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Cebu & Philippines Weather Satellite Map, By Typhoon 2000

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+Paul    53,575
I hate to correct you, but that this one isn't a typhoon, its a tropical depression, Typhoon can not loop, when they turn, they are a already weakening and become more harmless.



I just noticed the posts to this thread, and decided to reply again.



To make something clear here, I didn't need correcting in my post. It was accurate. I never stated either storm system was still a typhoon. I merely stated they both had made u-turns and headed off into other directions.

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+SkyMan    14,854

That last little turn makes me think it's heading for Manila, the typhoon magnet of the south Pacific.

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hyaku    2,224


It's that time of the year again, folks.

One of those turn arounds took off my tiled roof and dumped it on the car. Farm insurance payed for the roof but not the car. Typhoons don't loop. Well I wouldn't call 130mph winds a tropical storm.

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miles-high    3,788

Another one headed your way, northern Philippines.


It’s great that we now have these 3 informative sites a click away… FYI, the left sat IR site (Kochi sat, the same sat PAGASA uses) has up to about 1 hour delay, the center one on the right are sort of a “big picture” use and often there is up to about 12 hour delays (soetimes shorter)… No big deal except that when one wants to go to China, Korea or Japan, then taking Northern routes to Europe or North American. For example, as of this writing, there is a typhoon (WIPHA, or #26) affecting the route to Japan (from Manila or Cebu, the routes merge into one midway toward Okinawa) and airplanes may need to fly the Westerly route toward Taiwan, thus adding about 1 hour to your flight time. Not much of a problem unless you have an interline connection with minimal connecting time…


Sorry it’s rather a long preamble ;) but the weather does affect our daily life or planning thereof… Accordingly, I would like to suggest you add two more images there (5 would look more impressive, wouldn’t it? ;))


One is http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/98646.html: this site will show you the hourly weather update (including METAR) of major Philippine cities and around the world…


The other is http://noah.dost.gov.ph/: by clicking Subic, Tagaytay, Cebu or Hinatuan Doppler, you could see the weather as recent as 30 min ago… By clicking PAGASA Cyclone Update (Weather Outlook), the cyclone tracks overlay the radar images (note: PAGASA tracing may have up to 12 hour delay). You could even see the eye of typhoon and if the PAGASA prediction is accurate… ;)


In summary, I would think adding the above 2 sites would complete the “LinC Weather Station”, IMHO :D

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