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Living (& working) in China!

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 3:03 PM


I have been Living in China (Sichuan province) for over 4 months now.

Previously, I only ever visited China, for Business purposes but just an 'L' Visa (Tourist), when I checked my old Passports, rather than an 'F" Visa (Business), when I was working in Hong Kong as Engineering Manager - Asia Pacific.

One does not experience what China is REALLY LIKE, flying into major cities, taking taxies to get around, and staying in 3 Star or higher hotels.

I have now traveled in China by Aeoroplane, Train, Taxi, private car, long distance Bus, local Bus, electric Motorcycle, Rickshaw.

I have stayed in Guest Houses, and Back Packer Hostels, with shared rooms.

I have eaten in local restaurants, food stalls, and school canteens, and classy restaurants with private rooms.

Sichuan Food is very tasty but can be rather spicy. Whilst I like the taste, by body does not like my indulging too much. I think it was the oil, they (school canteen) like to cook many dishes in (seasame? - orange colour and very greasy!). I have tried to drain that off, to minimise my consumption, and far less problems since.


The Chinese Consulate in Cebu, is particular about the Visa Application! They stipulate it must be 'Typed' (perhaps in UPPER CASE also?).
They only issued me with 2 week 'L' Visa, despite requesting a 'Z' Visa and giving supporting letter and copy of the Chinese ID, of the person sending the invite.

NB: They will only accept applications from Foreigners (not in native country) if a Permanent Resident. ie Chinese Consulate in Cebu want to see ACR I-Card.

One needs to also complete the Supplementary Form (Foreign Nations applying in a different Country).

Hong Kong China SAR, is rather an odd ball as it is considered as being outside China, but one can apply for China Visa there, even if you are not a Resident of Hong Kong. (This 'loophole' was closed for China Olympics, but seems to be reinstated now!).
The other anomaly being that China Resources in Hong Kong offer a 'Rush Service' ( Next day - submit in morning, collect the following morning. Submit before 5pm close, collect from 2pm next Day). Fee is additional HK$300 cash!
There is also an 'Express' service (at lower Fee), where one can collect the 2nd day after submission. With Hotels costing 300HK$/night and more, it is worth taking advantage of the 'Rush Service'.

Normally it is 5 working days, to obtain ones China Visa!

One can not legally work in China without a 'Z' Visa. However this only gets you into China and then have 30 days to obtain a Foreigner Resident Permit. To obtain one of these, there is a lot of Documents, Letters etc that have to be obtained and submitted to get ones 'FEC' (Foreigner Expert Certificate).

The 2 week 'L' Visa was extended, by issuing me a 1 month 'L' Visa. Then I had a 2 month 'F' Visa, valid to 25th December. Before that expired we did a 'Visa Run' to Hong Kong, to apply for 'Z' Visa.

Entering China with the 'Z' Visa, allowed issuance of Work Permit. After that the FEC could be applied for. I only recently obtained my Foreigner Resident Permit, valid to end of August 2013.

I can now make multiple Exit/Re-entry visits without having to obtain any more Visa's.

I am flying to Shenzhen from Chengdu this coming Thursday with Hainen Airlines,
Booked using ctrip.com.as their website is also available in English, One can Register and record all your Name/Address/Passport/Contact info. You are given Points for discounts on Flights/ Hotels/Tours. They accept International Credit Cards (3% Fee!). E- Ticket sent via e-mail. They show flights from many airlines and a graph showing what Days has the lowest flight price for given Origin - Destination. They also have International Flights.

Whilst Mianyang has an airport, not as many flights, not as many airlines, prices were higher than from Chengdu (longer distance). Since Chengdu is just 1hr 35 min Train ride costing CNY19, or Bus direct to Chendu Airport from Mianyang, for CNY57, it is worth looking at Chengdu as an alternative to Mianyang, for flights.

I looked at Train for Mianyang to Shenzhen, but this takes over 48 hours, and a 'soft sleeper' is not that much cheaper, than getting discounted (50% off) flights!

