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Vaz-build pre- fabricated house

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Do any of you have any knowledge,opinion or experience with Vaz-built pre-fab houses? I found their web page on internet after reading about them in a Manila paper. I believe they are made in Manila and now have a factory in Cebu. Thanks

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I found this :


VAZ Built-Cebu

Address: , L. Jayme St., Marfa Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines ,

Telephone No: (6332) 236-1798

Mobile No: (63922) 889-3482, (63922) 889-4056

Fax No:


They have a video, hoursssss long... quite interesting. I watched only 5 mins of it. They said, your house would be bullet proof too. It's in Tagalog though.


I am not sure if this is the updated one but if their office is still at that address, visiting them might not be a bad idea. One of them should be able to show you their finish products in Cebu area and your questions be answered.


Good luck and hope you share your thoughts with us. I'd be interested to hear what you'd be able to find out.


<curious cat> :stick_poke:

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