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  1. So, after reading all the posts here, is the Earth flat or is it an orb? Where is the Jeopardy! answer when you need it?
  2. I don't like hypotheticals but what would a terrorist do if a western country said, and meant it, that it would destroy the Great Mosque in Mecca if another citizen is murdered by one of these low life terrorist murderers? Would a terrorist feel his cause is more important than the Mosque being destroyed? Or would the terrorist think twice before murdering another westerner? Would the Muslim community make more of an effort to see that the terrorists don't do their crimes? I don't know the answers, but I do know what we are doing now is not working.
  3. I know cooler minds must prevail. I was not advocating killing en mass, but to threaten to destroy something that is important even to the terrorists. Just sounding off from the top of the head... throwing spaghetti against the wall, seeing if any sticks... raising a flag and seeing if anyone salutes it... you get the idea (wink).
  4. I just watched the video as you suggested and I agree with the man. He explained the problem very well. I believe it was wrong to invade Iraq now, but at the time I thought it was right because of all the reporting of WMDs. If our intel was correct about the WMDs being in Iraq, they should have also known that the WMDs were moved to another country as some have now said. I believe we were purposely deceived because there are certain people who want WWIII. I also do not believe America should have been involved with overthrowing governments and acting like it is nation building. I also agree that it is insane for our governments to invite the people whom we just bombed into our country and think that will make everything okay. The man in the video stated the problem well, I thought, but his solution, in part, for the current problem is to have courage and have our governments speak the truth. I believe that also, but will that stop the murdering now? Realistically, where do we go from here? I have family here and in America and I don't want to see any harm come to them by some idiot terrorist who does not understand his own holy book. Instead of an influx of Muslims coming to America, I would like to see many sent packing. Wrongs, in my opinion, have been committed by the West and should be owned up to. But we can not change the past. Your nation killed my family, so I will come to your country and kill your family. Nothing the West can say or do that will stop these terrorists. But threatening something that they love, just as we love our families and their well being, will at least get these terrorists to understand that we will have to go on the offensive and not just be reactionary. My feeling is that we have to do something pro-active to let these murderers know we will do whatever it takes to get their attention. Threatening their holy shrines may cause WWIII, but letting things continue as they are will have the same result; WWIII. Powerful forces are at work here and it may take a miracle to bring sanity back to this Earth.
  5. It is obvious that life means nothing to these terrorists. Killing them seems to accomplish nothing. But maybe if something they love was threatened, things may change. I believe we better start thinking outside the box if we are to end these murders.
  6. What would be the outcome if the west warned the Islamic countries that they will bomb the hell out of Mecca and make it uninhabitable if just one more act of Islamic terrorism is brought against our people ? Would anything change?
  7. I'm from (New) Jersey, so I guess the Earth is flat.... who would've thunk it?
  8. Well, that sucks. about his pet hate. I don't remember the story about the smoker. I guess we will have smoke "speak easys" now. Just remember the password is swordfish.
  9. In New Jersey, and I guess else where, you can not smoke in a bar or restaurant. Fair enough, so the people go outside to an area designated as a smoking area. The problem, it seems, is that people will not even be allowed to smoke outside and no designated smoking areas. The only place anyone can smoke is on private property not opened to the public, such as a private home. If this is the new EO, then I can't see how it will be good for business.
  10. I fell asleep during reason 1. Did I miss anything?
  11. "Hey Joe, where you going? You only had 1 beer." "I''m going home to have a cigarette. Maybe I'll have another beer with you guys tomorrow." Good for business?
  12. Personally, I feel matching the decor is important in these times of "anything goes". You can probably special order a nice mauve or chartreuse color pc to match the carpet.... if not get the mac if the color is right. Stay away from Dell laptops of any color. Nothing but problems for me in the past....although they did have some pretty hues to choose from. And they do make an excellent paper weight. Best of luck in your endeavor, and please keep us abreast of your decision. Ta-ta.
  13. Red cent, plug nickel, thin dime (but you knew that (wink)).
  14. Good grief, I lost my wedding ring and still the only females that approach me are the ones missing their 4 front teeth and who like to smile...alot.
  15. I bought a used jeep and a new motorcycle 8 years ago. No license needed, but I did (and still do) have a New Jersey DL. I have been pulled over only 1 time in the 8 years at a check point. I was driving and my wife was in the passenger seat. For the life of me I could not find my wallet with my DL in it. Seeing my frustration, my wife hands the policeman her driver's license, the cop looks at it, gives it back and waves us through. I found my wallet under the seat when I got home. I am here over 8 years and never had a Philippine DL.