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The Ranch Resort, Toledo - impressive pool

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Time to share this little secret. The Ranch Resort is located 7-8 km south of Toledo, on the west coast of Cebu. You will pass it unless you know about it, because there are no signs yet. It has only been open a month or so. Coming from Naga/Cebu, take left at the junction towards Toledo. Drive through Toledo and continue 7-8 km to barangay Bato. Take first left concrete road after you've passed the high school. Continue 300 meter, and you'll see it on the right hand side. From Cebu City, it's about 1 hour 40 minutes.




This is one of 9 - NINE - coming pools, according to the Philippine manager/owner.




I really love this pool, and also the layout. They clean the pool every night.



This is the kiddie pool. When the kids are using it, showers will fall from the mushroom "ceiling". There are life guards here, and they are quite attentive.




Hotel and restaurant in the back




This is eye candy! Behind, to the right, they are building more pools. One of them should be ready in the end of this week.




Changing room, shower and CR to the left





These pictures are taken from their Facebook page.





First time I came here, I was quite impressed. Such a resort, here? There are several resorts south of Toledo, but none like this. How about the prices? Well, a day trip will cost you 100 peso. Food and beverages are dirt cheap for a resort like this. I think it's 35 for SMB. Their menu is mostly Philippine food, but tasty and very cheap. Service is friendly. They have no karaoke machines, the owner likes it peaceful and quiet. In the weekend they might have some accustic music.


Rooms are from 1800 and up, but they are really nice and brand new. Now, when they reach 9 pools, it will be a quite interesting tourist destination. Compared to the prices in Mactan, a family could save a lot of money coming here.


I will update with more pictures later on, as the place develop. As for now, I'm on my motorbike with 100 peso in my pocket, going for a swim. Don't ask where! :-)

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Interesting to read the other things The Ranch Resort also doing/planning



Nice looking Studio & 1 Bedroom Retirement Homes with Clinic



See attached Open Steet Map


Think it might be worth organising a Green Trail Ride to visit the Gaite Ranch


There is a Track down from the Mountains of Lamac, Pinamingahun.

There is also a turn off from Toledo Wharf Road, past Modia Once, that we have ridden. Delightful little road so clean and neat with those stones along the sides of the road, painted white.


We did not explore West down to Bato however so good excuse to do so now on our Motorcycles.


I do not suggest taking a car (unless 4WD), as some of these tracks are a bit rough in places and some deep ruts and can get very muddy if it has been raining (which it does a lot in the hills).




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And may I add that the name of the restaurant is the Red Rooster Cafe.


Nuff said.



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Always open


Phone (032) 467 8417





Bee farming


Gaite Ranch Bee farm
is one of the larger bee farms in the province of Cebu dedicated to producing organic honey and honey products. The farm has recreational facilities like swimming pool, restaurant, cafe, bar, training centers and hotel accommodation




Review posted to their Facebook Blog


Susan Regidor shared a link.


April 28

I and my friends visited just recently and I decided to include it in my blog, open the link to read my




Journal & Spice: Gaite Ranch Resort

Thoughts, Travel, Adventure, Events, Food and People. Capturing them through photograph is my Spice! Some would be a showcase of the best that I get. Some would be the worst but unusual. Some

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We went to The Ranch Resort via the back roads on Green Trail Ride #26 on Sunday.


I have updated Open Street Map already:-




The best and quickest way to get there, is via the main Road from Toledo City

(we go the slower, more difficult, uncompfortable bumpy Ride Route, becuse we enjoy it, and it puts these Roads on the Map, as you can see above!)



1. Provincial Hwy ...........................................................0 m .......0:00:00 ................................ N10 23 13.1 E123 39 00.8

2. Get on Provincial Hwy and drive southwest.....0 m ......0 m........0:00:00 0:00:00 0° true ...... N10 23 13.1 E123 39 00.8

3. Turn left onto Unpaved Rd ......................... 8.7 km 420 m 0:00:26 0:08:41 213° true.... N10 20 19.5 E123 35 24.9

4. The Ranch Resort ......................................9.2 km 483 m 0:03:41 0:12:22 212° true.... N10 20 09.5 E123 35 36.2

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Villa Teresita is still the most inexpensive place in Cebu that has pools, i.e. more than just one swimming pool (they have 5). Though it's not in this class by the look of the pics, it's still in the same kind of category. They sell 2 fan rooms for 800 pesos.


when it's only one swimming pool, I know somewhere not too far from Toledo, where you can buy a room to sleep for 500 and swim in a maintained pool for free. Somewhere else I know on Cebu, but further away, you can get a whole apartment with porch and place to do laundry and hang it, i.e. not just a single room, for 500, and use the pool for an additional 50 pesos per person, per day.


but I'm not telling you where they are, or what they are called. Maybe somebody can guess.

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That's a nice place and really good deal.

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