Where to find a Quality Condo Builder

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I've seen numerous expats and Filipinos via discussion forums, Facebook, Google searches, etcetera - who are satisfied overall with their condo purchases in the Philippines.

but where? the ones I found are in Luzon and the big developers, good or bad, only came to cebu recently. Most have no prior projects here.

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Park Tower, in Cebu Business Park, was built in 1997.  That's 19 years ago.  Ayala Land development.  Hardly recent.

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but where? the ones I found are in Luzon and the big developers, good or bad, only came to cebu recently. Most have no prior projects here.



I thought you already bought yours.


Are you planning on having another one built...


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that's my post?! I thought my account was hacked  :ph34r:



since it's new I should add something:

Did I list all of them already?



PS: I did buy mine but there will be room for upgrade a few years later. can't tell until the tax and management fee start.

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You asked for Quality Condo Builders. Not for complaints. Hell, I'm sure even the best get complaints.

Depend on the nature of complaints.


Some are for very obvious problems that developers appear to have no intention to address. Some appear un-addressable because the subcontractors they're willing to pay are just incompetent imbeciles. Neither should happen if the developer is good.

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Check out base line near mango ave and the Nat book store i have been her a few months seem to be run right well from what can I see . I think the reason why, a lot of doctors  live and own here and i think a bunch Doctors  behind the building of it , as they run a good ship as far as i can see even clean all the trash can a lot with soap and water. Fog the building often  as i never seen a ant yet no flying bugs that bite, heee . Good staff and great doors and locks and no sir charge on the elec bill each month, two bills so far and i never turn the air off total for air and water under 2,600 peso both times . Seems they have a good rate.8.30 a KWR plus the vat. plenty of laundry's close and even a self washing place for 70 pesos a load i think. Bo's Coffee below on grown floor, Fast smart elevators. Nippon ,Jap ones i think, great toilets and sits, American brand good garage, on one side of the building don't want to buy or rent there as the bars on  ,that side and  street noise ,they are in the possess of building Baseline 2 ,My land lady i think has two in this building and buying in the new one also.Loud fire alarms and all units with sprinklers as i can see. water pressure ok on my floor . There will be small mall in the new Baseline when finished in two years ,I know there will be a Rustans off shoot of theirs called something like MR Welcome or Welcome . Hospitals near bye and 24 hr J bees and MD's  cab cost to Ayala mall 70piso or less as the other day did not drive on the 23 of Dec and it was 57 pesos . Also near Robinson's much cheaper than Rustans for sure i eat in the basement food area a lot 72 pesos for half dish good spaghetti and garlic bread senior  price good sauce also could be hotter as i don't tell them to heat it up for me as i want to eat and run heeee,Then there are all the food stands there with a big selection of Ph foods  and the store not bad and close to Rain Tree money changer  wish i had money and was younger might even break my  rule and buy in the new baseline , but at 77 soon not way. I just  rent only $500 a month all things paid by my land lady except water and Elec, Free parking and dues TV cignal expanded!, good speed internet most of the time ,free phone PLDT land line to all landline number's i think , and the free 1800 numbers here as the landlady has told me so i can call even the Embassy free or  the banks 800 numbers. Heck i looked at many condos in two years was the best deal i found and safe.The area could be better as always a lot of homeless around Fooda must  of the time are near the circle but i drive most of the time or go thru Rain tree area and park in front of a hotel there and give the guard  10 P ,then walk up to Robinson's and get hit with the blue pill  guys. Check it out if you think it sounds ok ,no money back guarantees,and i would not buy and wait two years and pay rent for the two years  i would buy from some older family going back home or maybe some one pass away and all the furniture in and all the work done   ,Also the always have to redo things always tiles  and pluming why deal with all that or cut the times down maybe .

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Check out ..... maybe .



