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  2. Jawny

    Forming a partnership?

    I avoided the complexity of having income from a corporation/business. The BIR has its own ways of setting tax rates and such. Not sure how the IRS handles corporate income and didn’t want to find out. There are simpler ways to receive income such as salary or rent which is subject to taxation Obviously being a partner provides a means of control over the corporation/business. I’m only mentioning the tax liabilities as a consideration when setting up the business.
  3. Thats probably why you never see airline pilots in uniform outside the airport...Im sure there are MANY other professions that deserve to make the list..
  4. Good for a simple school science project
  5. shadow

    Forming a partnership?

    I believe the first $100,000+ earned overseas is tax free.
  6. Davaoeno

    Forming a partnership?

    So the Philippines government collects taxes from the business ? And then the company pays you salary or income ? I am under the impression that the IRS taxes all US citizens on their income anywhere in the world ?? If I am correct- how do you avoid paying the IRS ?
  7. Jawny

    Forming a partnership?

    I did not form a partnership when I opened a bakery. One reason was to avoid issues with USA taxation. The taxes paid were all paid to the BIR using the Filipino ownership. Just passing this along as a heads up regarding the consideration of tax liabilities to the USA.
  8. shadow

    Forming a partnership?

    A friend of mine, for reasons that elude me, has decided to form a partnership and open a bar/resto. He is American married to a Filipina, his partner is European, and not married to a girlfriend. I understand that the partnership and business cannot be in their names, but could be put in the wife/gf names. They went to Dumaguete DTI to register the business name, and were told they had to go to Cebu to do it. They asked my wife to help them facilitate this, but it has been many years since we have been into this type of situation, so she is at a loss, and I am not far behind. Has anyone done something like this recently? Words of advice? Comments, positive or negative are welcome.
  9. Problem is most examples are anecdotal and statistics can be manipulated. I look at the overall justice system. I don’t think it is even questioned the justice system is screwed. Courts, Law Enforcement, etc... My vote is overall unsafe. 10% less safe or 10% more safe doesn’t help when the entire system is a basket case.
  10. Today
  11. Toss out some random curiosities: One payment and everything is approved like one official told me in another office. We can expedite with a package deal. One price. (Fees plus xxxxx php). What if you quit an approved profession? Can’t danger be related to personal circumstances unrelated to profession? Why not either most people allowed or most people not allowed a permit? At least that speaks to a clear ideology about permits, no?
  12. oztony

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

    Wow , I never thought of this .. what a stellar idea if you want a non slip surface , and the finish look is just ...well amazing...
  13. Training will be done in the same area where they now train motorcycle, car, & truck divers, Safety? Don't need no stinking safety - same as headlight never - use'em. Smokey is right about the permits - imagine how many if foreigners were allowed/ One for each municipality you wanted to pass through?
  14. And what about training for safe weapons handling ? The vast majority I have seen here have no clue other than to just pull the trigger, and aiming ? What is aiming ?
  15. lamoe

    Globe problems?

    Cable installer just arrived - said he tried yesterday - never called to left us know Edited pic - for those of us too old to bend head too far to side
  16. Yesterday
  17. But foreigners that are all targets because they are assumed to be rich are not allowed to even own a firearm. More discrimination against ex-pats. Welcome to the Philippines, your money that is, not you.
  18. We've all been scammed or didn't do due diligence before purchasing - Car starter Power Bank for me - luckily only lost P100 for shipping Only criticism is - in this day and age Google is definitely your friend.
  19. hyaku

    Globe problems?

    Always an amazing 4G connection here North of Leyte. Now its ranging from below normal to zero. Contacted by Globe at home to check out my tattoo log in to find RSRP and RSRQ on low or just zero. I cant even log on the do speed test. Better connection early morning or the middle of the night. Seems to me that the system is totally overloaded and they cant cope any more. In a way I am pleased. It's got me out of my chair to do more exercise and gardening. It really had got habitual and time consuming.
  20. I like all the other foreigners who moved and built houses when many said dont have no fear because of my super powers of a large brain and unbelievable good looks
  21. That story about the Coffee shop owner/worker is crazy. I walked by that coffee shop everyday for like 2 months when they were setting up the shop. It has only been open for like 8 months. It is right by the many Hospitals and by Fuente Circle/Mango area. Many Nursing/Doctor students and many Condos in the area. If I were to guess, I would guess they did not have a "security guard," (which every other business in the area has), so the thief/criminal thought it was a good idea, but I am just guessing. I always thought it was crazy that so many places in Cebu had security guards, but reading about this situation it is starting to make more sense.
  22. P1,299 total for 4 - set menu A or B for all 4 - family style - we picked B - you get everything listed for each option Her sister and BIL don't go out often so that made the 4 Due to rain we ate in main dinning room Menu A - small bun w/ butter - laksa soup - rice (2 ) - curry veggies (2) - beef rendang , chicken hainanese, squid sambal, chocolate cake, 1 glass tea () B - bun w/butter, veggie soup - rice (2)- sambal kang kong veggies (2)- chicken curry - beef caldereta - pork charsiu - Mango flan - 1 glass tea Service - outstanding - from headwaiter to busboys The head waiter apologized for not explaining how they've structured the promo yesterday when I made reservations - added the chicken from A I drink a lot of tea when out to eat, Lex does not have unli tea option (which I always look for - see my Seafood Island post) ) but HW had a picture of ice water placed near me - drank all of it (6 glasses) - would have been P600 extra? We ate at 5 - only ones there - room stuffy - they turned on potable AC and aimed at out table I finished my soup first - HW asked if I'd like to have entrees served now or wait - said wait - fantastic that he asked Entrees served a few minutes after last bowl removed - same with desert Dinner was over 1 1/2 hours Food was good and decent sized portions - pork was the best - not as good as Tata's - she uses the spices I brought back last time - we struggled to finish - less the extra chicken would have been perfect P200 tip brought total to P1,500
  23. SkyMan

    TV Shows/Series

    Just noticed Season 7 started up about a month ago.
  24. I always carried about 30000 peso in and out of Philippines back when it was 10K limit, never had an issue. I would have no issue toting more than 50K peso now of day, but the issue is putting the money in your wallet you get 50k peso and you can't close you wallet. Raising the limit to 50k was a good choice and makes a lot more sense.
  25. SkyMan


    That's a winter thing.
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