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  1. Very OLD news regarding antibiotics in meats. Virtually all the grocery stores in my area have been offering a respectable selection of antibiotic-free meats for years.
  2. Are Cebu Condos Quake Proof

    Agreed. I believe the 2013 Bohol quake registered right at about 6.7 in Cebu City, definitely a pretty strong quake - yet none of the many high-rise condo buildings sustained any significant structural damage - including the older ones built prior to the 21st century. Even my asawa, who's somewhat of a worrywart about a number of things, isn't the least bit worried about our condo building being "brought down" by a quake.
  3. How often do you tip taxi drivers?

    ^ Simplistic rule is more like it. My Filipino wife, who lived for years in General Santos, Cebu City and Manila - and has ridden in a whole bunch of cabs in all three cities - says your simplistic "rule" is too much. She states that most of the Filipinos she knows/has known (family, friends, acquaintances) will typically round up to the next 10 pesos, regardless of the size of the fare: P71 > P80, P224 > 230, etcetera. If you feel like overtipping, go for it. I'll stick with my asawa's advice. I always carry small bills and 1, 5 and 10P coins, so I don't have to worry about cabbies who claim they have no change.
  4. Suspended until further notice, but should eventually come back. Probably not until the last half of next year though. PAL is in the process of acquiring some new transatlantic planes, and the new international terminal at Mactan-Cebu Airport is supposedly on schedule to open in June of 2018. Once those two things are completed, look for the return of a non-flight stop from LAX, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some other major airlines add non-stop Cebu flights.
  5. Are Cebu Condos Quake Proof

    The October 2013 Bohol Earthquake registered at least 6.5 in Cebu City, which is a pretty strong quake. None of the many high-rise condo towers suffered any significant damage. Modern Philippine high-rises built in this century have excellent resistance to quakes.
  6. whats the best pocket wifi?

    Ditch the Sun sim card and buy a Globe sim card for your Philippine phone. Then buy the Globe Tattoo pocket wifi pictured below for P1295:
  7. An old woman alone on a cruise ship

    I agree, which is why I don't believe that living on a cruise ship year around is financially feasible for the vast majority of middle class retirees.
  8. Mandalay Casino Las Vegas Shooting

    Security at the casino hotel was obviously grossly incompetent. That POS got MORE THAN 10 LONG GUNS past security.
  9. Mandalay Casino Las Vegas Shooting

    Filipina Marilou Danley has been thoroughly questioned by U.S. law enforcement authorities, and is NOT considered a suspect in the case. From the Daily Mail:
  10. An old woman alone on a cruise ship

    You also pay for bottled water on many cruises, it's usually not included in the base price. Princess is owned by Carnival Corporation. Internet service is where a lot of cruise lines screw the average customer - a cost of 75 cents PER MINUTE isn't uncommon.
  11. Supersurf999 and several other Globe plans are subject to their fair use policy. If you surpass their data limit, your speed will be throttled from 4G LTE down to 2G. At 2G speed, downloading and streaming large files are difficult to impossible. So you can pretty much forget about downloading/streaming movies and videos, online games etcetera - until you're restored to full speed. .
  12. An old woman alone on a cruise ship

    10 Hidden Costs on Cruises:
  13. An old woman alone on a cruise ship

    You'd also have to be pretty well off financially to live on cruise ships year around. Most middle class retirees couldn't afford it.