, but we have been dealing with this for over 10 years. Someday I will invest in the system. You are right about the fixtures rotting away... especially the cheap chinese garbage.
  3. The app still works and drivers are still available. Maybe just ger a different helmet.
  4. Today
  5. Having spent the first 14 years of my life in the UK I can confirm that the education standards were pretty good and presumably still are? .... but I remember that the climate was atrocious! (People in Canada and parts of the US seem happy enough with that kind of climate though) I don't know anything about the UK social security situation, but I suspect that there are alternatives to providing your kids with good education while still living in the Philippines. Presumably there are some schools in the Phils with Western standards of education? Maybe, they are too expensive? Another possibility to investigate may be a mix of home-schooling backed up by one of those "remote area" schooling services that Australia (and presumably the UK and other Western countries) offer for ex-pat's children and others living in remote areas? Not easy decisions to make. Good luck with it.
  6. savarity

    ACR-I Card Question

    When I went in for an ECC a few months ago, August, I was afraid I'd be in a bit of a bind. My ACR card had expired, July, and it would take a month to get a new one, but I needed to leave in a week and the rules said a VALID ACR was needed to get an ECC. The result however, was no trouble, they didn't even ask to see the acr.
  7. SkyMan

    Renewal of ITIN process worked

    I really don't think there's a set time. It seems recently they decided to do a sweep of some of the older ones. Probably a good thing but actually ineffective. If we had divorced there's no proof given that we're still married and she may never have taken my name.
  8. SkyMan

    Balikbayan Stamp

    No problem there. Parents of a bb are also included in privilege.
  9. I think it is but traveling shouldn't be a problem if you just bring your receipt and explain it is being renewed but I have no experience with this.
  10. I needed some wood to make stretcher bars (the frame that canvas is stretched over in painting). I got some good 1 by 2s and 1 by 4s at Citi-Hardware in Carcar (I live in Barili). The 1x2s were 6 foot and the 1x4's were 8 foot, so I asked the guy if he could rip the 1x4s down and cut all of them in half. He said he can cut them in half, but not rip them. I said fine and followed him to where they do the cuts. I asked where is the saw and he told me he has to get it. He comes back with a hand saw. I have been living here for over 10 years and sometimes I still forget where I live.
  11. Some of the service centers are now taking 15-18 months to process a green card now.
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  15. Yesterday
  16. Headshot

    Inspirational Memes

  17. jtmwatchbiz

    McDonald's Secret Menu

    i admit i never tried one. i find most other mcdo stuff too greasy for my likins. last time i had a filet o fish and fries i practically went into shock.
  18. Room with a view, great little place Sent from my ASUS_X008DC using Tapatalk
  19. Salty Dog

    Soup's Music Videos

  20. Think maybe they mean "manifesto" not "manifestation" lol, obviously a great teaching company and why online teaching will never replace face to face teaching.
  21. Spending that kind of money for a steak I would think that a major f----P and would not return.....And then bad service...
  22. lamoe

    Miscellaneous Humor

  23. SkyMan

    How To Confuse A Cabby

    Just tell them you want to go to a nonexistent place and act like they're crazy they don't know the place. I don't ride taxis often but today I needed to get to the repair place to pick up my truck after they removed some small customizations by local drivers. Anyway, the place is behind the CalTex on Gorordo near Ayala. Not sure why I told him Texaco. I just gave him directions there and maybe he was a little crazy because I couldn't convince him he needed to get in the right lane and turn left on Gorordo to get into the Caltex. He insisted if he got in the right line he had to turn right. So after turning onto Gorordo he had to crash through the cars turning left from the right lane. Oh well, I have my truck back so no more cabs for a while.
  24. Headshot

    Mahogany Wood Chips & Shavings

    Look up lauan. It is called Philippine mahogany, but it isn't actually a mahogany. Most true mahogany in the Philippines was logged long ago. I'm not even sure if it is still legal to log true mahogany anymore. https://www.wood-database.com/lauan/
  25. SkyMan

    Only in the Philippines Photos

    That's not JBs stairs. It's a skywalk I think. The city put it up and probably used a stock skywalk design. Most likely some engineer was at least supposed to sign off on the modification.
  26. One of the comments was a guy who does that - can adjust from fan to stream. Can be hooked to a hose - came with extra adaptor My neighbor borrowed my 2,400 PSI turbo tip (rotary) washer. Would take soft wood and leave grain on wooden decks if not careful I didn't ask what for - used it in cooling fins - made real nice circular patterns in his
  27. Enuff

    Your First Pop Record Bought

    Upon opening this the 1st time I thought it read poop record. I asked my mom and when I was 2 my poop record was 13" Now adays it 13 - 1" inchers Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    • HeyMike
      As for myself, I am sure a water filtering system would work, but we have been dealing with this for over 10 years. Someday I will invest in the system. You are right about the fixtures rotting away... especially the cheap chinese garbage.
    • Bama
      Perhaps not practical to deal with---perhaps you are renting but I wouldn't put up with the hard mineral water mess at my house if at all possible.Is there no type of water filtering system that could be installed ??? A friend of mine lives in Cape Coral, FL where the water can rot plumbing fixtures off the wall in no time.They use some outdoor type of filtering system that seems to help quite a bit. 
    • HeyMike
      What you say is a possibility, but the machine did work for like 2 years without a problem. But at this point, I am open to try anything. I am going to try GBT62's suggestion first. If that don't work, I will "t" off the hot and cold. And if that don't work, I will buy a new solenoid valve. If none of that works, I will have to use my old washer.... my mother-in-law... just kidding.
    • Woolf
      My LG has a build in heating element, only one water inlet Front loaders use less water saves on electricity as less water to heat
    • Cgu
      The app still works and drivers are still available. Maybe just ger a different helmet.
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    • greatplace

      greatplace  »  SkyMan

      Hi ShyMan
      I paid 95,000 to Immigration and 20,000 for airfares to Manila including accommodation Medical test.  Now I think they are asking 250K to 300K and that was 2 years ago.
      To renew the Visa I paid 6,500 and 310 pesos per year.   Its cheap for me back then as I am not married.........my partner here is a Administrative Officer/Bureau of Immigration Liaison Officer she was the one to go to Cebu as I gave her A special power of Attorney.
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    • raytech

      raytech  »  Bill H

      Bill, I tried to download the go fund me website but it is too large.
      If you can get on the go fund me website it is Samantha Petrea Colorado Springs.
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    • jtmwatchbiz


      i think i'm going to throw up.
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    • petecebu


      Live, Love , Laugh! Life is too short for petty grievancies
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    • petecebu


      The centenary of the end of the First World War is now. Thanks to those who lost their lives. RIP Thanks to those who are alive and carry the scars. Lest We Forget
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