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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. Did that route 2 times last week. No problems, ran on-time. Aircon and TV were both cranked up to intolerable levels on 1 of the trips, however.
  2. Make an inverter-type fridge like that and you could sell a ton of them.
  3. I suspect he does in fact mean your personal vehicle. No smoking in your own car in Davao or risk a ticket if caught. Good luck enforcing that in the Province!
  4. Buy a fixer-upper Miata or BMW Z3 when you get here. Or how about a cheap VW Beatle? These cars are available, more reliable and more fun for the roads here. Had a Healy 3000 for 35 years so I get the appeal of a Midget...it's just not doable here friend.
  5. Would something like this be legal here in the Phil's for a foreigner?
  6. That "kid" was whooping it up at the Local Disco's here in town almost every weekend..spending plenty of cash with her entourage of sketchy girlfriends and posting provacative FB pictures.
  7. In the 70's we used to ride our dirtbikes in the snow every winter. We fell off em all the time, haha. Some of the guys had the wheel spikes or studs from a snowmobile. Get into the deep stuff and your not going anywhere, lol.
  8. Guess I am a "mutilator" then. My 9 year old and his mother want it done this summer school break. I just do not view it as a big deal either way. I was circumsized as an infant...probably better to do it then. I think of it as no more serious than docking a dogs tail or pinning it's ears. not a BFD in IMO.
  9. Ummm....yeah...the thread title is "Sportsbikes in Philippines." Every bike on that list meets the definition you listed above. Granted, they are low horsepower, but thats what works for the road conditions and is widely available here. The Honda was listed incorrectly...should read CBR 250. And it IS a sportsbike...just a slow one.
  10. I believe I said much the same thing on the Harley thread...which is why I am looking at a new 400cc Cruiser. I don't have a problem with others that wish to try their luck, however, and there are some great new and affordable bikes for those who wish to take on the twisties... its just not your thing and many others would agree with you. I love carving at speed and will do some of that when I deem it safe to do so.
  11. New thread so we don't clog up the Harley thread... Exciting times for sportsbike lovers here in Phil's. We have many choices available for enthusiasts, We have BMW's G310 coming soon, The RS 200 and NS 200 from Rouser The KTM RS and Duke series in 200 and 390cc flavors The Yamaha R3 and R15 Honda's 250R Kawasaki's 300 Ninja And the Big boys are here too. Kawasaki's big bore choices, Yamaha's R6 and R1, etc. So which is the best bike for riding fast here? Value for dollar?
  12. RR3, Obviously you love your bike and it suits you because your a single guy with no woman. The R3 IS a great bike, no one is disputing that, understand? The Dominar is a better all-around bike (we think) because comfort will be better and because Philippine riding is mostly slow riding due to the road conditions here. In slow riding, you want a bike with lots of low and mid-range torque and good brakes. The fact that Dominar should be good in the twisties AND comfortable for your woman makes it a better all-around bike than a purpose-built sportbike like the R3 or KTM. You think we are Old and Slow? haha...think again. I did not buy an R1 even though it is available ..because it is useless here for anything other than bragging rights. I outgrew that silly notion a long time ago. Enjoy your ride..it's a great bike. I would be happy to chat with you regarding sportbikes in the Philippines...on another thread. Heck, I will even start a new thread for you.
  13. That V65 was an awesome muscle-bike, like the VMAX, too...scared the piss out of me the first time I climbed on a VMAX and the wheel came up at about 100 mph...holy crap Batman, don't slip the clutch! VMAX has NO weight up front. Ran 11's myself on a turbo Yamaha...good times, no doubt. Agree that in US the R3 is a toy commuter bike due to road conditions...600cc is minimum to stay out of the way now.
  14. Fact is, there is no perfect bike for all conditions. Take a 300km ride with your GF and she will be suffering on a pure sports bike like a KTM or R3. Scooters too, due to their sh*t suspension. Dominar is a cruiser with comfy seats that should handle very well when you get to the twisties. I am hopeful it will be "good enough" for an aggressive rider like myself. I have 10's of thousands of miles carving turns at ultra illegal speeds and my opinion stands that the R3 is not optimal if it's going to be your main or only street bike here. The fact that the Dominar will be more affordable means a lot more people will be able to buy a bike with quality components like ABS...a pretty big deal for the often slippery riding conditions here. If you ride hard and like to explore your riding limits on Philippine public roads...your going off sooner or later. Fall off a bike at speed here and you will see first-hand how good medical care in the province is. You just can't safely wring-out a proper sports bike here without taking on a lot of risk for yourself and others...it sucks but it's the way it is. Slow down (a little!) and enjoy the views and weather.