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  2. Not sure yet where we will end up but will stay at the family compound in Mandaue initially and either upgrade it and stay there or find somewhere else. We can stay there at the family compound as long as we like. Will be our base camp while doing boots on the ground exploring if restrictions ever lift. My last trip in 2018 I went island hopping from Surigao city over to Siargao. REALLY liked it down there! Magpupungo tidal pools, Nakid island, Cloud 9 surfing etc..etc...oh yeah! My brother is fortunate in that he is in a podunk backwater area of Maryland. Florida anywhere will be much more of a mess I think.
  3. Back in April when I was living in a 24 unit building in Davao it was half full.No new tenants allowed and no visitors were allowed to enter building.At times there was a barangay vehicle going down the street announcing not to leave the house..I was able to do a jailbreak...Did not hear of any death threats...
  4. And surely no one here would dare touch their wife or children ? And davao dong your chick is silicone just power wash her before game time
  5. Doesn't eliminate inorganic contaminates
  6. Where is he Danny? I haven't heard of anything that severe here yet.
  7. I think you could be right. One of my mates was told he could be shot if he went out. Granted he lives in condo. He also was told he can't have any visitors whatsoever. Thats a bit harsh.
  8. Why should we spend any money on it?
  9. same here - I climb in the window wearing only my mask and she pretends not to know who I am !!
  10. Mike, I'm sure I don't understand all of the data either! Way out of my league! From what I can see, the table on page E4 shows 33,296 actual deaths in Illinois for the period 1 March to end of May 2020. Of those, 4,911 were officially recorded as COVID-19 deaths, leaving 28,385 not recorded as being covid- related. Using modelling based on weekly death counts from December 2013 to February 2020, taking into account seasonality and adjusted for annual trends, state by state, the writers calculated the number of deaths which would have been expected in Illinois over that period would have been 25,800. In other words, they estimated that 7,500 "excess" deaths occurred over the period, 7,500 more deaths than would have been expected according to their modelling. Excess deaths equaled the difference between the actual recorded deaths and the expected number of deaths over the period. Of that 7,500 "excess" deaths, 4,911 were officially recorded as being caused by COVID-19. When taken nationally, the report estimates that there were 122,300 more deaths than would typically be expected at that time of year. There were 95,235 reported deaths officially attributed to COVID-19 from March 1 to May 30, 2020. The number of excess all-cause deaths was 28% higher than the official tally of COVID-19–reported deaths during that period. In several states, these deaths occurred before increases in the availability ofCOVID-19 diagnostic tests and were not counted in official COVID-19 death records. The report lists many of its limitations and areas where further research is necessary. There's a more up-to-date table, to June 27, in the following article, including a chart for Illinois. As with the first article, the data and underlying methodology way out of my league!
  11. Dafey

    Dolphins, killer whales seen in Bohol waters

    Swim with the Orcas? Tour lasts from 10 to 45 minutes depending...groups of 10 or more welcome. Foreigner discounts apply!
  12. fivestarph

    The Lighter Side of Coronavirus

  13. Headshot

    Dolphins, killer whales seen in Bohol waters

    More likely some enterprising town will lure them in with food and start a new tourist attraction.
  14. Chris24

    Dolphins, killer whales seen in Bohol waters

    If they are not careful they might become Filipino food........
  15. Maybe trying some Filipino food?
  16. Dafey, regular delivery was free, express cost me $8.00
  17. I wear a Guy Fawkes mask in bed... but it has nothing to do with covid19... (wink).
  18. Maybe better to have face shield with passenger making sure driver sprays it before putting it on. Not the best but better than most, not to good for ladies hair. Can be locked in place. With no backrest the approved design will pull driver off bike if passenger falls off and doesn't let go. 3rd is the worst, too high. 4th is much better for stability - grip more around waist than on back
  19. one more question we go to store buy food we wear mask how many members here wear a mask in their house? How many members here married or with partner sleep in separate rooms or wear mask in bed
  20. And some hospitals are happy to assist you if you suspect you might have virus even if your not sick just go to hospital and find out only cost you a few thousand dollars how about free testing instead of lock downs? I am not smart but just how does a say family of 6 living in a 30 sq meter house isolate from each other and if there are children under 6 years then what
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