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  1. Singapore to london 1 way 199 sig $ return$ 319 sounds ok if some one looking for 1 way flights ,looks like a over night in singapore to london but back maybe not. https://coconuts.co/singapore/news/one-way-singapore-london-flights-budget-airline-prices-will-soon-reality-come-september/
  2. I go from cebu via kl on AirAsia. It's just under 4 hrs cebu kl. An just under 2 hrs kl to pp an u would have 4 hr stop over if u go the same day
  3. Ye I was just needing a bit to get outa the airport They don't have any at the place upstairs at ayala
  4. I just wondering if any one has some Vietnamese Dong they want to get rid of? I am near ayala. I know about upstairs in ayala Thanks
  5. there has been i serous indecent in Melbourne central with at least 3 dead ,run over by a car ,20 injured ,they say not terrorist related at this stage http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-38685972 https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2017/jan/20/car-pedestrians-melbourne-bourke-street-mall-live
  6. Be no probs I always have about 100 or more pills with me in my Carry on bag. I travel from aust. Malaysia. Singapore Cambodia. An the phils all the time an never had any probs
  7. i know its not a australian passport ,but i renewed my new zealand one, in sydny ,and did it all online and was able to get it dhl to any destination in asia for extra 25$, an would think an aust, one would be similar ???? check the aust govt website on renew passports https://www.passports.gov.au/passportsexplained/pages/quickadultrenewalguide.aspx
  8. Vikings Cebu BranchADULT RATE: Adult Weekday Lunch: 688 (+5% service charge) Adult Weekday Dinner: 888 (+5% service charge) Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 888 (+5% service charge) KIDS RATE: Kids below 3 ft: FREE Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Lunch: 188 (+5% service charge) Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Dinner: 288 (+5% service charge) Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 288 (+5% service charge) Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Lunch: 388 (+5% service charge) Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Dinner: 588 (+5% service charge) Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 588 (+5% service charge) 1) Birthday celebrant of all ages can avail the birthday promo on the day itself and on their birthday month. 2) Celebrants can eat for free ON THE DAY of their birthday on both lunch and dinner, as long as accompanied by ONE FULL PAYING ADULT. 3) Celebrants can eat for free for ONE MONTH on both lunch and dinner per day, as long as it is within the month of his/her birthday and accompanied by FOUR FULL PAYING ADULT.
  9. yes last time i went u get free flow beer and saki included in the price,actually its 888 plus 5% for evenings and weekends and 688 plus 5% for weekdays lunch
  10. yes vikings is good ,go 3 times to try every thing?? ,i think it might be more than that though, as there is a lot a different stuff to try ,with about 6/8 different roast meats ,and oysters, only at the weekend with free flow beer ,and saki is a must ,and a great selection of fruit shakes about 990 pso evenings and weekends i have to get my seniors card, as they give 20% discount which then makes real good value
  11. ok so what would u suggest for me to buy in the way of a tv box?? and what to down load??say up to 100$ ?? for the box,i not to interested in movies mainly sports and some thing like foxtel like i have in aust, rugby,cricket ,and lots news channels ?? an docos?? the speed i have now for the nett is about 6mbp upload, down load is .80 there is no way to get faster speed until they do the new nbn and that will be??? who knows i am in aust,
  12. does it get ant Australian channels??
  13. u just get the basic amount which is about 800,think its about 798( an as long as u have lived in australia for the last 32/36 yrs ,) a fortnight,go to the center link web, and they have a place where u can estimate it an also explains what u loose if u live over seas, https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/age-pension.
  14. ye there are no flat beds on the flights from the phils to kl .only hot seats ,with a bit extra leg room an always check the price of buying the legs separately as some times there can be a bit difference in price ,and also kl is good for a over night ,or 2 ,as u never know with budget airlines ,as i always over night just in case any delays