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How to Plot Typhoons

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I don’t know about ships as they sail ever sooooooo slow ;) but this site will give you the big picture and one of the best prognostic tools for pilots:

Wx Prog

You can get here from the typhoon 2000 site.

We do get the current/forecast station weather synopsis, predicted wind speed/directions, etc. from the paid service provider for flight planning…




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It was sad that in a knee-jerk reaction to Ondoy, the President thought fit to remove the head of PAGASA from his post for 'not warning everyone.'  Yet I knew the typhoon was coming, by following this site, and watched its late course alteration to pass just north of Manila.  I was able to tidy up loose items and minimize any damage.  At the time I was so incensed that I nearly sent Malacanang the URL link.


I have this site as one of my home page tabs on my web browser.


While I would love for this forum to have the credit for that, if it were not for Michael Padua providing his site Typhoon 2000, which offers the RSS feeds we import, members here probably wouldn't learn of Typhoons any earlier than anyone else. 


If you folks feel as though Typhoon 2000 has assisted you and / or your family in staying safe, please consider donating - even a small amount, to help Mr. Padua defray the costs of keeping his site online. I assure you, I know what it costs for someone to keep a site like that online. You can donate to his site, by following THIS LINK.

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You can donate to his site, by following THIS LINK.


Done. Thank you!

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