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  1. On Tuesday (April 11) my significant other was getting her nails done at the old market here in Himamaylan City. A Filipino came in and was selling watches. In the conversation which followed, he commented that he was Muslim and from Zamboanga City currently living in Kabankalan City. She said he was in his 20's. I didn't give it much attention at the time other than to make an off handed remark that he probably got the money for the watches from ransom money. Now, after all this recent activity, I wouldn't put it past the ASG to be canvassing the areas via soliciting merchandise for the purpose of collecting intelligence for future operations. I don't just mean potential victims, but also security conditions (or lack thereof). Now, I don't want to sound like I am Mr. Doom and Gloom, I am most certainly not going to grab the next flight out of the PHL over this or recent events, and what the vendor said could actually be all BS, but then again, perhaps it might be a wake up call for we expats in the Central/Western Visayas to become ever more aware of our surroundings.
  2. That is why I left the matter to the news story. However, even in the PHL the news doesn't always get it right either. One thing is for certain, the Aussie was definitely stabbed to death. Anything else is open to conjecture.
  3. AN AUSTRALIAN businessman was stabbed to death by his helper at his house in Sitio Ilahod, Barangay To-oy in Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental, on Saturday. Police identified the fatality as Warren Hill, 74. Investigation showed that Hill had a heated argument with 20-year-old Robert Flores of Kabankalan City when he learned that the suspect was planning to sleep with his female co-worker. Hill confronted the suspect and fired him. Flores, armed with a double bladed knife, stabbed his employer. Hill sustained two stab wounds, and was declared dead at a hospital. Flores fled and hid inside a sugarcane plantation. Inspector Raymundo Franco, deputy chief of Himamaylan City Police Station, said the police cordoned the sugarcane field, but as of 3 p.m. Sunday, the suspect failed to surface. Franco said they coordinated with Flores's parents to help them negotiate their son's surrender. Murder charges will be filed against Flores. http://www.sunstar.com.ph/bacolod/local-news/2017/03/20/australian-businessman-stabbed-dead-helper-531986 I spoke with a next door neighbor who gave a slightly different version of events, but will let the news story stand. I do want to comment that we foreigners are all visitors in this country and should remember that at all times. Treat others as we would like to be treated and that is all I have to say on this particular topic.
  4. If there are actually 51 battalions deployed to Mindanao, that would equate to approximately 43,000 troops or almost half of the Philippines Active Military (125,000). Of course, there could be active reservists in those number assigned, but that is still a lot of men in the field.
  5. I live in the province about a half km from a National Highway. We have to clean a black filmy substance from our fan blades and a/c filter at least once each month. I live in the back of a compound and always thought with all the houses and vegetation between us and a paved street, it would alleviate the grime, but it hasn't. My eldest son is constantly congested, sneezing, and blowing his runny nose and I attribute it to the local pollution. However, even where I lived in the rural Midwest (of the USA), there was plenty of pollution too. Maybe not the kind we are experiencing here, but pollution all the same with its own particular health risks. Still, I am sure, it is the sugar cane fires, garbage/leaf fires, cooking fires, blowing dust from the nearby fields/roads, not to forget the exhaust from the traffic in, as well as passing through, town which provides me the unique quality of air that I breathe. I accept it as a part of the experience (like it or not) of living in the Philippines.
  6. Interestingly, throughout my life I never felt I ever fit into society's expectations in the states. I viewed life as well as the world around me a bit differently than many of my peers, co-workers, and even classmates. It wasn't until I discovered and eventually moved to my present location on the west coast of Negros Island that I finally became comfortable with my situation in life. Here, I can be what I want to be and basically believe what I want to believe and no longer have to meet anyone's expectations except my own.
  7. I have learned to 'know your doctor' before taking his advice or suggested treatment. I agree with others that blood tests (in a public facility are not that expensive, nor are X-rays. I have dealt with quacks and yet have also had great treatment by good physicians...... however, it is not always so. This past summer I ended up returning to the states due to having cellulitis for seven weeks and the only thing the doctors were able to do was make it antibiotic resistant. Here's hoping that your infant is out of the hospital soon and on its way back home.
  8. Lucky they weren't 'executed' at the airport as drug dealers....it certainly would have alleviated a lengthy trial and future life of living in overcrowded conditions.
  9. I have always had personal goals my entire life and while several went by the wayside, there were others i did achieve....and the goals were not that expensive to accomplish. Having permanently moved to the PH in 2010, I have continued my unorthodox ways. One goal was to walk the central highway from Cebu City to Balamban, but that fizzled when I moved to Negros Island. I have walked from Kabankalan City to Bacolod (96 km) and through the mountains from Mabinay (Negros Oriental) to Kabankalan (Negros Occidental). My final goal will be to walk along the coast from Kabankalan City to Sipalay (77 km) next year....My significant other thinks I am crazy, yet she walks by my side on each trek (talk about love and devotion). For what it is worth, (and I am confident there are those in this forum who may think I am a bit out of kilter) I have truly enjoyed the views of the landscape about me as well as the looks and even comments/questions from the curious locals we would walk by. And even though I am a Kano, the majority would ask if I was a German (or as one stated that I was a GIANT GERMAN).
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  11. And, if Duterte declares Martial Law, what are we expats going to do about it? Not a darn thing. Some will most certainly leave, while others will ride the storm out and await its passing. It is not necessarily the expats who have to worry, but it's the Filipinos who violate the laws that should be concerned. However, if an expat is into drugs, well then, perhaps they might want to leave the country while they still can. As for me, I was here for three years during Marco's Martial law and to tell you the truth, this situation isn't going to drive me away from my family. We will just batten down the hatches and weather it through.
  12. If you are driving a motorcycle, you need to be of the mentality that everyone is out to get your arse. Rarely is there a second chance in an accident. AND, it is even more dangerous while driving in the Philippines.
  13. Prior to this bill, Mercury Drug had a sign which stipulated that only citizens of the Philippines were eligible to use the card. After this Act was issued they changed their signage to say that all senior citizens are eligible. The citizen of the Philippines section was removed. I am still searching.....I have used it discreetly for four years without a hassle. Was actually offered it by the community and did not go out of my way to acquire it. It certainly saves on medication as well as hospital procedures.
  14. Doesn't this from the bill say that it is approved? Sec. 4. Effectivity - This Act shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in at least two (2) newspapers general circulation in the Philippines.
  15. Just thought I would share this with the forum and you can decide whether it is relevant or not. Basically, I think it says that Foreign Nationals can have possession of Senior Citizens Cards. https://www.senate.gov.ph/lisdata/112729581%21.pdf