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Salty Dog

Filipino brides share the ups and downs of settling in America

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2 minutes ago, Sven said:

If it was meant as a feel-good article, perhaps it should not have focused on abuse and violence towards the beginning...

After all the title was ups and downs. I think just two sentences to bring the stories into context wasn't exactly trying to focus on the down side. All the stories of the couples and the their photos were of supposedly successful pairings.

However, members are free to take away whatever they want from the article. I learned a long time ago, that no matter what is posted, someone will find something they don't like, or to complain about.

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8 hours ago, Salty Dog said:

...  no matter what is posted, someone will find something they don't like, or to complain about.

No they won't.   I completely disagree with you.



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On 3/21/2017 at 5:18 AM, Jester said:

One of the biggest drawbacks I see with Philippinas marrying western men and settling in the US is the men.   I have met far too many that I would not let adopt a dog, matter of fact if they were puppys I could call the SPCA and have them removed. 

How they managed to get to the PI's and get through the immigration process is beyond me?  


Back in the days when the military bases at Clark and Subic were still around, it made it easy for young bar girls to get married to young military members and brought to the U.S. not knowing the outcome of their future. Some of the women changed their ways and did fine, but those dent on being party girls were divorced numerous times not having normal lives, until they changed their ways of settling down by eventually meeting the right guy. 

On the other hand, the once young military member now older, much wiser and have gone through many relationships primary entirely with Filipinas carrying baggage and passed around by their former husbands are again in the dating game hoping for a new life once again.

Also there are those military members who are either divorced, retired and or on a disability pension, unmarried and alone also in the hunt for a relationship to fill the void and hence they return to the Philippines to find their perspective other half, which some are succesful in doing and hence the cycle begins again once more and also for expats on the rebound doing the same. 

So, this is when some middle age Filipinas will have numerous experencies in theirs lives good and bad and to which some of their stories come to light on some expat forum. 

I myself have been around when Clark and Subic was busy and active during the VietNam era and when military men and bar girls intertwined during their shore leave and or R&R. 

And now that I'm retired, I now see many young and retired expats looking for love in the Philppines going through the simular routine as was done when the military bases were around.


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Made me think of something, back in the day a girl got married and headed for parts unknown.  The family might not hear from her for ages. 

My wife called her mom when she got to the US and since talk's to her like she lives down the street.

So the wife and I are driving on the interstate in Florida yakking with her mom who is in a Jeepny headed for Naval and the call drops.  My beautiful young bride get's upset.  I had to laugh, she has no idea!

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