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Here in Cambodia, they are making shipping container entertainment centers. That is, placing shipping containers in an area and turning them into restaurants and bars. Some have roof top seating areas as well. Becoming quite the popular thing.

Ours was finished in Phnom Penh, then shipped to the farm. The following images were taken about May 30th of this year.

First is a photo of the container, after steel trusses and roof were added. We have since done more work to it and added a rainwater catchment system off the back. The bracket on the right is for a split air-con. So far, we haven't needed to add one. The insulated container, having a second roof on top, seems to stay pretty cool during the daytime temperatures here. The side of the corrugated sheets facing the sun are white.

Below is another image from the other end of the container. You can see the roof is pretty beefy. I want to make sure it would handle any high winds, which are quite common during heavy monsoon rains here. I have less than $300 USD in the entire roof addition, including delivery, welding, installation and painting costs. 

In the rear of the photo, you can see a tarp covering various hardware. That area is now the apiary.

We are about to start construction of the first of two additions. Off the front will be a 6 meters by 3 meters enclosed area for a kitchen and another room. Off the back will be a porch, 6 meters by 3 meters. Just trying to make it livable, until we can build the house. Just takes so long for the dirt to settle. 

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On 3/21/2015 at 1:54 PM, Headshot said:

Now I am watching every episode of this series I can find.

I just did a quick search on a torrent site I am a member of, and found they are in their 18th season of the show. Looks like you are probably still watching them. :D

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If two or more containers are set tightly side by side; then by using plate-steel sheets they can be wielded together at the top, sides and flooring. Then with a cutting torch large sections of the inner walls can be cut out making them large rooms. This is akin to to the concept of double-wide trailer construction. I have seen this being done to make an office for a company in Houston and it was rather attractive once it was completed. One can always use containers for the first floor and then use normal wood construction for any additional floor added to the home.

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