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  1. Gaisano Metro Aayala. Go zigzag through the Aisles. Lots of good stuff in the Imported sections. There is also a complete rack of Spices from McCormick, ( eoow) Maggi and Knorr. But they are standing kind of Free and change location always. Gotta look around. Whitegold is cool, but not as good. SM Hypermart ( former MAKRO location) is getting better by the minute. They have two areas, one for the average customer and one for the 'Pro's" ( That would be me, right?) at the very back wall with huge packs and some "seldom seen" stuff. @Roger(only): if you need Spices, let me know which and i get them for you Wednesday. Have lost ur CP nbr. if you need real Curry powder from India, I got a Kg, you can "borrow" a cup full.
  2. I don't think anyone in the rest of the world cares any more about this case 8until a conviction is happening. And the biggest laughing stock in the world are still the decisions of the COLOGNE AMTSGERICHT Trust me , there are more jokes circulating about them than about Blond Woman.
  3. From all the money the accused or convicted (if) could have earned for the rest of his life. Simple
  4. First you got to ask your new wife where she wants to be and not what some people from a forum by all good intentions suggest. Just Imagine it would be the other way round...Meaning your future Wife decided where you live in the USA. Far away from your annoying relatives of course! With that advice to think about I suggest you travel extensively around. Since your in Cebu, start there. 1.)Get a vehicle and drive on each highway (there are only three-north, south, west) and stopover in any place appearing suitable for a few days. Minimum drive time 20 minutes without traffic.That will guarantee you a "status quo" for the next ten years. because by the going rate of expansion Metro Cebu will be in Liloan and Minglanilla soon. See Manila for Details. 2.) If I say stay a few days, this can mean months if you think you find the right place. The right place is NOT when you have met a few drinking buddies you like (that may change within a few months and they become your worst enemies.,) 3.) Again, your wife first- you won't be happy if she is unhappy, and vice versa. So you may consider going to Leyte anyway. One can't keep out a family completely, its inhuman (for Filipinos) and always resembles an Amputation. PS- I live in Balamban, that 1 hr drive west of Cebu and just enough "provincial", but not too boring either.
  5. Condolences also, although I have never met or spoken to him or his Family. Sorry about your loss mike. ----- Here are the first Paper News, I just post them without comment or meaning, I simply stumbled across them. (If the mods want to open a new debate topic, feel free) http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cagayan-de-oro/local-news/2013/02/18/police-probes-death-foreigner-268908 Monday, February 18, 2013 POLICE authorities are now investigating the death of an American national and his Filipina companion who were shot Sunday evening in a beach in Opol town, Misamis Oriental. Senior Inspector Edwin Ipan, chief of Opol Municipal Police Station, identified the fatalities as Michael Allan Turner, 51, temporarily residing at Tiano-Gomez Sts. in Cagayan de Oro, and a certain Sandra Paredes, 19, a resident of Gaabucayan Ext. Ipan said Turner succumbed to two gunshot wounds in the head and body while Paredes also died from two gunshot wounds in her stomach from a caliber .45 pistol. Police recovered some slugs and empty shells of .45 caliber at the crime scene. “Maybe they were drinking prior to the incident since there were empty bottles in the area,” Ipan said. Paredes was mistakenly identified as Turner’s wife, Marissa, but initial investigation showed it was Marissa who called up their lawyer, Alejandro Jose Pallugna, when she heard about the news. Ipan said they are still conducting a thorough investigation on the incident after residents in the area claimed they did not hear any gunshots. Authorities theorized that the suspects “may have used silencer” on their guns. In a television interview, Ipan said police in Manticao, Misamis Oriental recovered a vehicle after it figured in an accident Sunday evening. When searched, he said police found a gun and two “silencers.” He said the vehicle is registered to Pallugna who confirmed he owned it but was borrowed by Turner. “The vehicle was involved in an accident in Manticao. The suspects even have themselves treated in a hospital there. The gun and the silencers found in the vehicle may have been used by the suspects in killing the victims,” Ipan said. He said they have already identified the suspects but refused to divulge their names pending further verification. In can be recalled that Turner allegedly had a grudge with controversial car dealer and suspected smuggler Lynard Allan Bigcas in the past due to traffic issues.
  6. CTC is based upon the income. If you got none, its cheap. If you got business and need permits from the Baranguay its costlier. I.E. I paid 752,- for mine, my loved one 1320,-. Last year I only paid 5 php, and loved one 1115,- They demand CTC from foreigners since 3 years in Balamban. Makes the counting easier. But if one don't go to pay, they don't know also. But this Year everything became stricter and more expensive. We both have now separate business and work income.(Cheaper) But then we can deduct the amounts from the Income tax again in April.
  7. I looked in my Immigration Lawbook,( Ledesma, outline of Philippine Immigration and Citizenship Laws.) it says : Section 13(a) requirements A section 13(a) visa is issued to foreigners.............. ..............© there is no record of any deregoratory information against him in any local or foreign law enforement agency; (d) he is not........... the book is printed 2000. So the law has always been clear, they can ask for clearance. However, once one is already a Resident, he does not need it anymore. Same Sentence applies in the other paragraphs 13b,c d,e,f, and soon. So bring your Police Clearances from abroad. One can get it through the embassy, but its more expensive and time consuming.
