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  1. I think I'm going to go with the cheap actuators just get to work out any bugs. Then if they fail I can go with the strong ones. I normally go for better quality for less problems later but the cost difference is so high on these...
  2. Solar panels are fairly light but seem fairly strong. On a roof, no problem with wind but on a tracker I wonder about wind damage. If a panel was supported by steel braces across the back at say 25% and 75% of the height of the panel and standing up at 90 degrees awaiting the rising sun and a strong wind came from the east, would that be a problem for the panel or more the problem for whatever it's mounted on? The reason I'm asking is partly due to the strength of the actuators used to move the panels. There are fairly cheap actuators (~$30) with 300+ lift force and then some with as high as 7000lb force for like $250. The tracking system should be balance so the panels can be moved around with one finger without the actuators attached so the only reason I can see for high strength is if it is fighting wind. The other reason is because some tracking controllers have a wind speed input so you can park the panels at a safe angle in high winds but I wonder if that's due more to having weak actuators than the panels themselves?
  3. Me thinks some senator got stuck behind someone txting at a light.
  4. The 24 or 48 hours starts when you buy it right? Or can you state the day you want it to be valid? If you can buy it, get through the embassy and then depart the US in the validity period it might work. Actually, you'd have to get through the embassy and then into the Phils before it expires to be safe. That might be tough for some.
  5. But it's only real for 24 hours, right? To get the 9A you have to mail or go to the embassy and have your itinerary. So if you lived near an embassy I suppose you could go to the embassy in the morning and fly out in the afternoon.
  6. You should call and say, "Are you the guy with my $11.3M?
  7. Good reason to get a 9A before you leave then. Part of the 9A app is to provide your itinerary. So you still have to have an onward ticket but then it's all approved and you're ready to go. Don't know if the embassy would accept a flyonward ticket though.
  8. Thanks for the ride lady.
  9. Foreigner on 13A - yes. Filipina with US Green card - I don't think so. Other country combinations - who knows? No, passports are only for citizens.
  11. My wife showed me a letter from the mayor (fb) saying that a typical janitor making p5K per month was paying more taxes than a branch of BDO.
  12. Free shipping & handling, doesn't say US only.