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Any Bitcoin Miners Here?

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47 minutes ago, Goetz1965 said:

To make a money TODAY invest in FOREX - only with a couple of silver and gold trades I earned 500 Euro the last 2 weeks - with an invest of just 7000 Euro - so thats a good 7% in 2 weeks !

Well the Bitcoin and Ethereum I bought a few weeks ago for $13k are now worth over $18k so that's around 40% return in a few weeks!

Bitcoin et al cryptocurrencies seem to have a bit of a tail wind with good reasons to buy.  There are equally good reasons to sell.  Lots of experts making lots of predictions.  Some say 1 bitcoin will be worth $500k by 2030, some say it will be worthless.  Investing of any sort is a form of gambling. The outcome is never certain.  It's about making informed educated guesses.  I'm hanging on for the ride.  I don't invest more than I can afford to lose, that's my golden rule.

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THe raise actually comes from chinese buyers - as the chinese market is totally overheated and everyone waits when the bibbles there burst - they invest in bitcoin now to "save" their money - BUT a day will come again when chinese federal bank will act against bitcoin - causing a huge drop - then you have 40% loss within a minute.

You can get rich yes - but compared to Forex bitcoin is like a ride on an atombomb

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They're not investing to save.

They're doing it because it allows them to move their money out of a country which might soon collapse, because the government is restricting foreign exchange and making everyone suspicious.

Chinese exchanges are faking transaction volumes to boost the market and they own about 60% or 70% of the market. But losing 40% or 60% is no big deal. Ethereum was 1/10 of the current value last January and 40% up down has not been unusual.

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