So a week on Sunday I will be in the warmth of Cebu and the company of my family, for a extended Spring Festival holiday! I have to be back in Mianyang, to start Teaching again on Friday 28th February.

Why Living /Working in China?

The simple answer is that I need the money to pay off Credit Card debt. My annuity income that we manged fine on from April 2005, only has about 50% of the 'Purchasing Power' today, as it did back then.

This is due to Exchange Rate having gone from Php105/GBP1 down to about Php64 currently. 12 % VAT got introduced, so that plus inflation has made a lot of items more expensive. Diesel/Gasoline prices is >4x 2005 (Diesel Php12/liter in 2005?). Our Electricity Bill is >2x, Water and Gas almost double also.

The savings I had in Rural Banks was mostly paid back by the PDIC. However re-investing in alternative high returns, led to us having to fike Syndicated Estafa Court Case against Catherine L Soronio. There is the next hearing on 8th March 2013! I also need to follow up on a Complaint I lodged with the SEC against 'Chefs In Action Inc' also.

Wny work in China - , why not in Cebu?

The wage a Permanent Resident, Foreigner could earn in say a Call Center, is likely to be Php15K take home pay max for 1st 6 months, and perhaps get promotion to Team Leader or Trainer after that. The working hours may also be USA time in many cases (until tou might secure a promotion to Trainer).

In January 2012, I worked as an ESL Teacher at an 'English Winter Camp' run by AITIN Welts, that catered for mainly Korean Teenagers (and a few Russians). I received Php30K for 5 weeks work, of 8 classes of 50 minutes, and 10 min break, 5 days per week Php30,000/200 hours = Php150/hr.

According to John Deering, who was the Head Teacher at their School @ Punto Egano, onMactan, that School closed down in October 2012!

There may be work as an ESL Teacher, but those with at least 2 years experience, a degree and a Teaching Certificate, and aged 25 - 35 will be those securing the best jobs at the higher pay levels (Php45Kpm?).

Contrast the ESL Teacher pay one might obtain in Cebu, with what I am getting paid in China.

Sunny's English Club (that recruited us), pay us CNY65/Class of 40 min, I do 24 Classes per week, so 96 x 65 = CNY6,240 as a minimum. (CNYPHP=X -CCY 6.5649) = Php41K minimum approx!

Since we are provided with a large (>130sm m, 3 bedroom apartment, with 2 sharing, having free Internet and drinking water and CNY300 each, towards Gas/Electricity/Water, together with low cost Canteen (CNY 4.90 - 9.00 typically per meal), one does not need to spend much to live off. Bus into Mianyang City is only CNY1. Local Fruit and vegetables, are also very cheap, and local beer and wine (fiery rice or grape) is not too expensive.

I have also been picking up work at weekends that pays CNY100/hour so 4 classes on a Saturday and 4 classes on a Sunday gives you CNY800 (Php5,252) as extra 'pockey money'!
So that weekend work, if available ever weekend, pays more than working in a Call Center, in Cebu!

Actually the School pays CNY120/Class, but we only get CNY65 of that!

But wait before anyone starts screaming "what a rip off, that 'Sunny's English Club, is pulling", or something, let me give you some more information to give an informed 'balance' before you judge, OK!
  • School wants to deduct every time classes are cancelled due to Sports Meeting, Exams, extended Holidays
  • Sunny's say that the Contract with the School, calls for them to pay the teacher if cancelled for sports, meetings, exams and if extended beyond public holidays (which are paid holidays).
  • Sunny's pay for our receipted expences when travelling to Chengdu for Visa Extensions, and book/pay for overnight accommodation when required.
  • They paid for our Bus and Air Fares for Visa Run to Hong Kong and the cost of the Visa including Rush Service and Guest House.
  • They provided free Mandarin Lessons (in Chengdu - own travel expenses however) at the weekends.
  • Sunnys take care and assist with all the Visa Applications, Residence Registration, FEC Applicastion and Resident Permit as well as all the costs associated with such.
  • Have been treated to meals and drinks on a few occasions.
  • Assitance setting up Bank Accounts and paying the Fees for such including initial Deposit.
  • Help, assistance and advice, as and when required.
    Examples of this include transfer of funds to Cebu via i) Western Union,
    ii) Bank Transfer via China Bank. One can not remit CNY out of China. Foreigners (without Z Visa/Residence Permit), can not change RMB into Foreign currency. Another example is offering a loan/advance on Salary when required (they pay 2 weeks in arrears ie we dont get December Salary until 15th January).
So it very much 'Swings v Roundabouts'!

