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Philippines Bureau of Immigration Satellite Office Locations

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Bureau of Immigration Satellite Office Locations







Bureau of Immigration Aparri Field Office

2nd Floor Melval Bldg. RF Balizi St.

Aparri, Cagayan

Eva M. Antiporda - Alien Control Officer

Tel. # (078) 888-2098 Fax :(078) 822-8288


Bureau of Immigration Tuguegarao Field Office

2nd Floor Public Market

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

Victor L. Malenab - Alien Control Officer

Telefax # (078) 846-2966 / 09282969098


Bureau of Immigration Dagupan Field Office

People's Astrodome, Tapuac District

Dagupan City

Alberto Siapno Garcia - Alien Control Officer

Tel. # (075) 523-4047 CP: 0917-6932248


Bureau of Immigration Laoag Field Office

Tupaz Avenue,Laoag City

Paulino C. Verzosa - Acting Alien Control Officer

Tel. # (077) 7704943 Fax: (077) 771-6855 CP: 09178303963


Bureau of Immigration Baguio Field Office

#38 Military Cut Off, Baguio City

Ricardo Deleon Cabochan - Alien Control Officer

Tel. # (074) 447-0805 CP:09189160361


Bureau of Immigration San Fernando

La Union District Office

Pennsylvenia Avenue,Poro Point

San Fernando City, La Union

Rodolfo Carolino Caagao - Alien Control Officer

Tel. # (072) 888-4515 / 700-4370

CP : 0906-372-2111


Bureau of Immigration Cauayan

# 46 Burgos St., Cauayan City, Isabela

Laurente S. Tumaliuan - Alien Control Officer

Tel. # (078) 6523892 / 0917-896-8247





Bureau of Immigration Angeles District Office

Annex 4-B Birthaphil III

Jose Abad Santos Avenue

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

Heranio B. Manalo - Regional Director

Tel. # (045) 499-1246 CP:09175108040

Bureau of Immigration Clark One Stop Shop

Clark Development Corp. Building 2127

Clark Special Economic Zone, Pampanga

Sylvia Estoesta -OIC

Tel. # (045) 599-4402 / 599-9000 local 402

CP: 0917-8581862 / 0920-9095237

Bureau of Immigration Bataan Field Office

Santiago Building, Balanga City, Bataan

Gumersindo A. Evangelista -Alien Control Officer

Tel. # (047) 237-6418 c/o Vintel Marketing

c/o CA -Jenny Rosales CP: 0906-2077198

BI Diosdado Macapagal International Airport

(045) 599-7283

Romeo Dime- Head Supervisor


BI Subic / Olongapo Field Office

7th 87 West Tapianac, Olongapo City

Roberto Francisco Pelia - Alien Control Officer

Tel. # (047) 224-2766 Fax: (047) 223-1183





Bureau of Immigration Batangas District Office

Diversion Road, Barangay Bolbok

Batangas City

Richard Perez- Alien Control Officer

Tel. # (043) 7233032

Bureau of Immigration Boac Field Office

Boac, Marinduque 4900

Amado Bu

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      Very strangely this is not being reported anywhere in the mainstream news. Last nights (Sat) 7.50 from Ormoc to Cebu collided with another vessel not too far from the port of Cebu. Wife's parents were passengers. MIL texted us at home around 9.30pm that they had just hit another vessel while still out at sea. Sadly the collision was at full cruising speed and apparently "rear ended" another vessel, a barge or similiar sized vessel. Almost all of the passengers which appeared to be not numerous, sustained some injuries, but no deaths. The response of 2Go is being slammed by all aboard, with not telling the passengers any updates, to not giving out where berthed info to making the walking injured walk to waiting relatives outside the port. A large proportion of the passengers were asleep at the time of the collision and have sustained injuries consistent from being thrown from a seat, cuts, abrasions, missing teeth, severe bruising etc. It has been said that the 2Go vessel rode up and onto the other vessel. Quick thinking crew on the other vessel tied the two together to prevent the 2Go cat from becoming adrift or possible sinking.  
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      I'm driving to SFO later today (Sat) and will land in Cebu Monday morning... pretty damn excited, not looking forward to that long ass flight. I will take a small hit at currency exchange at the airport for some quick cash, then go to a Bank by the mall later on. I am bringing some cash and trying to avoid the fees for using my CC in Cebu. Lots of tee shirts, shorts have been packed, flip flops, sandals, and a pair of comfortable slip on's and short socks for the slip on's (not for the sandals  ) some American snacks, protein bars, and I plan on buying a ton of bottled water... no tap. I had a few trips scheduled but the weather looks like it will cancel a couple of them... just going to play it by the seat of my arse.  This will be my first visit in what I hope will be many. This is a precursor to possibly living there in the coming years once my mom (who I take care of) passes... I am so out of this chit state of Cali!!!. On paper I am planning on 3 visits this year, next in July, then at the end of the year, probably Christmas time (only if I am good with the first visit) I will be meeting the woman I have been talking with for half a year, and I will be meeting a member from LINC who befriended me after I got blasted by a few on here when I mentioned meeting a woman, and how I was supposedly doing it all wrong. (Thanks to Shadow for giving me some pointers) If I don't like the Phils then my next targets are Belize and Chiang Mai (possible business op with a friend) Nothing carved in stone, but I hope the Phils works for me. I'll probably be silent for about the next 2 weeks... but no promises if I feel I need to share some pics or something. In regard to pics... I noticed on here there are very few photos of of the members or things they are doing etc... shy? Scared? Protective? Too ugly?    Peace    
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      Is this normal in the Philippines ? Is this wacko or am I living in an altered state ? My long term girlfriend is getting ready to sign a contract for an unbuilt half of duplex of 26 sq. meters for half a million p. in a small city in Mindanao. Nice fight ensued on Valentines Day. I have visited but will not be moving there for a year and have no idea about buiding costs in the area. This seems way off the chain to me, but what do I know? Any knowlegeable input would be appreciated.
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      A friend has an Iphone 5 and it needs a screen, can anyone recommend a reasonable and reliable place to have it done? I may bring it with me to get it fixed for him if it can be done for a reasonable amount
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      So I've been enjoying Brew Kettle Brew here in Cebu for several years now.  Seeems no one really talks about it.. but I find it a great diversion from the same old SMB  Pale Pilsen or Red horse..    Really nice  wheat beer with some citrus.   Have yo9u tried it ?   LOve it.  ?  Hate it ?     What say ye?    Whats your favorite Brew here in the PI.    Where do you go for tap beer here in Cebu?