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Operation Sea Dragon

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Operation Sea Dragon was quirky little plan for the USN to draw out VC coastal gun batteries and draw their fire. It basically involved coming in fast, turn parallel to the coast at about 7 miles out, and shooting at any big gun that shoots at us (called counter battery).

On September 13, 1967 we, the USS Dehaven were steaming in company with the USS Damato, riding shotgun for each other.

The attached link describes that day on the gun line, and explains the makings of a 20 minute audio tape which lets you listen to some of the internal shipboard communications...from the call to general quarters to the actual fire mission itself...including the Damato taking two hits from the VC shore batteries.

Who is on the recording..................

Bridge...  of the ship, and Captain

CIC,,,or Combat information center....responsible for providing range and bearing information to the target, and targeting corrections.

Plot...Basic fire control central providing firing solutions to the gun mounts.

Mounts 51 and 52...two forward 5 inch 38 caliber gun mounts carrying two 5 inch naval guns each.

The tape is time compressed meaning a lot of dead air was deleted from the original recording.

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