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  1. I looked for it on Lazada but could not find it.
  2. I needed a fuse for my microwave, but could not find it anywhere. Two bro-in-laws tried all over the city with no luck. Eventually I found the fuse on Lazada and the microwave has been working great since. I understand you are not looking for a fuse, but if it is a common part and you can't find it in the city, try Lazada. Be very careful if you are going to work on the oven yourself. Even with the oven unplugged, it still has an electric charge stored and will kill you if handled wrongly.
  3. As someone already said, the man could have resisted trying to protect his family so the scumbags murdered him. It is plausible, but I don't know.
  4. The tech/line people here in the province were a big help over 8 years ago when I first got hooked up with Globe. They were always here the next day after I got the job order number. I usually gave the tech a tip, but not all the time. In the last 6 months my internet and landline would go out every time it rained. I would call, the tech would come out and fix the problem, so I thought, but at the next rain, out it went. It went on for months. At the time of my initial hook-up with Globe, they had the monopoly here. A month ago I was forced to get a cable box for the tv. Before that a cable box was not necessary. They had to change all the cable tv lines. I asked the service guy why don't they get cable internet. He told me they have cable internet for my area for almost 2 years. He explained how much the bundled service of cable tv and internet was for 2mb service. It was 1100 pesos/month less than I was paying for Globe. I could not get rid of Globe fast enough. Globe used this hard brittle plastic line for their service where the cable company uses this thick rubber coated line for their service. With Globe my 2 mb service dl speed was between 1.60 mb to 1.75 mb. With cable I get between 2.10 to 2.20 mb. I no longer have a landline phone, but I never used it anyway. So far, even in a storm, my internet has not gone down. Even during a brown-out I still have internet.... okay, that's not true, of course. But other then a brown-out, I have not had interrupted service. Better service, less money.... Mikey likes it. edit: I just saw there is a thread about internet in the province. Powers that be can move my post, or I can copy and paste it there.
  5. I was thinking more of putting some terror into the terrorists for a change. I know that they do fear the MOABs.
  6. Maybe Trump could make a gift of a MOAB or 2 to Duterte and then Duterte can use them as he sees fit.
  7. I used to think that when the Fed raised interest rates that the dollar became stronger against other currencies. That is, it would mean more pesos to the dollar. That is how it used to be when I lived in Europe many years ago. I guess there may be other factors involved, but I don't know about these things.
  8. People have been saying that the Muslim community had better step up and do something to help stop these "incidents" before they happen. How many more incidents need to happen before we realize the Muslim community is not helping with anything? So help me, if the Muslim community does not get involved in helping to stop the next 87 "incidents" from happening, I am going to condemn them in the harshest terms. And if that doesn't work, I will be even harsher in terms the next time. And don't think I'm kidding.
  9. My daddy would want me to take my wife and children with me.
  10. Maybe the dentist did not go out to confront Scotty, maybe he went out to confront Scotty's wife. And after confronting the wife, of course the husband is going to have something to say. I find the friend's story could be very plausible. Having said that... if I was threatened by a government official of deportation, I would leave on my own. One of the first lessons my daddy taught me was... never stay where you're not wanted. If I was threatened with deportation from someone without authority, I would tell them to go to hell.... maybe that would give them more ammo for deporting me, but what the hey.
  11. i.e.
  12. Where's the fun in that Paul. I switch over to LAN when I know they are in the middle of an important part of their game.... then wham. No internet....mwhahaha. Just kidding, I don't do that...not on purpose anyway. Thanks to all for the good info given in this thread.
  13. Yes, it is password protected. I want the family to have access to the wifi (they have the password), just not abuse it by having all their family and friends coming over to use it. Thus.... "embargo on"..... or "embargo lifted". Then I make them answer this question... who run wifi internet? And they say.... HeyMike runs wifi internet. And I say louder.... and they shout... HEYMIKE RUNS WIFI INTERNET..... that's when I lift the embargo. (ok, the last situation above is not exactly true.... ok, it's not true at all).
  14. Lol.... my wife's family live in a house in front of my house and they use wifi from my modem in my house. Sometimes everyone and their sister is using up the bandwidth (or whatever it is) and my internet slows to a crawl. That's when I plug in the ethernet cable into my computer and switch off the wifi from the modem. When they ask what happened to the wifi, I quote MasterBlaster from Beyond Thunderdome.... I say "embargo on". It reminds them who run Bartertown and not to have all their friends and family over using my wifi with their cell phones and tablets.
  15. That guy must be a neighbor of mine, although I have never seen him. I have only heard him.