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How good is ur Visaya or Tagalog?

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10 hours ago, TequilaSunset said:

On my recent trip I heard 3 guys talking as we waited to cross the street, I understood the word "Kano" and nothing else... and I uttered, Hay Naku... they stopped talking and just looked at me.  We laughed later on, still wish i knew what they think I knew they said :D 

I'm with Colemanlee you wouldn't want to know the other words but sadly eventually you will know them "Buckla" or faggot is one of the favorites but so many other words and it used to get me a little upset but now I don't react and let go, some people here will also speak English and try to get your goat also, example the other day a Jeepney driver said to me as I was passing on bike, so you like the heat, it got my attention but I had already passed and really what more is there to say except to start up a fight, I have so many better things to do and for those that talk nicely I have time and if busy I'll make time.

Watch out when they do get upset you'll be ganged up on by others, this happened to me one time and that was the last time I spoke harshly with a group of kids outside a 7-Eleven, they wouldn't stop bugging me for money and I was busy trying to get my grandson and at the time he was 3 years old and then they were trying to mess with him and grab him so I got upset and said leave me the "F" alone and walked in... wow well a group of teenage girls walked in and I could hear some bad words in Tagalog, the Buckla and Kano and also the guy the clerk it turns out they were all family members and get this he couldn't do anything for me nothing worked even the till seem to be broken, this happened another time he played some sort of game on the till but his boss happened to be watching from another area... Lol that was it for him fired.


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