As I am new to living and working in China and speak very little, and understand even less, together with not knowing where or how to obtain Visa extensions, obtain documents required, carry out Residence Registration, it best to let a Recruitment Agency take care of this! They will help newcomers to Teaching and China, and show you the way.

Perhaps I might be able to handle it myself, after a years experience, and having learnt some Mandarin.

TIP: Get yourself an Android Smart Phone or iPhone, as many Chinese Turtoring Apps available for FREE or low cost. for such. Also Eng-Chi Dictionariies with spoken Chinese words and Translators. There is even text OCR and Camera OCR - point your phone camera at Chinese words and it translates, from the image (paid app).

ESL Teaching in China

As with ESL Teaching anywhere, Native English Teachers get paid a premium over local Teachers, nomatterhow good their spoken English is (prestige/image/sales/marketing 'thing'!).

Some say us Oral English Teachers are 'White Monkeys' to the School (who is the Organ Grinder?). We catch the attention of the paying Public (Students parents), and are largely there to 'amuse and entertain' the students, and some 'light relief' from their many Chinese Lessons, Exams and Homework etc.

Here at this Mianyang Nanshan BiLingual School, the Syudents day starts @ 7am to music over the speakers, They have lessons/Classes/Subjects/Extra Activities, scheduled to 9:30pm,when they have Homework to complete.

No wonder many students are tired and /or doing their Homework during our English Oral Classes!

To get an extended New Year Break, they had to have Classes on Saturday/Sunday (which some Students/Classes have EVERY weekend).

How much can one teach 1,250 Students over 24 Classes, in just 40 minutes, once a week. That is an average of 52 Students/Class (so in reality under 30 seconds per student, to hear what their individual pronunciation is like!).

When you thin that those Korean Students coming to Cebu for English Camps, get 50 minute classes (7 students max in the 4 x classes I gave), and 4 x 1 on 1 sessions/day.

So assume they onlky do 4 Classes of 50 min per day = 200 min/day, x 5 days per week = 1,000 min/week. Repeat for 5 weeksm and they have had 5,000 miunutes of Oral English Lessons with Native Teacher.

That is the equivalent of 125 Classes, here at this School!

We teach for 8 months, so 32 Classes per year say. So the Koreans on this Camps get more English in 5 weeks, than the Students here get in 4 years (and some did Summer Camp as well as Winter Camp - no wonder their English is so much better than Chinese Students of the same age).

Adds belied to us being 'White Monkeys'!

These students who attend Private English Classes (at say Aston English here in Mianyang) do speak better English also. In fact one of my Junior 2 (Grade 8) Class students, also does Classes at the weekends @ Aston English, and his English is better than many of his class mates.

Will add some more to this ESL Teaching and Living in China Thread, if anyone is interested?

Could not post details, on an open public domain Forum, until I had my Resident Permit and am now legally Teaching here in China.
Just doing 'free' demonstrations and 'evaluation exercises', and receiving 'training'. Together wth checking out the accommodation and facilities, provided by prospective schools, before that, if anyone thinking of asking?
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Posted 05 January 2013 - 3:22 PM

Will add some more to this ESL Teaching and Living in China Thread, if anyone is interested?

Yes, please do, David.

All in all, are you personally enjoying teaching there?

l/|. ,[____],
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Posted 05 January 2013 - 3:49 PM

Hi David.

