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  1. Put a few simple rules in place and enforce them and traffic could be improved a lot. I think anyone who has been on the roads here knows there are three top things that jack up traffic. Pedicabs need to be banned from highways and main thoroughfares. Jeepneys need to have designated stops and be required to get all the way right to make the stop. I don't know how many times I've been sitting behind a jeepney either in heavy traffic or at a stop light and when traffic begins to move again, they'll roll like 50 feet then stop again to let someone out. Of course many times this means blocking all traffic flow because the right lane is blocked by some vehicles that are parked in the right lane. The third one is an infrastructure problem that would be much harder to overcome. Being that large parts of the roads in the city were designed with no street side parking and most little businesses have no parking area, deliveries have to block the right lane to park and make their deliveries. They also need to address the issue of people claiming a lane of the road to setup a cafe or conduct a funeral at the little chapels that are street side and have no space.
  2. We're going to be arriving in Cebu a few months and will be looking to buy a car soon after. We've seen that Honda has released a new mini van named Mobilio. The original press was from 2014. Does anyone know about these vehicles? When I check the Cebu Honda listings I don't find that vehicle listed at all.