Gee tonny..  Sorry to be critical.  But did you ever hear of paragraphs or carriage returns? Would make it a LOT easier to read your stuff and agree with you.;

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i do the best with my age and education as possible and spell check and the one finger near my thump, but thanks for the input, wish i had finished the 8th grade but had a strict step dad that like to use the buckle end of the belt so i got out of that place at early age!!!! Thank God  i am still here to try to help some time others, who will use the information how ever they get it, as it takes a long time  to even do as good as i do heeee

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      Was at the Quest hotel today was great but even at a senior price, was still a little pricey for me. Any place cheaper and as good for less than 400pesos ???
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      I'm driving to SFO later today (Sat) and will land in Cebu Monday morning... pretty damn excited, not looking forward to that long ass flight. I will take a small hit at currency exchange at the airport for some quick cash, then go to a Bank by the mall later on. I am bringing some cash and trying to avoid the fees for using my CC in Cebu. Lots of tee shirts, shorts have been packed, flip flops, sandals, and a pair of comfortable slip on's and short socks for the slip on's (not for the sandals  ) some American snacks, protein bars, and I plan on buying a ton of bottled water... no tap. I had a few trips scheduled but the weather looks like it will cancel a couple of them... just going to play it by the seat of my arse.  This will be my first visit in what I hope will be many. This is a precursor to possibly living there in the coming years once my mom (who I take care of) passes... I am so out of this chit state of Cali!!!. On paper I am planning on 3 visits this year, next in July, then at the end of the year, probably Christmas time (only if I am good with the first visit) I will be meeting the woman I have been talking with for half a year, and I will be meeting a member from LINC who befriended me after I got blasted by a few on here when I mentioned meeting a woman, and how I was supposedly doing it all wrong. (Thanks to Shadow for giving me some pointers) If I don't like the Phils then my next targets are Belize and Chiang Mai (possible business op with a friend) Nothing carved in stone, but I hope the Phils works for me. I'll probably be silent for about the next 2 weeks... but no promises if I feel I need to share some pics or something. In regard to pics... I noticed on here there are very few photos of of the members or things they are doing etc... shy? Scared? Protective? Too ugly?    Peace    
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      Is it just me or what is up with the mall keeping the temp so warm? The wife and I went there to go shopping today and there was no way I wanted to stick around with the temps being so warm  and apparently I was not the only one, the mall was almost devoid of people.  
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      My wife and I are listing our extra condo studio unit for sale, we bought this extra unit with the intent to move to Cebu full time but because of health issues, we will just continue our yearly stays, thus we do not need this extra unit which was intended for guests and storage, it is in Winland Tower C which is the newer tower of the two existing towers, so nothing fancy but inexpensive for a 30.27 sq meter unit, asking p1,600,000.00 CASH ONLY, that is less than half per sq meter of what most of the newer buildings going up are selling for. We will be in Cebu from February 24th to May 12th, so if anyone is interested and has cash for a quick sale then send me a message. The unit was freshly painted last May during our last stay and we left it empty.     pool area Building entrance Lobby Floor plan Photo taken standing just inside doorway, on the left is the door to the CR, to the right is the kitchen CR Kitchen Mountain view side or building so it is pretty cool in the unit most of the year, very little direct sunlight hits the unit itself. A/C hole and area to place bed etc. Shower and window to the hallway BBQ area and behind that glass is a gym with some equipment and CR's   Winland is far from top of the line but it is a decent place to live, which is close to just about all a person would need, many restaurants, banks, 7-11, coffee shops, laundry, internet cafe, McDo, Burger King, Jollibee, etc, walking distance to Robinson's Mall around 15 minutes, Osmena Circle, Ayala is close too, p60 or less by taxi or a 15 minute walk and all with low monthly and yearly costs. If a person wants top of the line then Winland will not be for them but many westerners live here and seem happy, why, because it cost so much less than many other places to live here and yet it is still very conveniently located.    Property taxes are around p3,000 a year, condo monthly dues are a little over p1,000 a month, so very inexpensive to upkeep.  Smart or Globe LTE pocket wifi works great in that unit if a person wants inexpensive internet for a full time or part time lifestyle like we do. Unit is wired for cable and telephone and has an intercom for the guard in the lobby to call up to the unit.  CASH ONLY, NO TERMS     Any other questions feel free to send me a message.    
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