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Brownouts / Power Cuts

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Jawny    3,072

I have been without power since the storm. I live not too far from Ormoc, and the damage to the power jones was pretty intense all along the highway. The only lines which seem to have been spared are the super tall towers which carry power along all of leyte (so I've been told).


We are accustomed to frequent brown outs, so have generators to power our water supply, and much of the household. I was fortunate to have gotten a supply of fuel during the panic buying.


We hear rumors all the time about when we will have power, but we do see slow progress. Not just workers on the power lines, but actual electricity to some of the barangays. Baybay city has power now.


I sympathize with members who are experiencing the brown outs in a hit and miss basis. It sucks, of course. We have grown accustomed to it and can even predict some of them. A nearby factory will often trip some sort of breaker and it takes several minutes for it to reset. Other times we just deal with the unannounced brown outs for line repairs. I expect that to get a lot worse in the future as the temporary repairs being made now are made permanent.


The good news is that this is an exceptional event for this area. A typical typhoon will caused serious damage, but not widespread. This is just so huge it is astonishing. Pretty awful to see the condition of the island as we take a ferry to Cebu. Just today we had around a half dozen or more coco trees cut into lumber. Seems like a simple task, but we were cutting into lumber the trees my father in law planted as a boy. It's more than a livelihood for him. It is part of his life.

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musicman666    1,560

does veco have a website where they post the schedule for blackouts? (i refuse to use the term brownout) ....that way people could plan their day.

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JohnFromTexas    228

No brownout in liloan yesterday!  Hoorah!  Hoping for a second day but that may be asking too much ;)  also hoping that there will be none on the weekend as someone else mentioned might be the case... sure would be nice seeing as i'm finally in a place with a/c :)

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+Paul    53,575

No brownout in liloan yesterday!  Hoorah!  Hoping for a second day but that may be asking too much ;)  also hoping that there will be none on the weekend as someone else mentioned might be the case... sure would be nice seeing as i'm finally in a place with a/c :)


Since he hasn't been back online, I guess someone may have burst ol' John's bubble. :D

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JohnFromTexas    228

Nope... no brownout yesterday either... just passed out a lot of the day on medication to prevent the infernal itching :)

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ed villas    232



but note that the article is from 12 nov

not everyone has a FAST connection to read this important article, so allow me to paste(its hard for some)



WITH the unavailability of the 400-megawatt (MW) power supply from Leyte because of damaged transmission lines,

the Leyte-Panay-Cebu gris has a 160-MW power shortage leading to brownouts starting yesterday.


Visayan Electric Company (Veco) chief operating officer Sebastian Lacson said that of the 160 MW, Veco’s share of the curtailment is 85 MW.

“As of this afternoon, we have had two episodes of rotational brownouts.

First was at 10 o’clock in the morning and then the next one was at 1:10 p.m.” Lacson said.

Duration of the rotational brownouts will depend on the time and available supply they have at the time

. The 10 a.m brownout yesterday lasted for two hours.

Veco’s peak demand as of 12 noon yesterday was 350 MW but supply was only 310 MW coming from Cebu Energy Development Corporation (70 MW), Cebu Private Power Corporation (60 MW) and from the Visayas grid (180 MW).

Lacson said that they have reactivated their Interruptible Load agreement with 26 customers which is what they used at the height of the power shortage in 2009. The agreement means big companies with generators will utilize these for their power.


“We have 35.67 MW of interruptible load from 26 companies with their generator sets like San Miguel, Innodata, Metro Ayala, Coca-Cola and more,” he said.

About one-third of Veco’s power supply or 150 MW is sourced from Leyte,

specifically 120 MW from National Power Corporation (NPC) and 30 MW from Green Core.


In a worst scenario, Lacson said Veco’s share of the curtailment could go as much as 150 MW which could affect 300,000 residential customers at a rough estimate.


In an interview yesterday, National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) corporate communications officer Elmer Cruz said that the underground cable connecting Leyte to Cebu was not damaged.

“The only problem now is the overhead lines which our people are trying to restore in Leyte.

The biggest problem we have now that’s limiting our operations is the communication,” said Cruz.

According to Department of Energy 7 Director Antonio Labios, the Visayas grid gets 400 MW of power from Leyte.

“Power plants are okay but the problem now is the transmission lines in Leyte,” said Labios.

It is also not possible to import power from Luzon because the transmission goes through Leyte where the transmission problem is.


Dear Valued customers,

Typhoon Yolanda has damaged the transmission lines in the Leyte area, causing a


shortage in power supply. Leyte provides 1/3 of VECO’s supply for its franchise area.


