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Applying For Utilities - Vacant Residential Lot in the Province of Argao

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I am curious and hope you can share your opinion, view or even experience.
My wife and I recently purchased some land for our second rest house in the Argao (Talo-ot area).

This is actually just tax declared lot only but know the sellers so its not an issue at all.  The land is classified as a residential lot.
I will be constructing a half cement and half native/bamboo/amacan type rest for personal chill-out use only haha.

My question is what are the general requirements to apply for electricity from the local electricity company?
Of course we don't have  a title and just deed of sale and all the up to date tax declarations.

In addition how about the water connection, we would require connection to municipal water as we wont be able to dig a well as of the moment.
I hope you can assist and provide me with some experiences please.


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I would just contact the electric, and water suppliers customers service in that town as they can give you the correct answer. Each town / city in the Philippines seams to have their own process. Some one on this forum lives there.

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Where I live, electricity is provided by Leyeco, a cooperative. The process is basic, such as making an application as paying for the installation cost of the meter.  They had a seminar which was mandatory, teaching about electricity etc.  Someone can go on your behalf.

If it is new construction, it is possible they will want building plans etc.  This can end up being a pain, since they want to examine the plans as if they were seriously concerned.  Meanwhile, some squatter in a hovel can get his electricity so long as the seminar is attended.

The installation is done by the coop, but a "licensed" electrician needs to have done the house wiring. Again, it’s crap, since this only means you pay a "licensed" guy to submit the plans, if they exist.....squatters excluded I guess. 

It is such a common process the best way to be informed is ask a neighbor. 

Cant advise about water as we use a well and barangay supply.  

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As someone else said, I would start by going to the electric and water cooperatives in Argao and asking them. They'll probably direct you to the municipality for more paperwork. Argao is in CEBECO - Region 1 like almost all south Cebu island, the local office is south of the Argao Nature Park behind the rice fields. It's dirt roads, anyone can tell you where. Don't go late in month or you'll be standing in a long line. Water is COWASSCO, on Gen Oretga St in Poblacion. 

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My experience of this process (not on Cebu) is that the more people you have to get involved, the more fees (official and unofficial) you have to pay. The more "casual" the area, municipality and utility companies, the more casual your paperwork can be. Our electrical plan was a print out of a photo of a sketch I did (back in Canada). The utility was expecting a 1 bulb, 1 socket plan  (typical for the area) and was thus surprised - but they still ok'd the application for service.

The last "fee" we had to pay was to the "guy who controlled meter issuance".  Without that "fee" there was no way we were going to get electricity.

You may have a much more normal experience, Aiden.

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Has to be in the name of the owner of this lot or some sort of permission from the lot owner.

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