  8. I do not want to quote anyone in particular,but some here seem to overlook some factors in the News Article i posted. Mainly: First: it is perfectly ok for a Pinoy to go to Malaysia to work there. It's an ASEAN state and there are very good agreements and normal Job recruiting Agencies in abundance. (Even as under paid domestic helper) Also therefore Pinoys can apply for jobs freely without any recruiter. And even Travel there as tourists and then apply. It's not Saudi or Japan. In fact my wife gets Job offers almost weekly from KL, mainly from the Petrochemical industry. Second: Apparently it has been overlooked, that the "ship" which carried those people,w as not a regular ferry, but an illegal "smuggling boat". Why would one choose that route ? Third: The Filipinos aboard, unlike their counterpart which took the official boat from Zamboanga for a few hundred peso, are most likely in a very bad position. No entry stamp ( if a passport at all )and therefore no chance to complain against eventual exploitation. So mainly the female end up in brothels catering to the Oil industry. Most likely I would say actually. The Police in Borneo doesn't do much. Commonly among Pinoys in Sabah the 100 Ringit note is called "ID card". Guess why. I think one has to look first at the situation in Sabah and don't mix it up with KL or Lankawi. Borneo is still a completely different country in reality. Anyway, blaming authorities which actively try to stop the "Human Trade" is a bit strange to me.
  9. Good. Maybe that will help keep the feckin' backpackers out of the country, like we see so often here and in Thailand. I get sick of seeing those scummy bums. You heard that, he doesn't like you .. ...so get of my back !
  10. This one comes from the heart and some experience, no joke. The Age of quality freezers is over...sadly. RIP All are now made in China and last 5 years. Sometimes longer, but then its Hurray. It does not matter whether its says, GE, Siemens, Haier, Chingwonhuansycihayu LTD LLC, CI INC. , or Panasonic. Its all China. Not a problem either, i mean, what's so hard about freezer technology ?. But look at the bright side- no need to make long decisions and family conferences. Just buy the cheapest. Then dispose after 5 years. Buy a new one and safe lots of money on the Energy bill. The older a freezer, the less economic it becomes due to the aging of the gaskets, shrinking insulations etc. (Tropics suck!) Not to mention that the technology gets better and better. Wish it would be different,as i hate throwing things away, but what can one do. The Energy is just to expensive now.
  11. After reading Risingfun" I just wonder if all those erectile disfunction med's don't have side effects such as "hot blood" "ill-temperate", "grumpyness", "naggophonia" , "dry-fart-no-humour-syndrom" which then lead to the long term side effect of being banned..
  12. My kids are the same way. A month or so ago my Daughter asked me what a music tape was. Really???? lol.
  13. Aside from Fastfoods such as mentioned the question is rather . Are there any good restaurants open after midnight or around the clock ? A handful, but they don't deliver food... When I lived Manila (80ties, was a bit like Cebu City then), I build up contacts with Restaurants I frequented regular and asked them if they would deliver food for me by Taxi etc. All said yes and even offered me to"tab" those and I would just have to pay the fare. Some even delivered free through a kitchen helper etc. (most Restaurants do that during daytime to offices etc.) Now all you gotta do is to find out Places in Cebu City near you, which you like and are open during the wee hours . Healthy also.. Pretty hard, but my bet would be on Korean places. When i opened my 1st place in Cebu City,i offered 24/7 food delivery, but most people picked their munchies up or send an own helper on order to avoid waiting without knowing. That was 98 and may have changed. But in general there is no such thing as in the US/Europe where Chinese/Mexican/Italian etc. Resto's deliver 24/7
  14. Sorry to say, but Honorable Dr. Jur. Nogales, got it all wrong. ( yes, he got a Dr. Juris from the Ateneo de Manila.So I don;t have to post the BI laws.) 1.) The BI can not deport any Alien with pending cases, they have to wait until the cases where heard and even then until his sentence has been carried out.The only thing they could have done is to hold him under "detention" custody , but the illegal possession of firearms isn't a major offence (apparently). 2.) And then I think I remember, that this was HIS court case when he went on a shooting rampage ? ( but I could be wrong, I only got newspapers & TV for info.) 3.) Mr.Pope has had his Long Term Immigration status revoked to tourist, AFTER the allegation came up. Which he refused to pay after his first quarrels, but that's all the BI can do, because he had pending court cases. That's how he became illegal. 4.)Not young boys, young girls which he send to school and promised houses. Well, that's kind of fishy and deserves investigation by the police, but now he is dead, so case closed.
  15. How about a LinC based game..... i,e, "Shoot the brodens" for shooter fans. or "Silence the Shipscook" Real time strategy or "Find out who Mike is.....which one?" mystery and riddle game.