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  1. That guy must be a neighbor of mine, although I have never seen him. I have only heard him.
  2. A Dog(s) is/are almost a must to keep out intruders here. My dogs know their job and do it well.
  3. I have flown Asiana, Cathay Pacific, and EVA Air and had good experiences with all 3. Never had a problem, except when trying to explain about the balikbayan (visa) to one of the airlines (forget which one, now). Whichever of these 3 have the best price is the one I fly when going to the States. Lately, it has been Asiana.
  4. My thoughts exactly. The police obviously never saw Cool Hand Luke.
  5. I am the first to admit that I am not playing with a full elevator.
  6. Lol..Duterte dancing... I just got it. edit: I thought it was a play on the words Dirty Dancing, but I see now that a few videos in Duterte and the others are dancing.
  7. Of course you are correct. I only singled out Americans because much of the posts in this thread are about the tipping practice being an American thing and how wrong it is. Specifically, being pressured into tipping. Since tipping is an American thing, I used Americans in my post. I would think most people want to do the right thing in all walks of life, and that includes tipping, as is the practice in America.
  8. As someone has posted....if it ain't broken, don't fix it. I really don't see any fear. Nor, do I see anything changing much in the future of this practice in America. It works for everyone all around. edit: I don't know if a snack bar worker gets tips or not, but they are not waiting tables. The same reason fast food workers don't usually get tips in America. edit: I do not think Americans feel pressured into tipping. Just like most Americans do not feel pressured into holding a door open for a woman (or a man, sometimes) or someone with a bunch of packages. They do it because it is the right thing to do.
  9. Try that and report back to us an tell of your experience. thanks. That cultural norm works in America. People will have to get over it if it does not work for them.
  10. You are going to compare a waiter to a ticket taker at a movie theater, saying they both should make minimum wage? Lets see, a ticket taker stands there and rips up your ticket and a waiter walks miles a day carrying heavy trays, gets your drinks, makes sure your dining experience is a good one, but they are suppose to make the same wage as a ticket taker at the theater. Of course a more experienced waiter will be working at a high end restaurant making more money... as they should. A more experienced carpenter makes more than a novice... as it should be. I have never driven a bus or piloted a plane, but I will be the expert and say that they are just about the same thing so they should make about the same money. I would support minimum wage and tipping a waiter what they are worth.
  11. I looked up the average hourly wage for food servers because of all the flap. I found that in 2015 waiters averaged $11.07 and hour, including tips (USA). The bastards. Way too much. Why should they make more then the person taking your ticket at the movie theater. Or why should waiters make more than a cashier who has to open and close the till all day. Or the person who runs the rides at the amusement park. They mostly make minimum wage, and yet waiters are making $11 bucks and hour. That is why I believe airline pilots make way too much. They should make no more than the average a bus driver. Both jobs involve getting people from point A to point B. That's it. So much injustice in America.
  12. How long have you been a waiter? Was it in a cafe' or a nice restaurant? I find the worst type of people are those that think they are better than others because they make more money or have a better so-called education. Or look down on wait staff because of the type of work they do. Nobody is putting waiters on a pedestal (pedal stool, really?) but many here try to elevate themselves by trying to put others down. It may work for some, but not for me. You don't want to tip, then don't tip...but please stop bitching about it. Or, continue to bitch about it.
  13. America should ban all restaurants. This will force all those evil food servers into getting real jobs, as well as ending the horrible tipping practice.
  14. You don't need to do nuttin.