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  1. I still have an IBM Transnote that I use occasionally just because its cool as hell. I even used it to sign my divorce papers while on vacation in the Philippines because finding a printer in the provinces in the Philippines is like spotting bigfoot. Also I have an HP Jornada sitting around collecting dust. It'd only be good as a mobile notepad at this point but back in the day it was the one of the coolest things you could buy, other than a transnote.
  2. She must have been elsewhere for the Bohol earthquake in 2013. An earthquake with a 3 magnitude is almost nothing. They have bigger fracking earthquakes in Oklahoma these days.
  3. The title of the article leads you to believe that the "erring driver" merely made the wrong driving decision and ran over the cop on accident.
  4. If you can't hook up a generator or find anybody reliable to do it then just get a couple extension cords. Get more if you want the generator further away.
  5. We did the same thing last week, waited 2 days and nothing, called on Friday and the guy told my wife that they got the order but the guy who was doing our order didn't do it so he was going to do it himself and we'd have our speed back the next day. Still nothing 3 days later. She's going to call again tomorrow but Globe seems to be about as useless as the LTO in getting anything done. The way it should work is that you have the option to automatically pay 299 extra every month and just get 110GB vs 50GB but of course not only is that not an option but the option they do give you doesn't work either.
  6. Last year I bought a 1200W Aegis gas inverter generator at handyman when it took the local power company over a month to get our power connected. It was around 20K pesos. At the time I was visiting for 2 weeks in April and it was hot. It ran our big refrigerator, tv, lights, fans, etc all at once. We have an induction stove and it powered that too. I would put in 2L of fuel and it would run all day on that. I got back here in November and nobody had started the generator since I left and it was dry so I got some gasoline and it wouldn't start. I'll probably have to clean it up to get it working again. If they had a Honda I'd have bought that instead because the first unit we bought didn't even work so we had it replaced. I'd assume the Honda would've been double the price though.
  7. Experience does not matter. Experience teaches you do do more spectacularly dumb shit here. More experience=worse driver. Look at how the tricycle drivers drive. The new inexperienced and scared ones will sometimes pull off to the side of the road and wait for traffic to clear enough to turn around, the experienced ones just look for a hole and flip a Uturn right in front of you knowing that you have to stop, even if you are going 80. Before I was experienced driving here I'd have just slowed down and done 20km behind the asshole doing that in front of me but now with my newly gained experience I try to blaze past him to the right or left while laying down on my horn.
  8. And most of us fell into the trap, marrying women from a country where they put their trust in "Quack Doctors" over all others. And in most cases, we knew of this and other craziness beforehand. My question is, what does that say about women from our home countries?
  9. The first time I visited Cebu my girlfriend told me to not trust the hotel and carry my expensive things (laptop/camera) in my backpack whenever we went somewhere so usually that's what I did. The problem was that when we went to the mall or a even some outside stores she expected me to trust those bag checkers with my backpack full of 30 pounds of electronics. Those places, especially the ones outside, looked a lot more shady than I could trust so I always told her I'll just wait outside or if I just needed to change money I'd leave her outside with my backpack. She acted like I was nuts as if the bag checking place couldn't possibly steal or sell your stuff while you were inside and then just say they can't find it. So the hotel couldn't be trusted at all, but an out in the open table with 100 slots with numbers to put stuff into is infallible. Haha. I'm sure they'd refund me 300k pesos for all the stuff I would have told them I was carrying, right?
  10. ^^^I didnt know Marilyn Manson had a daughter. You learn something everyday.
  11. That's why I have no problem using the right lane as a passing lane. A lot of times that is the only way to keep from doing 20Kph forever around here. Most cars wait to pass into incoming traffic. I stopped doing that when there's a perfectly clear lane to the right. I just honk on the way around because sometimes the assholes will try to use both lanes. You have to keep your eyes open for moronic shit going on in the right lane though.
  12. I imagine that out here where I live not a single person has a DL. If he's right that 1/2 are stupid then the other 1/2 (the smart ones) are mostly following what the stupid ones do. The apparent driving "laws" here are anything goes as long as you do it slowly and clog everything up.
  13. So instead you turned it into a thread about driving right of ways, lol.
  14. It tastes like that cheese in the can that you squirt out on crackers. Who even thought that it wasn't fake?
  15. Yeah that guy needs to get out more. He probably shouldn't be driving either with that reaction.