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    Helpers & Wages

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    Beach Resort Advice

    I assumed he meant per room, but if he meant that price for all three rooms, then that would change his options considerably.
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    Miscellaneous Humor

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    Soupeod's Music Videos

    Just noticed that this "Official Lyric Video" has some of the words wrong.
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  11. smokey

    Helpers & Wages

    I have had a few illegals worked for me and it was common that they would have a ranch or farm in mexico with a wife and children and live with a mistress in a section 8 apt collect food.stamps and she would have a few children collecting ssd for add a common ailment 3 kids on ssd is 2400 us plus 800 month food stamps a 4 bedroom apt 60 dollars a month free medical and and dental and a free cell phone with 400 min a month and his under the table wages oh and claim on taxes child earned credit a nice 7000 a year boost from her part time 15 hour a week government paid job
  12. mikewright

    Beach Resort Advice

    Any chance of sending details by PM?
  13. mikewright

    Beach Resort Advice

    Thanks Bill, very good to know. Will be in Coron and El Nido in January with a group of five and would also like to find a beachfront resort around that price. I am assuming OP was looking at $150-$200 per night for three rooms, not each room, as at $150-$200 per room there are numerous options in both towns. You mentioned that El Nido and Coron have the best beaches you have seen. Can you recommend any particular beach resorts at these beaches? Outlying areas would be fine, so long as there is reasonable transport into town. Thanks!
  14. LBC wouldn't take without a tracking number. I had the RA but they wanted a tracker starting with 99. Anyway, today was the end of the 5 day 'wait for the seller to respond' time. Message from Lazada said they were issuing a full refund. I sent the seller one more request for a tracker but I don't expect much of a response.
  15. Jack Rat

    The Decline of the LinC Forum

    I prefer it that way too Rog, not that important to me, just sayin!!
  16. You lived here how many years yet you still ask a question about logic???? Have you already forgotten how many cars drive around at night with their lights off to save gasoline??
  17. Headshot

    Beach Resort Advice

    There are resorts in the outlying areas of both El Nido town and Coron town that can fill the OP's needs. If you need to stay in the center of El Nido and take the crowded group tours, then you get what you pay for, but with the price range that he gave ($150 to $200 per night), he has a lot more options than what you suggested. There are also private resorts on some of the outlying islands around El Nido and Coron that have it all right on their property. I suggested those two resort areas because there is a good diversity in the types of resorts available. It gives the OP a good selection to choose from. If he just wants quiet, there are thousands of resorts in the Philippines that can offer that. but most people get pretty bored after just a few days if there is nothing to do other than just lay around.
  18. Davaoeno

    The Decline of the LinC Forum

    If you are going by number of posts the Watchguy and I along with a couple of others produced several hundred a day in our prime!! ( with regular forced vacations of course! Hehe)
  19. Davaoeno

    Beach Resort Advice

    I know a 6 star place owned by a guy who is so rich he will pay you to stay there- but I will only disclose it to you in the Ayala underground parking lot on a full moon !
  20. Headshot

    Helpers & Wages

    My sister has a wine vineyard in central California. She and her husband used to have laborers (probably mostly illegals working for contractors) come in to harvest the crop (along with all of the other work that must be done throughout the year), but then they switched over to mechanical sprayers and mechanical harvesters. None of the machine operators are making only minimum wage. My sister got a much better harvest from her vineyard for less money. I doubt there are many vineyard owners in the US who are still using immigrant workers. Machines simply do the work better, faster and cheaper. Pruning is just about the only thing that must be done by hand, and they do most of that themselves. The fact is that a lot of the jobs that "Americans won't do" in agriculture that illegal immigrants filled have gone away, and have been replaced by machines. There isn't much need for illegal immigrants coming in to do those jobs anymore.
  21. I know a perfect place with great beaches affordable resorts diving and all. But I wont publish where on public forum
  22. to_dave007

    Only in the Philippines Photos & Videos

    Strictly speaking this isn't JUST a photo, since it's the SOUND that made this unique. This is a hardware store in Colon.. The photo is from Google Street View.. and when I was past this store earlier today there was a lot more people around. They had speakers out front and as I walked up the street I could hear the music, which I initially assumed was Christmas music, given the season. But no.. not Christmas music. It was an original song.. written specially for this store.. proclaiming the benefits of their industrial equipment.. in a song.
  23. to_dave007

    Power cut in Maguindanao over unpaid bills

    We don't get any bill from CEBECO here in Tuburan.. though the amount owed is written out at the meter.. and it's common knowledge that if you aren't paid up by 8th, they cut power on 10th. Used to be big lines for the first few days each month, but they've got better since then.
  24. RogerDuMond

    The Decline of the LinC Forum

    I understand, but your frame of reference is limited Rat.
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      Hoss  »  fordtech

      Good morning! I recall that you mentioned that you were thinking of having solar panels installed at your house on Camotes. Did this happen and can you please tell me where you got your  solar panels from?
      My wife and I have a house on Camotes and we are interested in installing solar panels on our roof.
      Thank you in advance!
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      Its not my fault that I'm obese, gay and an invalid. At least I have my Korean heritage to fall back on !! 
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      iamnoone backwards. Got it from Exorcist.... 
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      Just stopped by to see whats going on here. Sad to see so many people have passed...lifes been busy here but might slow down as I drew my retirement. I'll see how well that works out lol..headed back to Cebu for the month of November ( maybe a bit longer)
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      Just thought I would drop by and say hi (finally remembered my login  )
      Just a quick update and to report that rumors of my demise have been grossly exagerated.
      While I will never be back to 100%, I am doing quite nicely, or better than expected
      There are several things I am not able to do and one is to fly for more than about 4 hours due to cabin pressure, and that really pisses me of as the Philippines has been close to me for nearly 50 years.
      The other is I can no longer play the piano, which was my means of relaxation and stress relieving.
      I strongly believe that being active, in good health and reasonably fit has enabled me to get back this far.
      BTW, I am 82 in a few months and going better than many younger than me.
      Cheers and Keep safe guys

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