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  2. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/cna-insider/how-effective-sinovac-vaccine-here-are-some-lessons-other-countries-2124896 From CNA....
  3. I don't think there is any restriction against older women getting married. Yes they do. It was some form provided by the Embassy. We had to get it translated and Notarized and stamped by the embassy. Then apply at City Hall . ( of course when we got divorced 20 years later the fun was that our Marriage Certificate was in Thai! 😊)
  4. I recommend you contact the Canadian embassy in Bangkok- Maybe enquire on one of the Thailand forums- I think there are several. (But I'm sure the fiance already did that!)
  5. So what are the documents that are needed....
  6. I'm think it's guys that are trying to get into the Philippines through the back door. Like I said, if it was possible, there would be a flux of guys entering the Philippines from Thailand with their new wives.
  7. What if the GF is in her 50's? what DocS? Does a Canadian have to get Docs form the Canadian embassy in Bangkok?
  8. Absolutely correct! The gf does. He of course needs docs from the Canadian embassy in Bangkok
  9. Don't you need some paperwork from the Philippines before you can marry in Thailand...
  10. Salty Dog


    Not really, but in my underwear...
  11. I got married in Thailand. You do appreciate that the Marriage Cert is in Thai and will require an official translation into English before the Philippines will accept it?
  12. Headshot


    Do you walk around naked much?
  13. Salty Dog

    Unrealistic Expectations

    What they should really say on those cooking shows: "Hello and welcome to 'Pointless Cooking That Has Nothing To Do With Anyone's Actual Life'. Today, we are making a very complicated recipe, using ingredients you don't have, utensils you've never heard of, and in a kitchen that is bigger than your whole damn house."
  14. Salty Dog

    Thought For The Day

    I've never understood the point in fire blankets. Whose ever been in a fire and thought, "shit, it's a bit chilly in here".
  15. There still is no tourists allowed into the Philippines at this time, so can a foreigner meet his fiance/gf in Thailand, get married there, then come to the Philippines with her and avail of the Balikbayan Privilege? I've been hearing some guys thinking of trying this, and wondering if it's possible. I'm thinking if it was, there would be a flux of new Balikbayans entering the Philippines from Thailand.
  16. cookie47

    Ads From the Past

    With a head on the guy with the condom his father should have used One
  17. Salty Dog

    Ads From the Past

  18. A_Simple_Man

    A Thread About Nothing - Part Deux

    Have you heard? He's gonna change the name of his major social platform, (Facebook), to: "Zucks to be you!"
  19. Salty Dog


    New from roomba ‘The iRobot Shit Spreader turbo’
  20. Salty Dog


    I can relate because my wife has Zoom meetings several days a week with her church group...
  21. Salty Dog


  22. Salty Dog

    Risible Social Media

  23. Yesterday
  24. Salty Dog


  25. Salty Dog

    Your Ugly Dinner

    Mushrooms and Red Shrimp over rice…
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