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  2. That bill actually makes sense. Do you think it has any chance of making it through the Philippine Congress? It would be nice if they would get rid of any notion that the driver is automatically in the wrong (except where the driver was breaking the law in some way). There are many circumstances where a driver may be in an accident through no fault of their own (even when the other party in the accident was under 15).
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  4. Let us just hope it passes, amend some of these draconian style laws. https://www.autoindustriya.com/auto-industry-news/new-house-bill-seeks-to-make-drivers-not-initially-liable-in-accidents.html?fbclid=IwAR0R9_cVI1_UTJIGGBXiftWN6vMLfp2H-3jwkyEgMgsf--StO3ajnssmEGM
  5. Chris24

    Exit plan

    OK, this may be a bit late, but today I ran across a Youtube video that squarely addresses OP's question.
  6. Several hidden posts will not be approved and this topic will be closed. If anyone wants to advertise, they need to contact Salty and request to place a paid advertisement.
  7. To me it's just a self serving sales pitch thinly disguised as an informative topic.
  8. the.lone.gunman


  9. Sorry, but this entire thread reminds me of my years working as an auto mechanic in the 70s and 80s, and all of a sudden cars started coming in with these magnetic fuel savers, supposed to increase your fuel mileage by 50% or more. Of course, they did absolutely nothing to increase fuel mileage (or anything else). Just a scam to get money from fools. Another one was "water injection". I saw several big block Chrysler V8s in motorhomes that had to replaced an engine block due to these "water injection fuel savers". If a diesel engine is running improperly, it will smoke excessively, and there is nothing one can do in the way of an "add on" that will fix it. It must be serviced and repaired correctly by a qualified technician (hard to find here). Most modern diesel will not smoke excessively unless something is not right, an injector pump problem, dirty injectors, etc... Don't fall for bogus claims engineered to make you a fool, FIX IT, the right way. Which to me, means you are only here trying to scam us with yet another "miracle cure, cures any ailment". SORRY, not buying it.
  10. We had a similar event here in the Robinson's Mall, Dumaguete a few weeks ago. Very, very little skill or techniques to be seen, just smashing at each other with a baton. My personal background is Jujitsu (Traditional Japanese) and I saw many openings for throws or take-downs but sadly the competitors although very enthusiastic simply didn't have the skill's required to do so.
  11. Davaoeno

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    I sent you an invite to join me on my last business trip- did you not get it? I mailed it to: Smokey The guy with the overpriced vet At the place the taxis refuse to go
  12. Kahuna


  13. cookie47, the Pajero that you've seen on the video had just been to a mechanic before the demo and it still spewed smoke like a 4BAx or 4bex series euro1 engine. I assure you, there was nothing wrong with it except that it could be old, yet, when our devices were installed, the smoke vanished within a minute. I respect your analysis about blocked filters, worn injectors, faulty turbo, etc,, however, i would like to prove to you that the symptoms you stated 'vanished' in a few seconds by our devices. I understand that you are the most learned on automotive problems, sir. You are from Australia like most of the members of this forum? Welcome to our country.
  14. unfortunately, many motorist are not responsible for their emissions and just give money to the emissions technicians who are also a part of this cheating culture. me? I never cheated with emissions simply because we have device/s that reduce diesel emissions to less than 1% opacity. btw, phil standards now is 1.2% Unfortunately, again, i cant divulge to you our invention simply because this forum prohibits me from giving links to our blogsite. This is regrettable, sir.
  15. RogerDuMond

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    Occasionally, when I go to Cebu, I have a beef steak. The quality is nowhere near that of properly raised goat which has the taste of high grade beef with a hint of lamb, but I have no choice but to eat beef there because very few know how to raise goats properly.
  16. You're right no skills at all it, put on suit have at it, looks like only "move" was at 1:04
  17. lamoe

    Boeing 737 Max information

    Personal experience with Boeing's reduction in staff engineers. 48" cast iron fixture mounting cubes - tolerances of +/- .0005" over the 48" span for all dimensions = $$$$$$$ Never did find out what they were for. Made 4 good ones (60% failure rate - sold rejects as standard) We made them in a room held at 70F x 70% humidity, even cutting fluid kept at 70F, certified tested, and shipped under same conditions. I was there for the unloading / installation / acceptance runs. Accepted - no problems and promise of future orders. Several months later Wichita claimed out of tolerance and they were. As soon as I walked into the work area knew the problem. Asked to speak to the project engineer I'd worked with - no longer on staff - let go after initial trial run made in early spring. Was now summer - production to begin - over 80F inside bay, close to 100 outside during the day?. Usually this would not have been a problem. They were almost .002" out of tolerance of .0005" - due to thermostat being set at 80. Boeing claimed we hadn't warned them sufficiently regarding the thermal coefficient of expansion - showed them correspondence and warnings to original staff engineer. Point being, there was only 1 engineer handling this portion of the project, he had all the working knowledge when downsized with no replacement, which wasn't passed on , just the mountains of paperwork, when decision to save money and reset thermostat was made. Could have been avoided - yes - but as Forest said "sh!t happens"
  18. Beserker101

    UFC Chat

    2 weeks 'til next card - China/ weak card imo ... 3 weeks to Khabib vs Poirier
  19. As I train Arnis myself I like that article, and sure Doce Pares has done a lot for Arnis in the whole world. I just hope that doesn't mean prices will rise for non-philippinos... But, I learn Balintawak Style in Abellana and 2 years ago was a big Arnis championship in J Centre Mall. My Sensai showed that to me and I didn't recognize my Arnis at all. All I saw was 2 guys completely in protection (ok thats nessesary), 2 sticks and just smashing and hiting each other. But I didn't see any of the techniques I learned. So I can tell - championship Arnis seems to something out of this world but has not much to do with self defense. Just watch this, I even that is only 1 stick, I see only smashing but no technique at all: I like Arnis as it perfectly fits to the Karate I also train. Kicks, punches and blocks can be used too and fit to the movement. Also, such a rattan stick is cheap (a pair is about 100php) and rattan is definitiv very strong and therefore can be used as a weapon to defend. I harnt found any video that shows "rattan vs bolo" but I guess its possible to block at least the first hit with a bolo using a rattan stick, and that way if you have experience in Arnis, also get a chance on striking back.
  20. savarity

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    Just to be clear on terms, at the minimum, I take 'prime rib' to mean a beef rib roast or standing rib roast, that is, the same cut of meat which could be cut down to ribeye steaks, but instead is being prepared as a roast. It should be pink, pink, or even red, throughout the entire interior. Unfortunately, some of the lower priced Filipino places in Manila overcook it. Maybe to suit the local preference to mistrust meat that isn't cooked well-done? - As far as steaks around the metro business district in Cebu, I think I'd give the nod to Pig and Palm, a bit on the edge of the business district, but still in it. St. Moritz was inconsistent, but occasionally good too. The USDA prime ribeye at No. 9 was always excellent and real prime, my personal pick for best in Cebu, over Olio, Marble+Grain, or Anzani. Usually about 3-4k peso, depending on weight. Slightly outside the central business district though.
  21. Salty Dog


  22. Salty Dog

    Prime Rib on a Buffet?

    What would a Goat Man know about good beef...
  23. Nice but this seems more like an ad for the service than a news item unless she made them herself.
  24. SkyMan


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      The other is I can no longer play the piano, which was my means of relaxation and stress relieving.
      I strongly believe that being active, in good health and reasonably fit has enabled me to get back this far.
      BTW, I am 82 in a few months and going better than many younger than me.
      Cheers and Keep safe guys

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