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  1. Very inflammotory comments ! So now we are stupid. Doomed ?? A society that has existed for 2000 years ! as always half facts to justify a point. I believe you're American. None of the above apply to the USA of course ? how do you stop anyone visiting or running any sites, there are little restrictions on the World Wide Web. Are you saying this doesn't happen in your country ? Does all immigrants in your country assimilate?? You don't have specific areas of Chinese, Mexican or other areas where 1 particular nationality congregate ? This happens in most countries. Refusing to assimilate is not protected by law, people are free to live their lives as they wish, do I agree with it, probably not but you can't force someone to mix with others if they don't want to. My only point would be that they should have some degree of English to be able to at least communicate. The cleric problem you mentioned doesn't happen now as we now deport them if they are not British citizens and if they are they can be imprisoned for inciting violence. Recruiting does happen but not overtly and not necessary in mosques. Would I like things to be different... absolutely, would I stop all mosques existing... would I like all 30,000 on the watch list to be interned, would I like London to be as it was in the 60's .....yes ....but it's not possible. London will be here for the next 2000 years and what's happening this century will just be a blip in history.
  2. I feel safe in London especially at the moment with so much police presence, I was having a pint in a pub under London bridge that night then walked to London bridge station but it was an hour earlier. I have been closer to trouble in Manila when I lived there, saw 2 guys shot dead in Makati and was there when the tank busted through the doors of the Peninsula for the alleged military coup. Don't know the answer to these terrorists attacks, will leave that to the intelligence agencies + the government but the chances of actually being involved is very low. I just get on with life as always.
  3. Whitton is good cos it's near Twickenham and Richmond I like Uxbridge, 10 mins walk to town, Tube station + gym & sports hall. my needs are minimal these days
  4. Whitton I know it well I used to coach sports in that big bell tent like sports hall in the sports centre there. I used to live in Chiswick then hounslow now in Uxbridge
  5. chiswick, Richmond, Twickenham ?? all nice areas or is it Hounslow
  6. as an aside, I was walking home last night along the pavement, crossing an entry to a local government building, there was a car parked blocking the pavement with 2 female occupants, I had to walk into the road, round railings to get back onto the pavement, I pointed out to the driver that she was blocking the pavement so no one especiallly disabled could access the pavement, I got a tirade of abuse ! the passenger was a lady in a niqab (you can only see the eyes) I thought that dress was for religious reasons, she was the one that started screaming that I was a racist c--t, I asked what word did I use that was racist, reply was We just know that you are a racist c--t ?? they both joined in screaming at me, I tried to explain that my son is half asian but they simply said NO then continued with the RC, I was beginning to get angry but luckily a security guard came out and suggested that I leave as me being there was inflaming the situation so I did. No wonder passions get inflamed with attacks like that. the racist card is always the one played. To be fair maybe as it was soon after the London attack they were expecting some kind of attack on them and thought that I was it ???
  7. yes anyone that is brown is Asian to Brits but generally it's the 3 nations I mentioned above. They generally wouldn't include Chinese or Japanese in that. Indians are by far the majority so over the past 40 years Asian = Indian to most brits.
  8. broden was asking what does the uk people normally associate with "Asian " not a definite list of actual Asian countries.
  9. At least 20 injured. Armed police flooding London in case of copycat incidents
  10. Generally Asian would mean Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi. 4 dead. 1PC 2 civilians and the terrorist
  11. the "what if" questions ... ""all laptops set to blow at the same time"" As I said in my previous post according to the "experts" the explosive is too small to control remotely NOT that it would only do small damage, how or why I have no idea. They suggest that they HAVE to be activated manually NOT a timer..... again how or why is above any knowledge that I have. The UK have only instigated this against 6 countries V the US 9, my "what if" question is what if the terrorist reroutes to enter from another country. This will never involve me as I will never enter the UK from any of the 6 banned countries
  12. Listening this morning to interviews with air "security experts" in the UK, apparently the size of explosives contained has to be so small to pass through scanners without being spotted. Therefore they believe they would only be used to activate near a window, they would not be able to activate remotely and even if the planes altitude activated it they say it would cos even less damage in the hold as it is more secure, I presume by "secure" they mean the body of the plane is reinforced in that area. I have no problem with this as someone said just wrap it up carefully, would rather have the possibility of a damaged laptop than the possibility of crashing to the ground holding onto my seat !!!
  13. Of course he won't spend a day in prison he will just pay a fine.
  14. The truth is that most people don't understand the meaning of some of the words they use. I guess most wouldn't know the difference between a paedophile, herbophile and a child molester.