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The only explanation for this is just complete muscle locking panic?  I mean sure, what's the moron doing that far into the oncoming lane to begin with and I agree.  But even so there was plenty of time and plenty of room for the bike slip between the truck and the car.  Hell, 2 or 3 scooters abreast could have cruised through that big hole.  I'd have gone through there ramping on the throttle to get to all that open pavement ahead and I'd have barely acknowledged the truck was even there.

But I've seen the panic thing before where a guy just snaps for some reason and goes straight into something that any thinking person would have missed easily.  No skidding rear tire, no swerve or lay down.  Baffles the mind.  Shabu, shabu, na na na na na na na.........

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More than likeky he was having a 'quick' peek at his celfone. I read somwhere that texting now causes 6 times more deaths than drink driving. 

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You can see him waver - I'd say he was riding way over his skill level and simply couldn't work out what to do, so he tried to tighten his line but didn't have the skill to pull it off. 


If you watch any of these cycle crash compilations you see a similar thing - guys who can't pull the bike over and make the turn even though really it's easily possible, with a panicky front brake grab and lockup finale. 

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