Earthquake M 6.5 Northern Mindanao

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“Extensive and widespread.”

This was how Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Sadang of the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) and Bong Grajo of the Emergency Response Integration Center (ERIC) described the damage to houses caused by the earthquake that hit Mindanao on Friday night, February 10.

As of Saturday night, February 11, at least 586 damaged houses – 342 totally damaged and 244 partially damaged – in Caraga region have been reported, according to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

At least 68,113 families or 268,609 people in 183 barangays across regions X and Caraga have been affected by the quake, the DSWD added.

Prepositioned relief goods

The DSWD Central Office (CO), its field office in Caraga, and the National Resource Operations Center (NROC) have stockpiles and standby funds amounting to about P1.6 billion. More than P1.4 billion has been set aside as quick response fund.

A total of 109,501 family food packs (FFPs) worth more than P42.2 million, and food and non-food items worth more than P124 million are on standby, ready to be distributed if affected areas need augmentation.

The DSWD Disaster Response Assistance and Management Bureau (DREAMB) and the National Response Cluster raised their respective alert levels to red at 5 pm on Saturday. – Rappler.com




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State Trooper, told me once, he was " an hour south of Butuan"

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10 hours ago, Paul said:

Where is StateTrooper located? Anyone know?

Isn't he up in the mountains south of Butuan?

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14 hours ago, Tullioz said:

I came across this headline when searching for more information on this earthquake:

Anyone who has lived here for any length of time knows that his recent earthquake was not even comparable to some in the past, so I am not really sure where the idea of this one being the strongest in 100 years even came from. 

Below is an explanation of how earthquakes are measured. 



Thank you for the information.

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Vice Mayor Atty. Casurra has done an excellent administrative roll while the Surigao City Mayor has been on a leave of absence. He regularly talked through radio announcements and interviews to give his people regular updates and assessments as to progress and return of city services,,quickly initiated rescue and relief efforts. Most of the big grocery stores are closed, water out, power to only 20% and a city in shock. Today Mayor Matugas was back to take the lead with Vice Mayor Casurra by his side. and Congressman Matugas and his wife Caraga region governor Sol Matugas arrived by helicopter from Siargao Island this morning bring food relief. These four met with visiting President Duterte and toured the damage areas which secured assurances of quick assistance and relief. There are major bridges down, roadways, homes, schools and business which were heavily damaged or flattened. This strengthened spirits and hopes of the Surigao people as they know their leaders are professional, competent and will be working tirelessly to help recover and move forward in a way not seen by the governance in some areas. There is a long hard road ahead of them but they are united and together as a community.

This is why I love living in this community.. 

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Good to know that you are both okay James, hope all your friends and family are also okay..

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3 hours ago, JamesMusslewhite said:

StateTrooper lives a few hours further down South. Just got power back up a few hours ago. We did far better than many of many did in the city. The center of the quake was across from where our farm is located on Dinagat Island. No word yet how the township around our farm or my wife's family are at this time. The blackout caught us both with our phones on the charger before they had charged from the day's use. Wednesday I discovered that I had received death threats posted to me on my Facebook account. Thursday we were making calls to report the threats and I was actually sending emails to the PNP investigators.The city judge who was just assassinated was the judge who had presided over the trial until he retired last year. Two days later a city prosecutor was gun down at his home here in the city and last I heard he had been transferred to Cebu and was in serious condition. The Surigao City Vice Mayor Atty. Casurra has been receiving death threats and now I receive threats that mentioned also my wife and three PNP investigators who were involved in this murder case. I had just finished sending emails to two of the investigators and was talking with a Linc member online when the big shake hit and almost instantaneously the power went off.

There was little to no damage to the house but there was structural damage to several columns inside the facility but no collapse. We will later have to build forms and add new rebar and re-pour an outer casing on a few columns as well as several perhaps up to six new heavy columns butted up against the outside wall. These will be up against the old columns which will strengthen the old inner columns. This should avoid a structural collapse if we are hit with another quake of this intensity. This will be far easier and cheaper than tearing down walls and 2 story columns and then rebuilding the structure.

All the saltwater tanks we just built all did quite well so work will resume once the workers can resume. We had hoped to have them back on the job site in the next couple of weeks, but there is now a far more pressing need for these workers in the city. So it could now be months before the project starts here again. It will all be play-by-ear for a while here but I am not complaining.

Tis what makes life interesting on the big island of Mindanao here in the land of the never-ending Summer. Smile, adapt, adjust and just keep moving forward as if it is no 'biggie dah'. Besides one should only worry about that which one can master and not dwell or stress on that which is beyond one's ability to control. 


And thank you for those member who had thought of me and worried for me and my family, it is greatly appreciated.  


Can you describe the quake? Was is a gentle shaking or rolling, or violent? Were you able to stand during it or were you forced to the ground? How would you describe it?



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