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  1. Amen! Can you imagine any other industry trying $hit like that? What if you checked in a hotel and had already occupied your room, then some hotel employees come knock on your door and tell you you have to leave immediately because they need the room for some of their employees - and threaten to have you removed by the police if you refuse?! It would be preposterous, as were the actions of United in the Dao incident. "Bumping" situations are supposed to be handled on the ground before the passenger is allowed on the plane. But once the passenger is allowed to take his seat on the plane and his checked luggage is on the plane, then removing him is total BS. Not surprising and rightfully so, Trump's Department of Transportation is investigating the incident for possible violations of federal consumer protection laws.
  2. Check with Atlantic Hardware in Mandaue or Cebu City. Google is your friend.
  3. Foreigners can legally possess/purchase/own firearms now? Or is the LTOPF in your wife's name?
  4. Chicago Aviation Police (CAP) recording of initial call in David Dao incident, which proves that they knew in advance that Dao wasn't creating a disturbance and did not pose a threat. Official CAP standard operating procedures forbid them from entering a plane for the purpose of enforcing airline business decisions like this incident, oversolds etcetera. CAP are only authorized to get involved if there is a clear threat to safety and/or security. United Airlines and CAP both screwed the pooch, and UA had to pay. Justice well served. .
  5. Russell Johnson (The Professor) died in 2014 at the age of 89. Natalie Schafer, Jim Backus and Alan Hale have all been deceased for over a quarter century.
  6. Dawn Wells and Tina Louise are still alive.
  7. Bob Denver died of cancer in 2005 at the age of 70.
  8. Your statement is demonstrably false. A voluntary tip and a mandatory service charge are NOT the same thing. Do you understand the difference between VOLUNTARY and MANDATORY? We were talking about tipping at restaurants, then all of a sudden you interject a straw man about a Latino at a gas station adding 18% at the pump. Virtually all gas stations in the USA have been self-service for years. Nobody tips at self-service gas stations, and nobody in this thread is advocating such a thing.
  9. You are correct. That's a straw man fallacy that is inevitably brought up by some people who argue against tipping. Accusing tippers of being extravagant is a similar fallacy. I NEVER tip when I receive bad service. I've refused to tip numerous times over the years after receiving poor service, whether at Waffle House or a 4-star restaurant. Tippers are being "extravagant"?! On meals costing $10 or less, I usually tip a dollar. In more expensive restaurants, rarely more than 15%. Zero tip if the service was bad. Anybody who calls that "extravagant" is quite simply not being intellectually honest.
  10. If you watched the video in Salty's OP and paid attention to what was said, VOLUNTARY tipping is EXACTLY what the smug AH was talking about banning. If voluntary tipping is done away with, you'll end up with mandatory service charges and/or higher food prices, and worse service. Period. If anybody doesn't want to leave a tip under a voluntary system, then don't tip. I couldn't possibly care less. I won't criticize them. But nonsensical arguments like alleging Americans who tip are "screwing up" Asia are utter BS and quite simply laughable. I'm with Smokey, I will continue to tip for good service, and anybody who doesn't like it needs to suck it up and deal with it.
  11. If you wanted to dive daily in El Nido, PP would not be a good option. It's probably at least 4 hours by van from PP to El Nido, and considerably longer than that by bus. Minor airline AirSWIFT offers daily flights direct to El Nido from both Cebu and Manila. Major Philippine airlines like PAL and Cebu Pacific don't have service to El Nido, but they do service Puerto Princesa from Cebu and Manila. If you choose to fly into PP, you would need to catch a van to El Nido from San Jose bus terminal in PP. There are multiple van companies servicing the route to El Nido.
  12. Taking that into consideration, Puerto Princesa is the only place on the island that would be suitable for a permanent residence for an older foreigner. Far and away the best medical and dental care on the island is in PP. Also, PP is recognized as the "cleanest and greenest" major city in the Philippines. Don't take my word for it - Google is your friend.