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  1. A series I loved that may not be to many people's liking was Mystery Science Theater 3000, or MST3K. It has a new season on Netflix and new hosts. I actually like them better than the original. If you don't have Netflix you can find them using Kodi and a scraper plugin.
  2. My pinay wife was the same way. She had zero interest in B&W movies and the fact that I watched them so often, she slowly began paying attention. It was funny the day she asked me to put on an old movie (I have all the Abbott & Costello movies on DVD). She finally admitted that she really liked these old movies because they had excellent stories, good acting and didn't contain any adult content including language, nudity or sexual stuff. I only smiled.
  3. Imagine the traffic backup behind this thing. It's not going to be able to get over because of its length, for passenger pickup and drop offs, being that the right lane is so often blocked by (___INSERT_VEHICLE_TYPE_HERE___) Choices are: 1. Jeepney's 2. A-holes who drive large SUV's that feel entitled and have black tinted windows 3. Delivery trucks 4. Taxi's in front of the vulcanizer shop, propped up on a jack, getting a tire patched 5. Other buses 6. Funeral seating
  4. Where can you make this choice between paper and paperless billing? I've logged into their site and looked around but cannot find an option to turn off paper billing. Do I have to go into a Sky office to do this?
  5. I don't have an answer for you about the volume. There are many shows I've streamed using Kodi player that I needed to use the built in amplification in Kodi to increase the volume to be able to hear well. Kodi will play many different formats of video so you might want to install it then point it to local video files you have and see if that works. I don't know what speed of internet you have but, Kodi player with some of the popular plugins is the best way to watch any TV show from the US or even many European countries not to mention movies.
  6. Okay so you are going to make me bring out the true reason. I can't see the constant parade of young attractive women in the mall, if I'm sitting off in a bar somewhere. How else am I to boost my ego by having cute girls smiling at me when they walk by because they think I have mon... I mean because I'm so gwapo?
  7. My wife does the shopping. I do the driving. If I don't drive, she don't shop. They should give me a place to sit!
  8. This is on the fringe of the topic of frustration in shopping here but, I'm surprised at how little seating there is in the malls here. I'm not sure if there was thought put behind the lack of seating or if they just don't want to spend the money on it. Do they think the mall will fill up with loiterers if there is a place to sit down? I always enjoyed just sitting, drinking an ice coffee and people watching while my wife was the one to traipse from one end of the mall to the other. What about the lack of trash cans in the stores? Soarking, I've frequently seen all 3 colors of the bell peppers in S&R many times. I know the things they call red bell peppers here, aren't. I'm not sure of the type of pepper it is but it is the shape of a jalapeño, just not spicy. I hate these things as they seem to have a plastic skin that is impossible to chew. As for the pressure cooker, you'd probably end up on a terror watch list if you buy one of those in the US now. On the checkout lines, I have seen the Gaisano we shop at have every register open and still the lines are 6 or more long. That's people with the little hand carry basket size purchases too. Imagine the delay if they were rolling up with the full size shopping carts like US supermarkets have, filled to the top. You might as well set up camp, or have family members take turns standing in line.
  9. I know this thread has become a little stale by this point but in case anyone else may want to read about this now I have info about this. My wife and I are adopting her great niece. So far it has been more of a trial of patience and determination more than anything else. More than a couple times we have been asked to provide more documentation of some sort, than was originally asked of us when we started the process. Once DSWD got involved, even more. So one of the latest requirements I have to meet, since I'm the foreigner in this case, is provide an Interpol check. We went to the office and, for anyone who needs to know, they didn't seem to be worried about the fact I was wearing shorts. It is in an office across the street from the Sergio Osmeña Camp. There were only two people in there and all they do for this process is give you a list of things to give them and for P300 they send it off to Manila, which they say takes about a month to get the results. Our first hearing is July 5th and my attorney has already told us that the judge is going to be pissed because DSWD has not taken any action on the court order to check us out yet. This should be interesting.
  10. It plays for me. If you're curious, the idiot you see holding that sofa runs behind the car as they leave the parking lot and actually enter the road. It is pretty short so it doesn't give you a sense of how far they had to go but I'm pretty certain unless this guy has been training on running while carrying the end of a sofa, he isn't going to make it far.
  11. Typewriters? The banking industry would collapse in this country if there was suddenly a carbon paper shortage. We also only leave the minimum balance in our account to keep it open.
  12. I have my Steam store location set to the US. My address with my US bank is the Philippines, but it's an FPO. I've never set my Steam store location to RP as some games will not play if you were to try and play them outside this region. This is what they told me when I asked about why the prices for the same games in Pesos are so much cheaper than USD. Steam might have automatically changed your store to RP when you connected with a Philippines IP address. I'm pretty certain you can go manually change that back to the US if you want by going to your profile settings.
  13. I wonder if this is a new thing they're attempting to implement. I've purchased many games on Steam since I've lived in the Philippines but I always use PayPal to add money to my wallet then make the purchases from the wallet balance. I haven't bought anything in the last couple of months so could be this is new. Your store location in Steam is set to US and the credit card you're using is issued by a US bank? It makes me now want to go and try to add funds to my wallet using PayPal again to see if there is a change. If that doesn't work, maybe you could get someone to send money to your Steam wallet and repay them with PayPal. Okay an update, I just added more money to my Steam wallet with PayPal so it must not be a system wide change they've made.
  14. I don't have a bill handy to see what the KWH rate is. I seem to remember that it is reasonable when I looked at it sometime back. My complaint about the cost here, being my bill hovers right around 9000 php a month is all the added charges. Those are what are ridiculous.
  15. I sat around assuming the date was still June. About the 20th of April I decided to look it up and found out it was due when taxes were due (this year the 18th of April, I think) and flipped out thinking I was late. I did not see any information stating there was an automatic 6 month extension so now I'm relieved I wasn't late on filing. Hopefully they'll repeal this ridiculous requirement.