Until restoration works on these lines are completed, we will be experiencing rotational




Below is the probable affected areas for the power interruptions. The exact time and


length of brownouts may change, depending on the vailable power supply.


You may also visit our Facebook page. You may also follow us on Twitter.


Let's all do our part to make things better for everyone by conserving electricity.

Edited by ed villas

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JohnFromTexas    228

Bummed last night... the brownouts returned... we were scheduled for 4-7... I got back shortly after 6pm and by 6:30 figured we were good... then the power went out... returned almost exactly 1.5 hours later (checking the clock so you know when it's going to come back definitely makes it a little better).  


ROCKIN.  Just checked today's schedule and any brownouts were supposed to have already happened (no later than 4).  Crossing my fingers that we'll be good today at least.


Otherwise, Liloan's gonna be getting another in the dark karaoke concert due to my boredom and thanks to my laptop battery

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Woolf    5,983

Cebu Daily News




Brownouts To Go On

By Peter L. Romanillos    
2 hours ago (13 Dec 2013, 12:21am)

How long will almost daily rotational brownouts continue in Cebu?

They will likely continue until next year due to pending repairs of damaged Leyte power plants, a top official of the Visayan Electric Company (Veco) said yesterday.

Veco chief operating officer Sebastian Lacson said the private distribution utility could only resume full operation in Metro Cebu if the two major power generators are restored.

But no clear deadline has been given for repairs to be completed on damaged Leyte plants which supply the bulk of Cebu's power.

Unified Leyte Inc. and another geothermal power plant in Leyte supply one-third of Veco's power needs.

In a meeting yesterday at the Capitol, provincial officials and representatives of power firms including the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) failed to agree on a time frame for the full restoration of power in Cebu.

This was a sharp contrast to last month's promise of Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla to restore power in the Visayas before Christmas eve.

According to Lacson, power distributors, especially Veco, cannot find other sources of power in Visayas due to its "very little extra capacity."

"Honestly, we cannot find anything to replace the 500 megawatts supplied by Leyte. Nothing close to that," he said.

"Our brownout is really dependent on when Leyte power plants recover. Unified Leyte is the biggest power supplier of Veco because they give us 120 megawatts," Lacson told reporters yesterday.

"Until Unified Leyte is restored, until we get a definite answer from them, we can't say anything because the bottleneck is really supply, and the loss is really big," he added.

Power plants in Leyte which sustained heavy damage during the onslaught of supertyphoon Yolanda last Nov. 8, supply more than 500 megawatts of power to the entire Visayas grid.

At present, cities and municipalities covered by Veco specifically Cebu, Mandaue, Talisay Naga, San Fernando, Minglanilla, Liloan and Consolacion continue to experience rotation brownouts.

Veco brownouts last one to two hours and occur at different times in the day. The situation is worse in rural areas in the province where electric cooperatives are also affected by the inadequate power supply.

Lacson yesterday proposed a scheme to inter-connect with the power grid in Luzon but other representatives dismissed it as "costly."

Cebu Provincial Administrator Mark Tolentino said the proposed solutions raised in yesterday's meeting "were not satisfactory" for the parties present.

He urged representatives to come up with a timeline "for the benefit of the people."

"We can all agree that the situation here is very critical and everyone shares the sentiment," Tolentino said.

At present, ERC is implementing a trading suspension which bans power price rate hikes in calamity-hit areas.

Cebu Gov. Hilario Davide III said he will ask the ERC to continue with the suspension.

Huge boost

Both Davide and Lacson urged big companies to avail of the interruptible load program (ILP) and to run their power generators for Veco and other power utilities to save up on their power load.

According to Lacson, a number of companies in Metro Cebu have already "sacrificed" and started running their own generators at certain periods during the week.

He said this has enabled Veco to save up to 30 megawatts a day, and has eased the power shortage by almost half.

"If we didn't have ILP, our brownouts would be double. Double in terms of duration and in terms of frequency so we are very thankful to those under the ILP because we need it more than ever. Their contribution has really helped," said Lacson.

"It will be of huge help if we can lower the demand during peak hours during the day. Even if we avoid using electricity during the night, it's not a big help," he added.

Cebu Gov. Hilario Davide III said he will continue to meet with energy sector representatives for updates.

A weekly report on the progress of their operations will also be required, he said.

"Nobody can give us a definite timeline because of all the uncertainties that surround us," he said.

He said a joint statement from the Cebu provincial government and power utilities will be released today for the guidance of the public.

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