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    Dolphins, killer whales seen in Bohol waters

    More likely some enterprising town will lure them in with food and start a new tourist attraction.
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  4. Maybe better to have face shield with passenger making sure driver sprays it before putting it on. Not the best but better than most, not to good for ladies hair. Can be locked in place. With no backrest the approved design will pull driver off bike if passenger falls off and doesn't let go. 3rd is the worst, too high. 4th is much better for stability - grip more around waist than on back
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  6. No doubt things will be much better in time Dave. Where in Cebu are you looking to settle? My youngest daughter is with the VA hospital in West Palm Beach. They have been at capacity for a month or so and turning Vets away. Now they are setting up tents in the parking lot.
  7. She made brownies again!! And for dinner she made these puff pastry things stuffed with chicken and salsa. I swear I'm gaining back all I lost and my goal is slipping away. On the bright side, hiking is allowed again so maybe I can send her off on a few and I can get back on track.
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    Thought For The Day

  9. Well there is a BIG difference between requiring a covid test for an OFW who will integrate almost immediately into a home in Hong Kong, and requiring the test of everyone who will simply transit through the airport which is what I understood from your initial post. Thanks for the reference link.
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    RIP Charlie Daniels

  11. i am curious when a country borrower's money from an outside source and injects it into economy how is it counted on GDP
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  13. I don't do the digging. I have a big piece of that blue/orange trapal the guys put up on sticks for shade for the digging. I get plenty of sun though, either mowing the lawn or lately I've been modifying the forms I made to build the wall to fit in the tank. A little cutting and rewelding.
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    Miscellaneous Humor

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  16. 5 days break, cause they were doing so hard the last weeks... Lol
  17. Septic system Before we started the build I posted asking about container septic systems. Got a lot of good advice here and prompted me to do even more research. We were hitting major cost overruns and the locals wanted unrealistic prices for installing a system so we went to the container route. They were asking 25,000 for digging and installing...I buy the cement, block and pipes. A hardware store in Ormoc had prefab septic containers about 5 feet tall and probably 100 gallons for 7000 pesos. I figure you need at least 2 of these for chambers. I think the local government require 3 chambers but the 2 & 3 chamber is very small. Anyway 2 of these would be 14,000 plus delivery and we'd still have to dig the holes and drainage field. So I found a guy who had some 50 gallon plastic drums for 500 each. The tops were messed up so I needed to get a couple of 24" laundry bins and flip them upside down and glue them in place for the tops... The tops were messed up so I cut those off with a scroll saw. I probably didn't have to cut the tops off but it just seemed the right thing to do. Laundry tub upside down with a 4" intake. Each drum has a T fitting for outflow. The first chamber empties into the second through the top. The second dumps into a drainage field made up of 2" pipes formed into a grid to spread the joy. Sorry I don't have a photo of the grid as the install took place while I was laid up T fitting for outflow The T fitting is important to keep any floaters from passing through or plugging the system. If the tanks are installed level, the water will come up to the bottom of the outflow pipe. The T allows water to rise to that level while blocking the good bacteria from being flushed out and any floating poops can't enter the pipe. Theoretically the poops will all sink over time if not immediately and the bacteria breaks down the poop. All pipes and buckets were sealed with a hot glue gun so if we ever need to access or replace parts it can be easily dismantled. (By we I mean them) The drums were installed with the 1st tank to the right and the second to the left on a lower step. Just enough to run the outflow from the 1st tank into the top of the second. Then the drainage field was placed to the left of number 2 tank, (no pun intended), which is also on a slight hill so the flow always goes away from the house.
  18. Goetz1965


    Just had the same happening, my order consisted of 2 items, the other item luckily was already delivered 2 days ago. But as the tracking shows, my parcel is sitting in the mandaue warehouse since july 1 - but wasn't delivered until I now got this message... Chatted with Lazada now and they told me "LBS tells the parcel was damaged...", so that is why LBC doesn't deliver now. But I guess LBC heard the rumours "next 4 days complete lockdown", and instead of just waiting it out" send back things because their warehouse is overflowing.....
  19. Perhaps it would be best to not run for public office.... Here's some advice from Canada in 1918....
  20. The Philippines has not signed on to some international tax agreements.
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