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  1. Freeze, thaw, repeat.....
  2. Probably a lot of people have it on their must buy list. I can't find it anywhere else. Looking forward to some brats with proper GP on them now.
  3. Although that was successful, I'd modify it to have 4 cables on motorized spools at the sides of the landing area with joystick control and a camera. A drone pilot could then position it as the pilot can't see it. Like the overhead camera system used by the NFL. That would make it easier in rough seas. At a certain point the pilot would be given the down command and would just assume the stool will be under him/her. Easy enough to have a computer take care of it too.
  4. The short answer is no. I was just there and asked about GB and they said their grinder is broken. There is the USDA frozen worms as pictured above. Untouched from the picture. Why would you even display something like that? I would not even give that to my dog.
  5. Soon being today. There was half a tray left when I got there and I took half of that. Unless they have hidden boxes I didn't see.
  6. MAybe he would feel embarrassed.
  7. You're remodeling your house right? Include the shed in the permit for that.
  8. J-Men Forever is much funnier.
  9. That's what I was saying. There's lots of places to go. I highly doubt the Philippine court system is going to lift a finger in his favor until he comes here and is tried. Why bother with that hassle and expense. And I bet even if he came and got cleared he'd be blacklisted for having left before. He should write a book about this, make some money, and travel elsewhere.
  10. No water in it on the truck in the video. Was looking forward to that. Video says it arrives ready to use so I think there's some false advertising there. Yeah, I think you can get a 26' round above ground for that. If the container was the pool, as in without the insert, it might be on par cost wise. Just cut the top off, weld up the doors and cut some holes for drain, filter, etc. then the inside sprayed with something to keep the rust out of the water.
  11. Is that Gilligan in the back?
  12. Can't imagine it's cheaper than a typical above ground pool.
  13. Hard to find good ice cream here at a reasonable price. I was getting Tillamook at Rustan's until I realized it was perhaps three times what I would pay in the US. The trouble was none of the local brands made a flavor I cared much for except their higher priced small . I'm not really fond of plain flavors, I want something interesting. But about the only interesting things the locals have to put in are marshmallows and cashews, neither of which are appealing to me. Selecta now has a Black Forest flavor that I like. It's mostly chocolate, partly vanilla with some red (strawberry or cherry) swirled in. And there are small chunks of like dense chocolate cake in it. Hope it stays around at least through the summer.