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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. Got 2 condos, one in NCR, the other in the US, both in the gated community (full-time security, management and maintenance personnel, so no problem just lock it up and go, one usually empty but the Dyson and robot vacuum cleaners do a really good job, most kitchen stuff, gadgets duplicated in both places, no worries using the remotes ), a full-time driver in NCR, we pay his salary, usually drives our niece to/from kindergarten, otherwise waiting for our arrival, wife’s sis usually go there a few days before we arrive to turn on the CB's, we pay the condo fees the whole year at once, electricity/water, cellphone/internet all auto-pay, no other payment, no mortgages, no monthly fees, no "downfalls", no worries, nada
  2. Sugar is made up of fructose and glucose. The molecular structure and composition of sugar molecules are the same no matter where they come from. The only good thing about fruits is Vitamin C… Artificial sweetener, many studies, many lawsuits… Only safe sweetener seems to be stevia (naturally grown)… Drink these, if you can find them around where you live...
  3. My fruit juice: 1 small glass of red wine, red or white seedless grape (2 to 5) into a tall glass, pour 1 can of Schweppes club soda (no sodium) Schweppes black label soda water @Robinsons... Also, S.Pellegrino...
  4. http://avherald.com/h?article=4a80773d A PAL Philippine Airlines Airbus A340-300, registration RP-C3435 performing flight PR-212 from Sydney,NS (Australia) to Manila (Philippines) with 220 passengers and 12 crew, was in the initial climb out of Sydney's runway 34R when departure control queried the crew "are you aware that your landing gear is still down?" The crew affirmed and indicated they might need to return to Sydney requesting to level off at 5000 feet and be vectored for a hold while working to retract the landing gear. ATC subsequently instructed the aircraft to climb to 8000 feet due to air space boundaries. The aircraft remained in the holding for about 35 minutes, the crew advised they would have no nose wheel steering, requested a tow truck and would be stopping on the runway. The crew requested a long final for runway 16R. The aircraft landed safely on runway 16R and was towed off the runway. A ground observer reported the #1 engine (CFM56) thrust reverser was inop during landing roll. The airline reported the aircraft returned due to operational requirements.
  5. But they took off and flew for about 2 hours, possibly to reduce the fuel down to the landing weight... An engine failure, a generator failure, an A/C pack failure (aircon/pressurization), partial hydraulic systems failure (flight control) but most likely half the CR's became INOP?
  6. Does not work with IE11... No problem with MS Edge... They may have upgraded their web pages to the MS Edge compatible (no Active X support, etc. *), as MS Edge is their default browser now... * https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2015/05/06/a-break-from-the-past-part-2-saying-goodbye-to-activex-vbscript-attachevent/#75aTHlWvwrdbowOj.97
  7. We can withdraw from our accounts… at China Bank, free withdrawal anywhere within NCR, outside NCR PHP100 fee, have withdrew similar amounts many times at Subic, Clark, Mactan and at SM Cebu branches. Similarly, OK with any BDO branch, either PHP50 or 100 fee, I don’t remember… At least, they can see our signatures online anywhere within the Philippines – I do not know if they can at other banks… We only have an ATM account with BPI but it’s limited to PHP20,000 a day… so, it may take 10 days to get PHP200,00! You may have to have your own account where you want to cash (or deposit/cancel) your own Cashier’s Check, if I remember correct... we only used it to pay for our cars and condos… Hope it helps...
  8. Well, we filed online yesterday for wife's mother, sis and her 2 kids to visit Disney (LAX): the earliest interview date is 26 April, next Wednesday – will see what happens...
  9. Hmmm, I'd appreciate it if anyone can suggest the best way to be "re-accommodated" on Delta! Should we buy economy, economy plus or business tickets, direct from DL, through a travel agent? Any suggestions? http://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/15/delta-says-it-will-pay-passengers-up-to-nearly-10000-to-leave-seats-on-overbooked-flights.html?__source=yahoo|finance|inline|story|story&par=yahoo&doc=104406978 When my MIL and SIL visas approved, I would definitely buy them DL tickets – if they can get $10,000pp, or even $5,000, the cost of their travel would be paid for...
  10. Wife has a MacBook Pro, iPhone7 and an iPad Air 2 (which she does not use much). As a univ student, she uses her MacBook daily and wants to have more screens to open multiple programs. I have a 3-monitor, top of the line Windows machine which I seldom use (I use my SurfaceBook and Surface 4 more) and I offered her my Windows machine but she refuses to “convert” to the Windows’ side… Her BD is coming up and I would like to give her a surprise gift but is there a way to hook up multiple monitors to MacBook Pro or any way to “connect” both iMac and MacBook Pro together? I understand there will be a new iMac by October this year so should I refrain from buying an iMac? What would be the best way to have 2 or 3 monitors with a Mac computer? Since I do not know much about Apple products, researching on apple.com does not help me much... Any advice will be appreciated…
  11. I have been told that the first thing "they" do is write a letter to BI, not PNP, to prevent your entry or arrest you at the immigration. The best thing you could do is apply a visa at a Philippine Consulate. If they issue you a visa, chances are your are clear. Even if you are admitted, however, I would stay away from the PNP Region (e.g., 7 for Cebu) where you had your problem before...
  12. IATA is just a trade association of the world airlines (about 83%), not regulatory authority. As such, they would not be responsible for any errors or omissions re their Q&A or similar informative statements… I would suggest you go to the United information pages https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/destination/default.aspx, then use their link to the appropriate agency (e.g., State, TSA, ICE) or just Google your question, then directly go to the department or agency in question… It would be "safer" for you/your wife to rely on their directions...
  13. All I wish it would come out of this is a separation of United and Continental as before...
  14. Either way, the difference is about 100nm which translates about 15 minutes of flying time… So, which airport you choose depends on the shortest connecting time at the airport. SFO or LAX, you study the airport chart and it would be easy to navigate (or use the A-GPS map on your cell phone). As long as you got a global entry card, any airport is OK MNL-SFO-DFW 6071nm, 1273nm Total 7344nm MNL-LAX-DFW 6348nm, 1073nm Total 7421nm If you are in Cebu, again it wouldn't make much difference which airport you connect, the shorter the connecting time the better. I guess it’s up to you but I would stay away from going to Korea for the time being… CEB-LAX-DFW 6382nm, 1073nm Total 7455nm CEB-ICN-DFW 1630nm, 5945nm Total 7575nm Note: These are the “Great Circle” routes and they most likely fly longer (but faster) east-bound routes during the winter months to take advantage of the “Jetstream”… The route from ICN is usually over Tokyo then south of the Aleutian Islands... but it all depends...
  15. Thank you!