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  2. wondersailor

    PLDT Or Globe

    And adding only a third company will do nothing for the consumer. They will fall in line with the two we have and nothing will improve except we will have another company from whom we can choose who screws us
  3. wondersailor

    PLDT Or Globe

    And adding only a third company will do nothing for the consumer. They will fall in line with the two we have and nothing will improve except we will have another company from whom we can choose who scrwws us
  4. Years ago 2 policemen came to my home with a clipboard and asked me some questions and for my passport. They said that they were recording all the foreigners in town. I did not particularly like it, but they were apologetic about it and could not have been nicer about it. I have not been asked about my stay or for my passport since then.
  5. Salty Dog

    Cannot Stay Stay Signed In To Forum

    I'm don't understand what you mean about report problems and traffic cones. You went through 6 of what...
  6. RogerDat

    Newbie For Forum

    We painted our metal roof with white auto paint, urethane, just like a car, with top coat. It should last a while. Where are you getting the double pane windows if I may ask?
  7. Since they cannot ask for your passport, how they going to know? I have never been ask for my passport here except by immigration, and I have also filled out that form.What city do you live in?
  8. SkyMan


    This is why physics should be mandatory in HS.
  9. Maybe they'll do that here.
  10. scoobie007


  11. Every time I sign in now, within a few minuets, it drops me. The report problems keeps showing endless verification about traffic cones, and such. It is broke, I just went thru 6 of them, and the same results.
  12. Enuff

    PLDT Or Globe

    Globe or PLDT Hmmmm You wanna get kicked in the nuts or punched? Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
  13. True enough. But if they threaten to report you..?
  14. Only immigration police have any say about immigration here is what I was told.
  15. It is interested in what goes toward Japan, and China. once the storm stagnates over Japan, it stays focused on that storm only. It did the last storm we had again. i use 3 including that one, don't relay on one service only.
  16. yingy52


    You must like Howard Stern. I do too.
  17. Nobody uses Typhoon 2000? It's a pretty good website run by a Filipino.
  18. Unless you have some non traffic roads where you live I don't see the use of having a 250 cc motor. I got a 125 cc Yamaha Mio Soul several years ago and it's perfect for where I live.
  19. How is Honda's Combi Brake System (CBS)? Works good or makes problems?
  20. About 2 months ago, maybe 3 the police stopped by my house and asked me to fill out a "foreigner" form. I did and handed it back to them. They said they were just keeping track of non-citizens but I suspect that they were looking for overstayers to extort money from. Glad my passport was up to date.
  21. yingy52

    Newbie For Forum

    Don't know how it would work here but when I lived in Arizona the majority of homes had roofs with different size small rocks on them all painted white to reflect sunlight. Might want to look into it. Most of the roofs here are painted in a dark color.
  22. yingy52

    PLDT Or Globe

    I'll find out tomorrow. Globe is coming to install their stuff. I got the 50 mbps unli with landline and Wifi for P3,000. Didn't fall for their 24 month lock up promo.
  23. Over 1,000 arrested in Phuket ‘Operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner’ clampdown PHUKET: In just two weeks over 1,000 foreigners have been arrested in Phuket for visa violations and other immigration offences according to the chief of the Phuket Immigration Office. The Phuket Immigration Office Chief Pol Col Kathathorn Kumthieng revealed that statistics at a gathering of over 200 officials involved in the ongoing ‘Operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner’ clampdown held at Phuket Provincial Police Station at 4pm yesterday (Oct 15). Also in attendance at the gathering were commander of the Royal Thai Police Immigration Division Region 6 Pol Maj Gen Jedsada Yaisun and officers from the Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command, Phuket City Police, Royal Thai Police and Tourist Police Office. “Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon, National police chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda and chief of the Immigration Bureau Pol Maj Gen Surachate Hakparn have ordered Immigration Division 6 and relevant departments to crackdown on illegal foreigners in Phuket,” said Pol Col Kathathorn. “Between Oct 1-14, 583 foreigners in Phuket were found to have overstayed their visas. In addition, 880 foreigners were found to have entered the country illegally or violated the Alien Working Act B.E. 2521. “So far this month Phuket immigration officials checked 397 houses and hotels for alien foreigners,” he added. “I must reiterate that home owners and managers of hotels must inform Phuket Immigration officials of any foreigners residing in their properties within 24 hours after their arrival. If they do not then they will be charged according to the law,” he said https://www.thephuketnews.com/over-1-000-arrested-in-phuket-operation-x-ray-outlaw-foreigner-clampdown-68996.php#KLfoZt5t35eDfmFo.97 Wonder if they managed to round up a few vloggers!
  24. Semper paratus


    Good thing they had their helmets on.
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