I am also living and working in China. In regards to the food at your school having orange oil and being very greasy
you might want to read this:

"Sewage oil“, also known as “gutter oil” or “drainage oil”, is the leftover and discarded oil collected from the drains and gutters near restaurants that has been “refined” to be reused and resold as cheap cooking oil. “Slop oil” or “swill oil” is the oil that can also be processed from thrown away food garbage that normally would be fed to pigs. Many street vendors throughout China who cook snacks (especially fried foods) may use “sewage oil” or “slop oil” to save money and keep their costs low."

I know it mentions street vendors in the above quote, but many school cafeterias and nicer restaurants
have been caught using the drainage oil also. Chinese locals will tell you that they know drainage oil has been
used when the food is spicier than normal, and when the food has an odd flavor.

More info here, including pics:

"The above Chinese news report says a third-year student said an unknown student on December 14th discovered a container of drainage oil in the school’s cafeteria. Around 8pm on December 15th, fliers appeared on campus spreading the news that the school was using drainage oil. That night around 10:50pm, angry students condemning this gathered a crowd of 300 student onlookers. Some more excitable students smashed trashed the cafeteria’s glass windows, doors, tables, and chairs and demanded that the school give everyone an explanation."


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Posted 05 January 2013 - 3:51 PM

Well, I guess eating fried foods in China is definitely not an option. :D
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Posted 05 January 2013 - 3:53 PM

Good read thanks David. How long are you planning to stay?

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 3:58 PM

did you leave you family in Cebu?

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 4:53 PM

Kiong hee!

#8 David_LivinginTalisay

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 7:05 PM

I have been here since 29th August, and will traveling to Hong Kong on Thursday evening.
Then catching the Cebu Pacific flight back to Cebu early on Sunday morning.

This just an extended holiday, as have Contract to the end of their School Year. I will be returning to this School, to recommence teaching at start of next semester on Friday 28th February.

As I mentioned, priority goes to those aged 25-35, with Teaching experience (ideally >2 years China Teaching), a Bachelors Hon Degree, and a CELTA Teaching Certificate (followed by TESOL, then TEFL).

NB: They prefer TEFL with actual Classroom Training and actual assessed Teaching of Students, as opposed to purely on-line obtained TEFL Certificate. Such on-line certification is 2nd from the bottom (no Cerificate at all being the bottom level of the selection pile).

I am 57 years old, with 25+ tears experience, but in Engineering not Teaching (but have given Product Training to Technicians, with English as a Second Language, in Saudi Arabia, North Yemen, China, Indonesia, Thailand, S. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines). Only 6 weeks ESL Teaching experience prior to this job.

I have the equivalent of a Bachelors Hon Degree (that was accepted by Engineering Council to award me the Professional Title 'Incorporated Engineer' David R. Whittall I,Eng MIET).

CELTA is rather expensive and is 'Level 5' certification. This might be needed if doing a Teaching Management role perhaps? I would suggest anyone considering ESL Teaching, to go on a TESOL Course.

Next best is 4 week classroom based TEFL Course.

TESOL/TEFL CERTIFICATE COURSE | Harvest Christian School ...

www.hcsinternational.org/link/tesol.html -
HCSI is the leading internationally recognized TESOL/TEFL certificate provider in the Asia-Pacific Region with real physical campus in Cebu City, Philippines.

Next best is combined on-Line, followed by Class Room for hands on assessment and coaching. This cuts down on cost and time spent on the Course in the Classroom

Tesol/Tefl Admission Requirements, Procedures and Course Fees


FOR NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS (Students from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)

1. Must be a graduate of High School or Level 12 or International Baccalaureate Degree evidenced by a High School or IB diploma and/or transcript of records (scanned copy of the original).
2. 2X2 coloured ID picture
3. Fill up Enrollment Form Online thru the website or at the school.

