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  1. re does not spell er. er, as in burger, has a short e sound followed by the rrrrr sound. It is generally a suffix. re, generally a prefix in words such as renal, starts with the rrrr sounds and is followed by the long e so you can see it;s not a match. re is only confused with er by unfortunate folks who have spent a dangerous amount of time in an unhealthy proximity to france, aka pufters.
  2. How can a misspelling be correct? Just use the correct JMall and everyone is happy.
  3. Yeah, whenever you get hit with puti-tax make sure they know you're a resident here and not some fresh off the turnip truck newb.
  4. But I think LOOM said he already paid the ACR-I card so you can take off that p2478. But rather than trying to calculate the amount right down to the peso, why not just..... The BI agents get paid to figure out the amount and they're pretty good about it. Let them do their job. Unless of course you're so broke a few pesos could make or break you, in which case I would suggest just getting a plane ticket home.
  5. No, the correct name, the one the locals know and use is JMall. They may have some misspelled name on a sign out front but who looks at that?
  6. Seriously? Two years ago I was on vacation in the US and picked up an almost 1TB (like 960GB or whatever) SSD for my wife's laptop. I think it was PNY or maybe Sandisk. Anyway, it was like $230. I decided I wanted another for my desk about a year ago and their price was then and is now $290+. What's up with that? 2 years now and the price has climbed? That doesn't happen does it? Then yesterday I'm considering a new phone again. Seems every now and then I think about getting a new phone so I research it a bit and then decide to just see if the old one will limp along for a while more. Anyway, I search BestBuy for "unlocked Samsung" and see the S8+ is out now and about $725 new, and they have an "open-box" price of $635 (~p31,750). Considering the local price of p46K this doesn't seem too bad. Don't go looking for that price though. Today it's now listed at $825 and open box at $742. What's the deal? Since when does the price of stuff like this go up?
  7. 1 round trip a week. There's also a Super Shuttle RORO with 3 r/ts a day to Bogo. http://www.cpa.gov.ph/external/sailing_schedules_cebu-leyte.pdf
  8. Well, at least we know you weren't the source.
  9. He said/she said? No, not hardly. It would be "arrogant rude RICH foreigner said/poor innocent abused filipina said." Guess how that goes.
  10. The letter starts, "This pertains to the information received from a reliable source..." I think the public can handle a little false alarm anxiety better than gas trucks exploding all over anxiety, especially if the gov't knew it was coming and didn't warn anyone. Terrorist? You think 1 terrorist is going to launch suicide attacks throughout the country on the same day? I place far more confidence in my own ability to avoid potential target areas and situations than I have in the PNP stopping a coordinated islamic threat.
  11. Actually it said nationwide but feck the country, Manila's in danger. With less than 6 days left I think it's time the people were warned. When were they going to hold this for? Maybe wait and see if it does happen and then say something about it being known in advance but not verified or something? Maybe it would be a good idea if propane truck and other fuels drivers were on high alert.
  12. I would take care of the overstay immediately. That's you first priority. You said 5 months since your last extension. You mean 5 months since you got one or you're 5 months overstay? Either way, take care of it. Once you are up to date, then ask about the ECC. I don't think they need to see your ticket but you should have a date. No problem to put a reservation on hold until you have the ECC in hand.
  13. A 6 month extension costs the same as 3 2-month extensions and saves having to go to the BI 4 times. Different 2 month extensions cost different amounts as different fees come up during each 2 month period. Bring 12-14K to get a 6 month extension and you should be able to keep some of it.
  14. Yeah, any time you put yourself in a potential deportation/blacklist situation it is not a minor matter and they could do that by overstaying 5 minutes.
  15. Hope you can come up with a good excuse for overstaying. Maybe you can get a Dr. to sign off that you went into a coma just before your last extension expired.