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  1. Been a lot of armed military in and about Pagadian City the last 4 days
  2. I am here in Pagadian City doing all that is necessary to get married. Been asked two times so far if I am afraid., once by a government employee and again by a friend of my fiancee. No, everything seems normal. Hmm, guess that should worry me.
  3. Thanks for the info, I have had my payments stopped again with no warning. This is getting old. I think this is the third or forth time.
  4. Ate at Racks shortly after they opened and it was not good at all. Gave me a comment slip, and there wasn't enough room to voice my dislikes. Thought I would give them another try when they weren't so new, guess I won't know.
  5. I pay 30p a kilo, locals pay 25p. I have 3 to 4 kilos a week, been going to the same place for over 2 years
  6. One of the first things I bought when I moved here almost 4yr ago
  7. After the 2013 earthquake, nothing is level at my place.
  8. I drove and rented a car last July. I think you can use it for 90 days
  9. I did turkey and buffet at the Waterfront last year. It was good. Wonder if Vikings on SM city will have turkey?
  10. More resturants opening than anything else, but the mall is pretty empty still. A bar eatery associated with The Social from Ayala will open there soon.
  11. Was at Jcentre on 10/4. Got there at 10 was out at 10:40. Got my 2 month extension and paid for my ARC card.
  12. I received an e-mail from SSA that said after August 1 you must have a cell phone to receive the code to proceed with the log in. I figured it would have to be a US phone # . Just their way of making things harder on expats. Wonder whats next before O leaves office.
  13. Had a visit with her yesterday. She is very good, I would highly recommend her. She is on the second floor of the Diaz building next to Cebu Doctors Hospital. Next week she is traveling to Princeton, New Jersey for some classes.