1. Must be a college graduate of any Four-Year Bachelors Degree Course evidenced by a Transcript of Records (scanned copy of the original).
Must be proficient in the English language, both oral and written (diagnostic tests to be made if the admission officer feels it is necessary)
2. 2X2 coloured ID picture3. Fill up Enrollment Form Online thru the website or at the school


HCSI has three (3) types of TESOL/TEFL Certificate training. They are:

1. Onsite/In-campus training - This is a TESOL/TEFL training course done in the physical campus of Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) in Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines. The course is taught by experienced and licensed English teachers/trainors of HCSI. Holding of the Onsite/In-campus training would depend on the achievement of ten (10) minimum number of participants.

2. Online/Distance Course Training - This training is done at home or workplace of the student at his/her own pace through the internet. This type of course training is offered because of the difficulty of some participants to attend and complete the course in an onsite environment for reason of time and distance as most of them are working professionals. The online/distance training maybe finished within two (2) weeks or less, one (1) month or two (2) months if the student chooses to. The pace is up to the student. However, students are required to complete the course within six (6) months from receipt of the first batch of modules otherwise the fee will be forfeited and he/she will re-enroll again and pay the same amount if ever he/she will continue it after six (6) months. Enrollment on this type of TESOL/TEFL training is anytime during the year.

3. Tesol/Tefl - Combo Training - This type of training is a combination of Online/Distance Course Training plus actual teaching hands-on/practice in the physical campus of HCSI or HCSI accredited educational institutions. Actual teaching hands-on/practice is thirty six (36) hours to include teaching observation, lesson preparation/planning, actual teaching and teaching demonstrahttp://www.livingincebuforums.com/ipb/index.php?tion before a panel.

I was accepted by HCSI and was considering their Combo Training

However I like the looks of i-to-e TEFL:-

Mike Cummings
Tefl Expert / Course Account Manager
T +44 (0)113 205 4567
E michael.cummings@i-to-i.com
W www.onlinetefl.com

i-to-i TEFL | Woodside House | 261 Low Lane | Horsforth | Leeds | LS18 5NY | UK

i-to-i UK Ltd, registered office: TUI Travel House, Crawley Business Quarter, Fleming Way, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9QL - Registered in England, number 4539983

Posted Image

Book our TEFL courses with confidence that you'll gain valuable skills to teach English abroad with a superior product at the best price.

We created our two point TEFL promise in the belief that it will work for each and every one of our customers.
We invite you to talk to us now!
1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Without a struggle or planting hidden charges, we guarantee your money back after the first seven days if you're not completely satisfied with the TEFL product you receive from us.
We endeavor to make sure that we offer the best quality courses which are externally approved by the ODLQC and the SQMS. We're sure that you'll agree that the courses we offer are of the highest standard. However if you disagree, rather than shutting the door on you, we will be happy to discuss any doubts you may have.
2. Internationally Recognised Qualification

We have generated a first-class reputation over the last 12 years as a world-leading TEFL course provider through our globally recognised TEFL qualifications. Our great experience of providing superior TEFL courses to over 50,000 TEFL graduates since 1996 ensures that we are unrivalled in the industry.

The broader promise...

Everything we do has to be of the highest quality and we enforce this by hiring only the best TEFL tutors, who have at least three years experience teaching overseas and possess a CELTA qualification.
We're always on the look-out for new methods to improve our courses to ensure that you are better prepared when you come to teach English overseas. To ensure we offer the best product at all times, we encourage feedback from your course with us at: info@onlinetefl.com.

Why i-to-i?
  • A reputable TEFL course provider for more than 18 years
  • Over 250 years of combined TEFL experience across our TEFL tutors and academic experts
  • More than 127,000 TEFL tutees
  • Recommended by 94% of tutees
  • More than 65 experienced tutors around the world!
  • Cast-iron, money back guarantee
  • Online & classroom learning opportunities
  • Personalized tutor feedback – true support from real experts
  • Check out the latest TEFL vacancies on our TEFL Jobs Board
What I like about i-to-i is rhat it is modular.
One could enrol in on-line Course and add extra modules and Speciallist Certifications

For example there is usually a shortage of Teachers willing and trained for younger Children and Kindergarten (because it is damn hard work, with noisy, naughty and hyperactive young children, who dont know a lot of English)..
The good news being there is usually one (or more) Chinese Teachers/Assistants to help you (depending on the School and Childrens ages?). You have to really love young children to cope and get the most out of such teaching.

