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  1. Looks like I can look at my gas gauge and speedometer again. Distracted driving law is already suspended. LOL http://news.abs-cbn.com/video/news/05/23/17/dotr-suspends-implementation-of-anti-distracted-driving-act
  2. You must have got that idea from watching an old cartoon where a bear in a phone booth gets shoved off a cliff and steps out of it right when it hits the ground and smashes to bits while he just walks away. You'd have better luck maybe jumping off with a beach umbrella and float down like Mary Poppins.
  3. Could you post a link to the article/story about this technology used to detect mobile devices? How does this work? Does it just detect there are mobile devices in the vehicle? If that is so, what about passengers using their devices while you're driving? Wouldn't it detect that and cause unnecessary stops or does everyone in the vehicle have to turn off their device when in the car? On your second point, windshields tinted too dark, haven't you seen vehicles here with near black tint on the windshield that has a narrow cutout in the left side for the driver to see through, sorta like what a tank driver would have? LOL. I can't see how that isn't illegal and more dangerous than texting.
  4. So I can't look at my factory installed navigation system, if I interpret this correctly.
  5. I have considered cutting the treads off old tires (they'd be completely slick I know) drive nails through them from the inside and lay them out flat several rows wide all along our wall so that when someone jumps over the fence they're going to be jumping onto rusty nails.
  6. You might want to get him checked out for cataracts first. So am I correct in my assumption that legally, we're not allowed to use any weapon to defend ourselves here?
  7. I have wondered about this and I guess the answer would be if the investigators run the residue test on your hand to see if you're the one that fired the weapon then you're done for. Not saying that saving my family members isn't worth it.
  8. Thanks for the informative post. That helped me decide that I'll just stick with S&R.
  9. I cannot find hotdog buns (and most of the time hamburger buns either) without sesame seeds. I can't eat sesame seeds so I have to settle for eating dogs on regular sliced bread. Are you referring to the dogs or the buns?
  10. If it's at the 20 second mark she said "Cuddles, it's got to stop" I assume that being the name of the stuffed toy she's talking to.
  11. Out of any of the behaviors here that are considered rude, this one for me is the worst. It is very common here though and I would never recommend driving with your windows down, unless you're in a monster truck or something with windows that are higher than the jeepneys. I had to come back and edit this because I just remembered another one. Public urination. Nuff said.
  12. I need this for fiesta time. So many people around us have Karaoke blaring until 3 in the morning, it would be nice to fire this up and drown all of them out so much so they can't hear themselves and their horrible sound of a dying cat singing. I'd likely end up taking a permanent dirt nap though. Maybe my own sound system would cover up the gunfire.
  13. Do they allow you to go in and look around without buying if you have no membership?
  14. I have read elsewhere that Amazon will be opening up operations here sometime soon. I am holding out hope that they will offer some US products for local delivery. Clothes being one of those things I'd like to be able to get. I wear 2XL underwear and 2XL shirts and have not found anything yet, that fits me here.
  15. When we lived in the states I could only shake my head at the things my wife would buy to fill the boxes with so that everyone in the family, including some of the neighbors, would get a little something. Many times it would be cheap shirts and shorts or cheap shoes. What made me marvel at this process the most is that most of this crap that she'd buy came from China. One time I asked her if it wouldn't just be cheaper to buy this stuff from online sources in China and have it shipped there. I got the "you must be buang" look. I started leaving sensibility out of the discussions when it came to what she packed in those BB boxes.