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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.

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  1. YES, Yes, yes!!!!!!! What is to be the PC to Monitor I tried PC to Amplifier. It works GREAT!!!!! Noodle, THANKS, you got me thinking! I can now also play my USA formated TV shows too, I tried and they work!!! Obviously I get UNLIMITED volume through my amp. I also double checked that dvd player and sattlelite tv still work, yep! :-)
  2. Nope, no audio out from my computer except the pc audio and headphone jack. My TV is also a computer monitor (pc ready). OMG, DUH..... maybe I should try running the mini-plug audio cord, that goes to my monitor, to my amplifier. The headphone plug did not work, but that might. Thanks
  3. Hello All, I downloaded Season 1 of CSI Miami and got the whole season in about 4 hours. It was all there and played well via my computer. For some reason unknown to me, the volume is too low for me to hear it even when I have it at 100%, unless I am sitting right in front of the computer, but then nobody else can see it. Is there any way I can increase the volume? I tried running the headphone jack to a "Y" splitter and plugged into my amplifier, but that did not work. I have a new Karaoke/dvd/cd/usb player and separate amplifier. So I copied the episodes to a disc. All files were AVI. My player would not recognize these type files. So I tried a file converter program. After 45 minutes episode 1 was only 17% complete. So I gave up on that. Did I do something wrong when I downloaded? Can I download as MP-4 files, if so, how? I was just going to give up and order the TV shows I want from the states. Then I tried to play my DVD's for the TV show "The Unit" I brought from the states and this new player does not recognize the format. I may have to drag out my USA DVD player again and see if the disc downloaded will play on that, do you think it will? Thanks in advance for any constructive advice. Ross
  4. Thanks for posting
  5. http://phen.newenergysaver.pro Does anybody know if this thing really works? They call it Power Factor Saver. It keeps coming up on my Facebook page.
  6. Not everyone stated they were in a rental property. I went on to ask if when the water was off, if there was no running water in the "quarters". I am only trying to help. You are right, a 500 gallon tank would seem a waste for a rented apartment. In any situation, even a rental, if a person wanted water 24/7, then even a smaller purchased tank and a smaller pump would do that for them. Of course it depends on what conveniences a person wants. For me, a garbage can filled with water in my cr is not something I like. Ross
  7. Hello All, I guess I don't understand how all of you are supplying water to your house. Some of you say the water is off sometimes. Does that mean you have no water to run in your house? I have a 500 gallon water tank that goes to a 1 hp pump and a 30 gallon pressure tank and the hot water tank. I have water running in my house 24/7 unless the power goes out. When the power does go out and I need water I can get water from a tap on the tank and bring it into the house where needed. As far as the grey water, I agree, use PVC pipe and run it further down. If it is your own house, maybe consider having small septic-like covered pits put in for the grey water to run too. Ten it will naturally go into the ground and no smell. We have been here nearly 6 years and had no problem (knock on wood) with either of the two drainage pits. One is for the master bath and the other is for the guest bath and kitchen. These are just suggestions and may not work in all situations. Ross
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the post.
  9. I buy the large pak of frozen beef patties, 18 one third lb. Then when I need ground beef for a hot dish or something, I just use that.
  10. Hello All, Where can I find Geranium plants or seeds on Cebu? Ross
  11. Went this past Weds to J Center. In and out in 30 minutes. They still did not have my new ACR card even after 3 months!!!!
  12. Yes, birthday person is free at Viking. We thought it was Awesome, food and service. A very good variety of food. I will need to go there at least 3 times to try everything. They even have pizza. Looking forward to trying that, hope it is good.
  13. You use which one, DoD Overseas Express Scripts or Express Scripts?