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  1. Fell in love with a country and don't want to leave, out of cash and no where to stay. My travel tip for the day is make a bomb joke at the airport.
  2. It is not just the PI's, I took my wife to Dunkin donuts in Florida and they were out of donuts! Dunkin DONUTS for peat sake's!
  3. The Red neck version also has aroma therapy to help cope with stress.
  4. I should learn how to add the video.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/uniladmag/videos/2803367213019653/
  6. Any girl that gives up her NFL linebacker job and joins the corps is A OK and belongs in Paris Island.
  7. At one point they were going to review all the PTSD cases. How about screening the millions of vets for PTSD that are not getting the disability. &^%$ing scumbags don't have money for that!
  8. Looks like she did it on purpose, was a lawyer filming this?
  9. I would like to agree with you, but I still have to take off my shoes and belt at the airport, take everything from my pockets and put in the tray, go through the scanner. Flying has got to be such a hassle I try to avoid it. I avoid taking my RV into Canada now, if you hit it wrong they will go through everything and keep you there for hours! Years ago I would have drove up there for the day, not now. When I was a wee lad I went to the Canadian Ballet in Canada, great beer and dancers in Canada. Coming back they did a bit of an inspection at the border on the US side. I'm drunk and have a bunch of full clips in the trunk of my car from reserve weekend. They bitched at me and let me go. Today I would be in Levenworth for the same thing and have to spend $1000's on lawyers. I'm a decorated disabled veteran and I get treated the same as the goat feckers, so from my side of the fence they have won!
  10. Things like this really make me wonder. I am sure all the people in the PI's immediately put their unused rice in the refrigerator when done. Well maybe the 20% of the people in the country that have a fridge do. The wife bought the family a fridge, I think the only time it is on is when we are there on vacation and other special occasions. The mother in law does not want to pay for the electric to run it!
  11. I'm embarrassed, how did I miss that one? Lawyer capital of the world. I thought CA was the Snowflake capital of the world.
  12. 15,000 in DC that are actually going to work, how long before the dingbats are out protesting this? I have been looking into this for a bit, I have some other projects going on but am interested in adding one hive. There is a local bee keepers club and I will get to a meeting one of these days. I noticed a lack of hives near the wife's family's house and tried to encourage them to start a hive. They are terrified of bee's and will not consider the idea.
  13. In the US we arrest them and give them a fair trail. In Israel kill them and destroy their house as they do not deserve to live there!
  14. "The jihadist next door"! On TV for God's sake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DsG9yQrdD4 2 years with one of the most extreme groups in London.