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  2. Jester

    T2 toT1 for Taxi

    So it has been covered bunch of times, is there some rule we must remember?
  3. Today
  4. I might have to harness and tie off the next time I'm in a rooftop Infinity Pool .
  5. liquido

    T2 toT1 for Taxi

    Hahaha...Brain fart
  6. samatm

    Places to Eat in Cebu City

    Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
  7. Soupeod

    T2 toT1 for Taxi

    You're joking right? Hahaha already been covered many times.
  8. How To Not Drive Your Car on Russian Roads
  9. Soupeod

    UFC Free Fights

  10. SkyMan

    80-Year-Old Woman's Filthy Name

    80 years old and still E. Norma S. That's quite an accomplishment. HB E. Your husband F. Ondel must be proud.
  11. SkyMan


  12. SkyMan

    Miscellaneous Humor

  13. Salty Dog

    Evening Entertainment

    I thought that was Fred, until I saw the caption in the corner...
  14. Soupeod

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

    Have you been busy visiting alternate sites? Hmmm
  15. Arriving back to Cebu around 11:30pm from the USA..Flying biz class and hoping to breeze through immigration and get taxi.If there happens to be super long line for taxi because of proceeding plane arrived im thinking to take the shuttle to T1 to get a taxi.I have ticket for next day..With all the changes going on will there be a problem getting down to the taxi area in T1 hoping no long line..haha.. Just an alternate plan....
  16. Kahuna


  17. Kahuna


  18. Kahuna


  19. Have to agree with Headshot..... Currently in Singapore on a BB Run SO can't confirm the number (AT HOME IN PH) . But IF same.... We had a split system from SM and all aspects of the fitting was good.A sensor played up within 5 months. And they covered it under warranty, out the next day, All done... Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  20. open late ????? immigration booths are always manned When you get to the area where people line up for the immigration booths, you may see a guard are an immigration officer helping people line up, ask the him/her
  21. Thanks for the reply, I will start asking as soon as I get off the plane, I was hoping they were open late
  22. SkyMan

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

    Does Lazada sell p*orn? I did a search on "22 gauge coaxial wire" And got a popup saying I had to be over 18 to enter this part of Lazada. I clicked that I was over 18 but saw nothing inappropriate. Hmmmmmm
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    • Kahuna


      Got my first "follower" today..      I followed him back so now we're going around in circles.. 
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    • Davaoeno


      I am sooo depressed ! The Linc Oracle has determined that I am guilty of having no inkling !! 
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      approaching 11yrs in Cebu, 10yr wed anniv. last Oct, site not recognizable ... where's Hellboy & Kahuna ?
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      Barryrio  »  Alk

      Hi buddy. Long time no speak. I still have the contact details of a lass we nicknamed "Superwoman". Her place is on Via Rama. Go down V.Rama towards South Road and shortly before the junction of these two roads you will see a Shell gas station on your right. Immediately opposite is a side street with an emission test place on the corner. This is her place. Name of Mellie. Very efficient and will do everything for you. Registered many big bikes and cars with her. Still use her even though I live in Valencia now. Her number is 09235863888. Cheers - Barry
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    • scoander

      scoander  »  Paul

      Hi Paul.  Why would messages on Angie be blocked? I know you're not in your former capacity, but I find it annoying that I can't express myself about my friend.  Hope you're well.
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