Possible Typhoon Easter Sunday (92W)

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In addition to heavy rain, we had a lot of lightning here in Mandaue during the night. It scared my dogs bad enough that they crawled under the bed.

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16 minutes ago, fordtech said:

We got a shit load of rain in Pilar, Cebu late yesterday after noon into the night. It started around 4pm and lightened up around 11pm. 

Same here in Cebu City, it came down in buckets and went on for hours as well. No wind at all. Starting late afternoon and stopped 4 or 5 am, non stop.

The lower parts of CC in the north must be severely flooded, it usually takes an hour to sink Mabolo, SM City etc. but this was going on for at least 5-6 hours.

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Pretty quiet here in our condo, I guess being up off the ground and in a concrete building, with units above, below and next to us on both sides had pretty much shielded us from noise and also with no worries of flooding or any other problems due to the storm or otherwise, I slept like a baby, of course after being out in the heat at the party yesterday might have helped knock the heck out of me. :( 

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Eight persons died in Cebu province due to heavy flooding even though Tropical Depression Crising had weakened into a low pressure area over the weekend, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

Seven of the fatalities were recorded in Carmen and one was in Danao, Romina Marasigan, council spokesperson, said on Sunday.

“Although Crising had weakened into a low pressure area, the rains continued and we had eight casualties due to flooding,” Marasigan said in an interview. “Their houses were washed away by flood waters… Flood waters have now subsided.”

Marasigan said the council was also verifying another report that 10 persons were injured after the tent they were staying in collapsed Sunday morning while they were waiting for the Salubong – the pre-dawn Easter Sunday Catholic ritual reenacting the risen Christ’s meeting with his mother, the Virgin Mary.

“They were waiting inside the tent when it collapsed because the rain water had accumulated on (the roof),” Marasigan said.

She said there were no more stranded ships passenger as of Sunday after Crising was downgraded into a low pressure area.

“Once the warning signals were lifted, the ships were allowed to sail,” Marasigan said.

The NDRRMC said on Saturday afternoon that Crising had stranded 4,581 passengers in the Bicol region and the Visayas.

It said 34 vessels and 14 motor bancas were not allowed to sail due to the tropical depression. /atm/rga

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