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  1. I was fortunate to join the scheme in 2007, before the new regulations came into play. Hence I only pay an annual renewal fee equivalent to US$10.00. So for me the scheme has been worthwhile. However, I would never have considered it under the present arrangement. I feel they've probably lost far more potential candidates by introducing this outrageous annual increase that they could ever hope to claw back.
  2. I have been with Standard for a fair while now. In January the missus had a front tyre blowout. The wheel rim dug in the tarmac and dragged her 2014 Kia Sportage over to the kerb where it skittled 9 (yes, Nine) motorcycles. Standard in Dumaguete where exemplary in handling all nine claimants as well as 183,000 pesos damage to our vehicle. Delighted with their service.
  3. My experience over the last 13 years mirrors that of Shadow. We have always used the aircon buses and most (not all) of the time they have been far safer than their non-aircon brothers. I particularly recall one ride from Carcar to Cebu City and I actually thanked the driver for such a pleasant trip. He was completely safe - smooth and did not make even one "dodgy" overtake. Would that all PSV drivers were like him!
  4. As also mentioned by Skywalker - buying one that is already registered is really the only way if you live in Cebu. Out in the sticks it is not a problem however - I waited almost 2 years for my plate here in Dumaguete but enforcers couldn't care less!
  5. Having read extensive coverage of this event in the Brazilian press, one further point has come to light. This was not the first time this particular aircraft had made a flight to the very outer limit of its fuel reserve. It appears that a few weeks earlier it transported the Argentine national side under similar circumstances. Perhaps sadly, it was just an accident waiting to happen.
  6. We live just around the corner from Shadow in our newly built place in Valencia, up the road from Dumaguete. The setting is as if we were in the middle of nowhere, just one native house can be seen from our terrace. yet we are a seven minute walk to the plaza in Valencia and a 15-minute drive from the supermarkets and facilities in Dumaguete. Again, a compromise - we have the seclusion of provincial life but don't have far to go for our creature comforts. Works for us.
  7. As Headshot so rightly stated, this is in no way unique to this country. An English friend was visiting me in Brazil years back, and prior to coming out, had taken a few Portuguese lessons. It was very entertaining to hear him try out his language skills on our crew in Rio. Unfortunately for him, his pronunciation was hopeless and no-one understood a word he said. His reaction: "These people are idiots - they can't understand their own language"!
  8. I recently applied for an Oz visitor visa for my gf for a forthcoming trip to stay with her best friend and Aussie husband in Sydney. My visa was approved online in a matter of minutes (UK passport). I elected to use an agent to process hers however. We provided all of the following: Letter of invitation from Aussie husband of her pal along with xerox of their passports (Australian and Philippine respectively). Letter from self confirming I would fund trip and copy of bank statement to corroborate ability to do so. GF's bank statement (with a very healthy balance) Copy of gf's land and house title deeds Copy of documents for her car Copy of our 18-month old daughter's birth certificate Pics going back five years to prove steady relationship All the above intended to show that she had solid reasons to return to the Philippines. Visa granted with no problems. Our agent advised us that what might seem like overkill is the way to go. Provide anything and everything to demonstrate the likelihood that the visa holder will depart Oz rather than overstay.
  9. One expects nothing else with the Guardian. Any further to the left and it would fall off the edge lol!
  10. A very good and well informed friend of mine built a large house a bit further up the Transcentral in Bonbon and researched that area extensively prior to acquiring his property. What fivestarph says is bang on the money. They started to develop the area seemingly unaware of the instability issues. There are a couple of houses in situ - one a very imposing place owned by a Japanese who subsequently couldn't give it away and must have lost a large chunk of change in the process. My pal showed me round the area - we were on bikes - and it was an eye-opener. In places the road has simply dropped a couple of meters - not good. Ayala must also have lost a packet - but then again - they can doubtless afford it!
  11. I too was fortunate to join the SRRV back in 2006. 10,000US$ deposit in local bank and ten bucks a year to renew the ID card. No ACRs or visits to BI since then so for me it has been well worth it. Under the current scheme I would not find it so attractive though!
  12. @ TheWhiteKnight - Glad it all went of well. Exactly mirrors our experience as I related earlier in this thread. On a positive note, the female interviewer in our case reassured us that this would not be a regular event - they were focusing more on new passport holders. here's hoping!
  13. @ aqd: I lived in Thailand for a fair few years, as i believe Skywalker also did. I can assure you that in the eyes of the Thai people, the country has died tonight. He was a revered monarch and loved by his people. You had to have lived there to understand the depth of feeling for him. A great loss.
  14. I have the same plan here in Valencia (Dumaguete). When I saw their new flyer for 10 meg connection at 1299 I called them up babout an upgrade. They were delighted to oblige - said they would up it to 10 meg with 100 gig a month cap. When I asked them what my present, allegedly unlimited package is good for, I was initially assured that it was indeed unlimited. However, I pushed the point further and the agent subsequently informed me it was actually 150 gb a month. Hence giving with one hand and taking with the other. Consequently, as the present service works just fine, even with YouTube videos and the like, I chose to stay with what I've got.
  15. Had same experience as Mikala last year when exiting on gf's new passport en route to Thailand and the MotoGP in Malaysia. Like Mikala, we had everything except the kitchen sink as far a documentation goes. They even asked if we had our daughter's birth certificate (she wasn't travelling) - which we did. The female officer who conducted the interview was pleasant but extremely thorough..And yes, allow yourself plenty of time in case of a backlog!