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  1. I don't see how the time is debatable. At least 50 people were awake on that ship and would know what time it was.
  2. Seemingly the only governmental position of leadership held accountable for anything.
  3. Hey thats my old ship from about a decade ago. Still in Japan apparently. There are at least 3 radar systems that they are using on the bridge but maybe the limitations of the spy 1 radar finally caught up with the navigators. It's not a navigational radar but they use it as one.
  4. I have the logitech k480 kb, bought it for using with my nvidia shield tablet last year but since I'm no longer in the US driving in my truck I now use it exclusively with my laptop here in PI. It works great and never have to change batteries somehow. I don't know why. I game with it too.
  5. And at least where I live you can buy a bag of those small tomatoes for about 7 pesos. I think that'd be about 15-20 pesos a pound or about 1/5th of the cheapest no flavor US tomatoes.
  6. It works fine living in PI but paying in USD so maybe they just don't want to give the discount anymore for those who chose to pay in Pesos but are using a US account.
  7. In the US I used Waze for the past couple years while driving my truck but I didn't use it for navigation. I used it for avoiding traffic and spotting police. In heavily populated areas it's pretty amazing how accurate it is notifying you of cops hiding in the bushes or sitting on the side of the road. Even dead animals on the road or deer/moose/elk running around in that area. I made some deliveries to NYC and waze really helped me get out of that shithole without running into too much traffic. One time I took my 10 hour break right in the middle of the Bronx because waze showed that traffic was at a standstill everywhere and I knew it'd take me several hours just to get back into civilization. I diverted myself around a few nasty accidents because waze was faster than my CB in reporting what was up ahead and 100s of other trucks sat there in the mess because nobody was saying anything on the cb. I don't really have a use for it here in the Philippines though. Most of my traveling is to places where there are no other roads other than the one I use.
  8. I just get the frozen salisbury steak w/gravy that they have there and eat it on rice like a legit filipino would. The real steaks they sell aren't worth 1/3 the price.
  9. Sounds good but they attacked the wrong country. Anybody paying attention at the time knew this but as soon as 9/11 happened, within weeks, they were talking about Iraq, never Saudi Arabia. WTF? And the big talk at the time was that "we're going after anybody funding the terrorists". Really?
  10. If that's true then this dentist is an asshole. I had my own tooth pulled by my wifes dentist here for 500 pesos, same as it cost her. I wouldn't even have been mad if they charged me more but 3x and it was even for his filipino wife?
  11. It's an ad on that you don't use then but disabling it for this site fixed the problem so maybe check your adblock settings.
  12. Considering what the family is saying I think it'd be best to wait a month or 3. I'm not there, never going to be there, just saying.
  13. ghostery on firefox blocks the videos. I disabled it and see the videos now. I'll take my traffic here vs yours but we still have the same idiot motorcycle drivers, just not as many cars and jeepneys.
  14. His ex must have put some kind of voodoo curse on him. Dude went from winning all the time to can't tie his shoes without a mulligan.
  15. IMO Chelsea Clinton needs to get her mothers sense of humor when dealing with discussing rape cases.