I have met some delightful 5 year old Chinese children
(who can speak netter English than many 12 year olds).

Teaching English to Young Learners Specialist Training Course
Aimed at those TEFL students who are planning to teach children between the ages of six and twelve, this 10 hour course will teach you key skills like how to give someone their very f
irst English lesson and how to motivate younger students More Info
Also having experienced teaching here in China, I would like to consider these 'modules':-Then if I visit the UK later this year, I might consider their Weekend TESOL Course (or book as 'Combined' Course to save money?).

Here is another offering TEFL/TESOL Courses in Cebu:-


Courses Take a TEFL course at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office.
from$150 / £98 Apply Now!

Courses 4-week TEFL courses at one of our many training centres worldwide.
from $1390 / £905 Apply Now!


Courses Best of both worlds. Online course combined with 2 weeks practical training.
from $1400 / £911 Apply Now!

Discussion Topic on Dave's ESL Cafe

TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Courses in the Philippines

For those married to a Filipina who is college graduate of any Four-Year Bachelors Degree Course, and speaks English well, and would also like to Teach abroad, I would strongly suggest getting her TEFOL/TESOL Certified.

Many Schools like to hire married couples. (Some will hire couples, who are not married, but can share the apartment). You may well have the whole apartment to yourselves not sharing with other Teacher(s).

You are likely to be happier and more stable together, and will be earing double income possibly (depending on school and experience/capability).

Sha-Sha could come and live with me, here in the apartment at this school (now she has a new Passport), but it is unlikely she will get hired and be given an Employment Permit as she was High School Graduate, She does not have any Four-Year Bachelors Degree Course, so would not be able to get a TEFL Course (unless she passed an English Assesment Test).

But there was talk of Ana Katrina returning to work in Hong Kong, so who would look after Anzhelica? There is also a Court Hearing on the 8th March she has to attend, so I dont think she will be joining me, when I return, towards the end of February. it's only another 4 month 'stint' from then to the wnd of June anyway.

I may howver make inquiries at the Chinese Consulate in Cebu, showing them my Chinese Foreigner Resident Permit and asking if she could/would be granted a Family or Z Visa as accompanying Spouce, to join me for the last 2 months May/June, perhaps?

We could then see some of China together, before going back to live in Cebu, as my Residence Permit is valid until the end of August 2013.

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 7:22 PM

For example there is usually a shortage of Teachers willing and trained for younger Children and Kindergarten (because it is damn hard work, with noisy, naughty and hyperactive young children, who dont know a lot of English)..
The good news being there is usually one (or more) Chinese Teachers/Assistants to help you (depending on the School and Childrens ages?). You have to really love young children to cope and get the most out of such teaching.

Yes, there is a shortage of teachers willing to teach younger children, but typically the pay is much higher
for the many hours that you are required to work
Kindergartens usually pay 10,000 to 14,000RMB a month.

I was earning 9,000 a month, with a free private apartment, teaching 14 one hour classes a week in a high school.

Universities typically pay only 5,000 a month.
In China it is typical that the older the students, the lower the pay.

Even the very famous universities such as Tsinghua and Peking University pay their foreign teachers
only 5,000 a month.

After 4 years in China, I am now teaching at a university. Only 5,000 a month, but with a free apartment.
More mature students, and only 14 classes a week.

In Anhui and Jiangsu provinces I have been able to earn between 200 and 250RMB an hour tutoring on the weekends for small classes of 4 or 5 students.
100 RMB an hour is what is offered the inexperienced backpackers . I am not saying that you are an inexperienced backpacker. But, with your qualifications, I do think that you should be asking a lot more money for your weekend tutoring.

