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16 hours ago, billy said:

How is the hatchery going? When can I buy a few lobsters? Or a half dozen

   Been rather on hold for close to 6 months now, mostly due to a death in my partner's family, a small typhoon, 2 quakes ( 7.2, 5.9 quake and of course our rainy season. The crew was need in the city for the three natural events and the death of my partner's mother due to their needed skills. The rainy season made it too problematic for boating heavy materials and workers to-and-from the island and the mainland because of the high winds and choppy waters. The foul weather has finally passed so we will now start to transport the rest of the few ceramic tiles and sacks of cement and washed sand. The crew have almost finished all the damage done by the quakes at my partner's compound so the workers will be freed to concentrate on finishing the installation of ceramic tile linings of the saltwater tanks and to start the project of repairing several of the facility's weight bearing columns that experienced structural damage during the two quakes.

  I am presently locating all the needed 12v/24v DC water pumps and aerators as well as all the odd PVC pipe fittings, rubber Uniseals and large micro-bubble air stones as they are really not readily available here. Those Items will need to be purchased in the US and mailed to my son in Austin so they can be packed into Balikbayan boxes and shipped here. Most of all the other needed items for the facility can be easily found here. With luck by late Summer I will have saltwater circulating in all the saltwater tanks so I can begin all the planktonic algae cultures needed to feed the various zooplankton (rotifers, copepods and decapods) and artemia (brine shrimp). This will all need to be in operation before I even think of housing breeder pairs in the facility. I hope to be setup by this time next year and have my first brood of larvae in the larvae cones. Then it will be 6-8 months before the larvae have grown to the size to be sold to local lobster growers. My first brood will be limited to only 5,000 Stage IV fingerlings, mainly to be a test run to insure everything runs smoothly as designed. After that the facility is designed to produce 56,700 Stage IV fingerlings per brood and three broods year. I will still be doing construction and upgrades here for several years to come.

I am working right now on finishing the last of the sketches and drawings, short video clips and writing the final script for the voice over for the next Youtube video that I hope will be ready to upload sometime next week. That video will be an informative walk-through of the facility and go into detail each of the equipment, processes and procedures that will be used or implemented inside the facility. It should go a long way towards explaining just exactly what it is I am actually trying to do here.   

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