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WINLAND TOWERS Condo Unit -    Studio   unit for sale

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WINLAND TOWERS Condo Unit -    STUDIO UNIT   for sale



studio unit 

WINLAND TOWERS Condo Unit -    STUDIO UNIT   for sale


I have 2 units which are located side  by side  .  I am offering both for sale but  selling  only one of them . I will keep the one that doesn’t sell first


Both units are 40 sq meters .  Units are on the 11th floor with a wide open view and lots of air flow .


Unit #12 is a studio  unit. .  Windows to the balcony have been replaced with full length sliding glass doors and the balcony has been tiled. The unit has just been painted . There is a kitchen already installed with full cabinets and fume hood .


Same size units from Winland  which are absolutely bare with no balcony tiles, no glass doors, no air con,  and no cabinets on this floor are selling for 2.55 M

My price for this unit  is  2.1 M net to me . .  I will finance over 3 years with 50% down payment   


Contact Ian at Iansurname@hotmail.com  












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If anyone is interested in seeing  how sparse the units offered for sale by the  Winland  Developer are I took photos which I can share .

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The main area is about 9 1/2 feet wide and it runs about  40 feet  from the balcony at one end to the bathroom at the other end .

It is a  rectangle. 

Total area is 40 square meters [ or  approximately 430 square feet  ].   

This unit can easily be changed into a one bedroom unit. Estimated cost is about 20K . that is finished and painted with locking door . 

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