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#10 David_LivinginTalisay

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 9:33 PM

Yes, please do, David.All in all, are you personally enjoying teaching there?

Paul,I enjoy the School, the provided accommodation (Would be nicer if they built them with INSULATION! Can't see the point in having nice uPVC windows, with double glazed glass panels, when the concrete walls, and floors, ceilings, are all cold surfaces. It takes a long time getting a room comfortable from 0 Deg C, and uses a lot of energy as those cols concrete surfaces fighting back - CNY100/week Electric Power use!).The students are nice and friendly and all from the youngsters of 4 years old can say in English.
  • Hi, my name is xxxxx, what's your name?
  • How are you?
  • I'm fine thank you, how are you
  • Where are you from?
  • How old are you?
  • Do you like China?
Out of the 24 x Junior 2 Classes (Grade 8 - 12-14 year olds), there are some 12 x Chinese English Teachers! Only 4 or 5 of these, stay in the Class, for my lessons (they are all supposed to), and offer feedback, translation, to Chinese, and give suggestions)

OK, so here are some of the things I am not altogether happy about :-
  • Large Classes of 40 to 60 Students!
  • Only 1 x 40 min/Class per week!
  • Classes cancelled due Sports, Exams, or whatever, and not informing us!
    You show up at the Class and no students in the Class and don't arrive.
    Or they Students doing an Exam in the Class for the Period you are supposed to teach them.
  • They can take my Oral English Class for other Exams, but I can't have one of their Classes in return, to give the Students their Oral English Test (as I missed, due to submitting Resident Permit at PSB).
  • Did not bother informing us when we need to be back for next semester start.
    (Found out from Student it is Friday 28th February).
I can live/cope with all of these, no big deal.

It is the way the Chinese are - not bothering to tell you things, because they did not consider it important. They don't think from the other persons view point/perspective it seems?

Here is an example:-

This fellow Brit, Paul, (who is also from same home town of Bournemouth, and shares this large apartment with me on-campus) has a Chinese wife.

He told me, that she flew back to UK, and then complained why he had not met her at the Airport! He said it might have helped, had she mentioned she was coming back to the UK!

She had not told him - didn't register with her, that she ought to tell her husband (especially if she wanted meeting at the Airport?).

So it looks like, that is the way the Chinese are, don't think through what needs to be done, or something?

Another Example:-

We are asked to give this Oral English Test. Not directly, but a mentioned word to Paul in the Canteen, and a note on the white board in Foreign Affairs Office "You will start to do a Test next week".

Why not issue each of us a Note, with Guidelines on how to do the Test. Notes on how to Grade the Student to get uniformity. Provide us with Forms, for all our individual Classes, listing all the Students Names in their Student No, Order, Space for them to give English Name, Oral English Grade, and perhaps adding a 'Comment'.

By Contrast Aston English asked me to give Students at the weekend, a EnglishTest.

Test Paper with Pictures,
Notes as to what to do and say,
Score Sheet with Comments section
Notes on how to award Marks 1 to 5, for each of 4 sections.

We also had to write in the Students Passbook.

Clearly one can put the effort into doing that sort of Test, when the Class is 1 hour, and only 7 students in the Class.

You just learn to go with the flow, don't worry, be happy and smile!

It is easy work, and the pay is better than I was getting in Hong Kong for more hours.

Although the pay is considerably less (than what I was earning as Engineering Manager - Asia Pacific, when working in Hong Kong), I am not paying US$1,200pm for a small 2 bedroom apartment (that was about 1/4 the size of this one and is is free!). We each get Y300 towards Gas, Electricity and Water. We have a free Internet connection and free drinking water,

In other words I can save 90% of this pay (if my Nokia N95 Screen had not died, meaning I needed a new phone. If I had warms clothes to bring, so I did not have to buy some).

If I stayed here for 2 months instead of flying back to the Philippines, I could save more also.

Hoping I might find work at ESL Winter Camp in Cebu?



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