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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.

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  1. Paul, I mistakenly asked about being "bounced" from the U.S. Politics site (hadn't been there in a while ... too sad :-)) ... but the trouble was I wasn't logged in .... sorry to whomever the moderator is for that forum ... my mistake!  Normally I'm logged on automatically but I wasn't, etc...


    1. Paul


      I am the only moderator for those forums. No worries.

  2. Thanks for the replies, gave me some good ideas. Someone mentioned budget, I should have added that. My wife is claiming that she'll pay for the hotel (we'll see if it's true). She's used to pretty nice places (when I pay) but I think she'll choke on anything approaching $200 a night (;-). I like the ideas of the night market and also using the train to get around ... disneyland is a must for wife's sister (also coming) ... but I'll try a duck it :-). Thanks again!
  3. We're staying in Cebu for the summer (Wife, daughter, self) but are planning a few days travel to Hong Kong (Disneyland. shopping and generally hanging out) ... any hotel recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  4. How about electing the member whose post are blocked by more members?
  5. I did the "rotor-rooter" opeation about 5 years back ... had to because besides multiple nighttime pee trips I kept getting urine infections. Went from 3 to 4 times a night to 1 time a night (sometime none). There are side affects though ... Sperm (whatever is left of it) dumps in the bladder instead of coming out, orgasm (feeling) is pretty much the same but no babies ...i.e. shooting blanks after 3 kids is fine with me ... just takes some getting used to it.
  6. One of my priorities has been to teach my wife (she's already pragmatic) about saving and investing. We've got the 1st part down and am working on the 2nd part. In the 3 years she's been in U.S. she's already has bank accounts in both countries. We certainly help the family alot ... everyone gets at least one boost up ... i.e. school paid for or business invested in, then they need to "pay it forward"! Of course parents are taken care of. what's the old saying something about "teach them how to fish" ....
  7. When discussing universities with my son (a couple years back) he was critical of all educational institutions prefering to be an autodidact (self learner) ... he makes a point for those who are motivated to learn, it's all there in books and on the Internet. Although my daughter agreed, she countered with the concept of "signalling and certification" ... knowing something and gaining mastery is most inportant but for a young person finding there way in the world (and in the job market) degrees show some sort of discipline and knowledge. Interestingly, he dropped out of college after 3 years and now makes a good bundle computer programming in San Francisco. Actually makes as much as her with her PHD in organic chemistry. So, lots of ways to make it in the world ... academics is one of the more standard ways.
  8. I know it's just rankings but I love that M.I.T. is #1 ... makes me proud (my daughter's graduate degree)!
  9. My ex-wife had pronounced scoliosis when we married, 25 years later it was gone ... she was a regular yoga practicioner and it seems to have cured it.
  10. So the idea was to come for a month, stay in a couple nice places in Cebu City then go south for a family party and wonder around south for awhile before coming back to the city. Started out right, 3 nights in Waterfront, 5 nights in Marco Polo, etc. Reviews further down. The Interruption: I've been having knee issues sometimes causing limping along with pain. Last year when we were here I met an american about 76 years old who told me about an Accupunturist who healed him, really healed from bent over limping can't straighten up to well and walking tall. So, my wife searched for this needle doctor and after 3 days found him (Dr. Lim). So, I made an appt. and tried it. He assurred me he could help but he needed time (12 sessions) thus traveling south beyond the weekend was out if I wanted to continue (and I really wanted to give this a try)! More of the results to come in another post ( I'm only had 6 treatments so far and it's looking much better). Reviews: well most regulars know that Waterfront is nice, good gym and pool and Marco Polo is also very nice . (really excellent breakfast ... anything and everything native to western)... it's a bit pricer than I usually go for but we had just finished a trip to east coast (USA) and after New York and Boston prices these were a bargain (especially staying by Central Park makes spending money here easy). I enjoyed the swimming pools the most (with our 7 year old daughter). The traffic in Lahug is TERRIBLE!!!!!!! Much worse than a couple years ago. Of course then a small family party here near the city (Minglanilla) then rent a car and off to south. Stayed at The DaKongBato in Delaguate. Nice place, we've stayed before, a couple of pools right on the ocean, easy ocean swimming access, etc. Room for 2 to 4 people with nice balcony are 3000. Booked a bunch of rooms for relatives from the city then my wife hosted a big part on the beach in Alcoy. She had her mother rent a truck up past Mantanlongon to drive all the relatives down to the beach from up on the mountain. 50 to 60 folks ... a good time, the kids from the mountain get to play in the ocean. Back to Cebu City for more needle treatment, decide to try Airbnb. Got a small 2 bedroom condo in San Remo by Seaside SM. Very small but nice, good price ($240 for 5 nights) great swimming pool (I'm getting back up to 30 mins of laps ... decent for an old guy). Pretty isolated, can't really walkout anywhere and get anything. Got to know the mall pretty well :-). Next we're picking an airbnb condo in Guadalupe ... we move there tomorrow. I guess we'll move around Cebu City different neigborhoods and get a feel for staying there while getting more treatment for the knees. More to come!
  11. Looking on Agoda, I like Marcosa ... 2000 to 3000 per night is our basic budget range. We'll have a car so transport is not issue! Thanks for the suggestions. we'll be traveling there in a week or so.
  12. In Cebu for a month, we'll be going south next week multiple places, thinking about stopping in Moalboal for a couple days. Couple questions: 1) hotel recommendation, money isn't a big issue, I prefer a good swimming pool? 2) good beach ideas anywhere in that area? We're looking forward to snorkling. 3) any other ideas for things to see/do in south? Thanks in advance!
  13. My wife has a told me a number of times about when she 1st moved into her house that had been abandoned for quite awhile. There was a ghost in the mango tree who interupted the electricity at 6:00 pm each day and used too much water (water bill was way up). She went out to the mango tree and made friends with him (igor was his name) and told him to stop using the water. She claims both problems were fixed the next day (water bill went down and electricity was fixed) ... she's a down to earth person in so many ways and doesn't seem to be held by too many of the older beliefs, a bright lady in many ways ... so, who knows!