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Argao Beach Club, Casay, Dalaguete

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Argao Beach Club was one of the most exotic places I met, when I came to Cebu in 85, 87 and 89. <br><br>We stayed there, and visited the place several times. The resort was put in a very nice part of the sea shore. The restaurant was placed on the high cliff above the beach,with one beach on each side. Further above a few bungalow was built with a "breathtaking" view to Bohol.<br><br>Facing the sea, you had the windsurfing and boat activities on the left beach, and several long buildings on the other side, where two was built close to the beach. At the beach they even had a small bar, for those who wanted an exotic drink while swimming or sunbathing. I was one of them who did.<br><br>The resort had several other activities, as diving, sailing, boat trips to Bohol with staying overnight, as well as tennis court, sauna and Jacuzzi. Even medical office with nurse and doctor was available.<br><br>The pool was close to the restaurant.<br><br>We experienced huge amounts of food in night time, and local children came and danced. That was the first time I saw "tinikling" dance, which fascinated me much, and still does.<br><br>The resorts area was, if I am not mistaken, 20.000 sq. meters with concrete roads inside the area, and the workers had own buildings where they lived. Several people from Casay worked there as well.<br><br>The resort went bankruptcy because too many of the political circle in Manila stayed there and never paid a peso.No meals are free, so it was impossible to earn money with non paying guests.They say that even Marcos stayed there. <br><br>The name Argao Beach Club was not really a correct name of the resort, since it was not located in Argao,but in Casay. Beside it there was a public beach, which was called Argao Public Beach, but after the resort closed, is now named Dalaguete Beach Park. Must be hard to call it Casay Beach Park…<br><br>Several foreign companies have tried to buy the property but had to surrender. Still some politicians in Manila wanted a slice of the cake.<br><br>Now everything is gone,they guard the area still, I do not know why.<br>Many of the local people in Casay, now growing up, have heard about the resort but do not know how it looked like. We have spread a few pictures at Facebook for them to see.<br><br>Take a look at the pics,for those interested.<br><br><br>Sorry for the html >br< inserted, don't know why...<br>




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