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  1. Very good lesson to be learned here. If you insist on sticking a gun in someones face do it from a few feet away.
  2. Sorry cash only, better hurry wife says it looks like her money.
  3. Check is sitting on dinning room table waiting for you, hurry so you beat wife to it.
  4. Definitely fire anyone who has experience in an extremely difficult situation.
  5. If I were a waiter I would be dumping peoples plates in their laps, if I were an airline employee I would be dragging people down the isle and throwing them off the plane. The more I am around the average person today the more I like dogs!
  6. This happened to a trucker friend of mine on the interstate. After about 50 miles of a car being on his butt, he took an exit, the car stayed right there. Night time all he can see is headlights. He pulled into a truck stop and there was a Trooper there. He pulled next to the troppers car and told him this guy had been on his ass for miles. The cop goes to look comes back and says Driver you have to see this. The guy had rear ended him hard enough to drive his car under the rear of the truck, the headlights stayed on and the wheels continued to turn. He said the guy in the car was dressed in an Army uniform and was screaming like a little girl. Had a picture but cannot find it.
  7. Curious now, if Dr Victim bought the cheapest ticket online from a 5th party reseller? If he had bought a ticket from an agent would he still have been picked?' I generally buy international tickets from an agent, to avoid problems and have someone to call if things go south. Does Chuck Norris have a travel agency?
  8. The one thing that is always an issue when I pruchase any fertilezer, suppliment, weed killer etc. The directions are always use X amount per 1000 sq ft or acre or set X type spreader on #7. On occasion it is quick and easy to figure a usable small batch, but not often. Is it too much to ask for a measurement for one plant that is X feet tall or in a 3 gallon container?
  9. OMG! You are the only one on the forum not doing it!
  10. I would guess this guy will have about 200 charges filed against him and when the attorneys show up they will offer to drop 199 of them if the civil suit is dropped and they walk away with a few bags of complimentary peanuts. Only my guess and opinion from watching Ironsides! Good thing the Asian was not Korean, Paul would be all over this thread
  11. Someone start a poll, I say some lawyer will get ahold of him and bilk him for some money, but he will not get a cent in lawsuit even if it gets to court, what say ya all?
  12. Looks like you and I are on the wrong planet, along with a couple others!