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what is the best/cheapest health insurance for expats

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musicman666    1,560
On 1/2/2017 at 1:00 PM, Monsoon said:




Without getting into all the minute details, I went to the hospital to get something checked out. Doctors decided to admit me and in true Philippine health care fashion went hog wild overkill with tests.


They refused to pay a valid claim. Made excuses. They tried claiming pre-existing condition. 


I had no preexisting condition. 


There was noting wrong with me. It was a pinched nerve and cleared up on its own. 


Since that event I've had a complete comprehensive cardio physical (all day event) and my heart and circulatory system is in perfect condition. So what preexisting condition? A pinched nerve that I didn't know about whose symptoms manifested one day? Hardly. 


The hospital I went to had a resident Blue Cross rep in house and he called my room (at my request) and the excuses started to flow then. If they want to use the preexisting condition clause, they should articulate that preexisting condition. He even made the comment of, "I see you are new with Blue Cross." (I guess they consider six months is new?) So I could see right where that conversation was going, and what he was using to make his decisions - $$$,  not my condition or lack thereof. 





That was a hypothetical example. Do you really believe they would renew your plan if you were diagnosed with a chronic disease such as cancer?


For me, I don't care about paying for the runny noses, sore throats or occasional urgent care needs.  Even in the US. I want to be insured for the catastrophic things, things that would be financially draining or devastating. Blue Cross was really stupid and myopic, they tried to skate on paying a pretty low claim and missed out on years of renewals for me and many employees. I was also considering Blue Cross for the company I ran at the time with several hundred employees. Based on my experience, I strongly believe that when the chips are down Blue Cross PH wouldn't be there for you. 

I had that pinched nerve thing ....all numb down one side...boy did I think it was the heart...but after a ton of tests including a brain scan out of my own pocket it must have been just that.....SCARY for sure at the time.

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