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  1. I did 2 years off-grid on a sailboat in Key West. Not tough to do anymore. Heck I even ran A/C sometimes off a Honda 2k Genny. For a House in the mountains? Use what the land gives you. Is it a Windy location? Add a wind generator or 2. Used ones abound and they last a very long time. If you have a decent stream nearby, make a water generator. And then of course, there is Solar. Personally, I would wait about 2 more years for a storage solution. prices should be around 3-4k USD for a smaller home by then utilizing Lithium batteries instead of the Lead-acid.
  2. Thanks for the tip! I will check it out.
  3. How much did they want for the gas dryers?
  4. I would like to consider moving to Bohol but have a young family and good schools are key for us. My son is currently enrolled (4th grade) at Xavier in CDO. I have a work opportunity that would require me to commute to Cebu City a couple times a week..easy to do from Bohol by ferry I think? I am Traffic/Pollution and no-Ocean view Adverse and not sure how I could accomplish that in Cebu and still have a good school nearby for my kid? I am not poor but there will be no 80,000 peso/mo house rentals or tuition for me. Any suggestions from our experts here?
  5. I have a guy in mind who currently rents right next door...actually a couple of buddies that live there. I will get the word out for you. Sounds like a good deal to me.
  6. 79 million peso removed from the terrorists has got to hurt. I wonder where he was going to stash the cash? You might want to interrogate and find the bankers or find the stash houses...use their own cash against them. Hats off to D30's team!
  7. Hoping this will soon be over now. This is great leverage. Surrender and/or leave Marawi or heads will roll...Papa's head, that is.
  8. I find I am eating more and more Western-style food at home. I thought I would learn to appreciate Filipino style food, but its just not happening. There are the occasional filipino meals that are OK, but generally it's just something to fill me up.
  9. Guys, Can we weave our way back on to the topic of possible solutions to the real threat of terrorism here in the philippines? We the members living near the violence aren't likely to do any of the fighting unless our neighborhoods were to be over-run. Bombing CDO or Davao into dirt is a not-so-appealing option. Perhaps there are other suggestions? Would like to hear from some of our Filipino members what they think are possible solutions, too.
  10. And.....the first "nuke em' reply, lol. Agree that Saudi funding is a major problem. Guess we shouldn't have been so nicey nice with SA last week. Everyone should be buying solar panels and wind generators where approriate, but I digress, Sorry.
  11. Dude, I am not suggesting the Christians walk hand-in-hand with Muslims. I believe your right that when tensions are high, they don't mix well. Heck, they don't like each other much when there are no tensions. Assimilation as you correctly maintain, will never happen. But if you get Muslims and Christians doing the same things (hunting down the new muslim arrivals) if for no other reason than for the money and safety of their own communities then they ARE in effect, working together to solve a mutual problem. I have no wish to study the Quran. I could give a feck about religion in general as I believe it creates more problems than it solves. Appreciate your input and point of view Davedude.
  12. This thread is my attempt to query our members for real solutions to the rising threat of foreign ISIS operatives coming into the country we love. We have a large number of members with war-fighting experience and deep knowledge of the culture here. My intent is to have a thoughtful and reasoned discussion on effective approachs to defeating the rising threat from ISIS and other terror groups in the Philippines. This is serious for me as I live on Mindano and have no desire to leave due to terorristic threats to my family. We have already made small changes to our routine, ie. limiting time spent at Malls and the days of the week we visit them. I believe it is possible to nip this problem in the ass before it gets out of control. "Nuke em' All" is not a realistic solution but I would welcome your thoughtful response. I will start this out with some of my thoughts: It is my belief that the only way to stop them is if ALL filipinos (Muslim and Christian alike) work to together to stop the terror and bloodshed. D30 is in a unique position in this regard as he has the respect of most of the Christian and Muslim population. 1) Using the model already proven to be effective in slowing the drug problem (I agree it is not perfect) D30 could pay a "Bounty" for terrorists killed or captured. Mobilize and train the citizens to report (or kill) the non-filipino muslims that come into their communities. It's a hell of a lot cheaper (and more effective, IMHO) to give a 100,000-200,000 peso reward to some local muslim or christian guys then to fight them with the military. I realize that some new immigrant innocents might be killed or at minimum harrased, but word would get out quick, the innocent muslim immigrants would stop coming to Phils until the problem is resolved. 2) Set-up border patrols with local citizens using the "carrot" of becoming rich through hunting them down as they come off the boat on these very pourous coastlines. Use booby-traps if there are known travel routes being used to ferry these guys into communities. Touching down on a shoreline anywhere should result in a group of financially motivated "hunters' checking out each Banka coming to shore. The idea here is to nail them before they can organize and hook up with their main group. 3) Imbed their best soldiers (perhaps out of uniform?) with small groups of locals. Form squads of 4-10 "hunters" and give them assigned territory. Let's not forget how effective the filipino's were in WW2 making the Japanese time here not so nice for them in less populated areas. If you unite the people, the terorists can be defeated. Just a few of my thoughts...some may be ineffective but you have to start somewhere. Anbody else have some good ideas?
  13. This suggestion may be more than you want to spend, but Tesla is supposed to open in Manila this year or next. They have a 14kw Powerwall available for about US $5500. You could easily run a small A/C and other appliances with this set-up.
  14. I love driving here, by car or motor. You have to be aggressive and/or defensive depending on the situation at present and always be 100% focused. I enjoy the lack of real anger that you encounter daily in the US. The road rage in US is horrible and IMHO, a sign of a sick society. There are driving rules here in the Phils, they are just not written anywhere...you have to learn by osmosis.
  15. Got my official plate for my Motor in less than 2 months here in CDO. It did require weekly visits to the Dealer (nicely) pushing them to get it done. That was in Jan 2016. Makes you wonder how fast you really can get it done?